Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DOZENS of Diamonds have been kicked out of Amway

My last post was in regards to the feeble attempts by David Steadson (aka IBOFB) in his life's mission to overcome Amway's poor reputation. Whether or not Amway deserves a poor reputation is not the issue.

What is the issue is yet another volley of ridiculous claims made by said corporate goon.

In a recent comment thread on "Married to an Ambot" he claims Amway has kicked out dozens of diamonds.

I invite him to provide the names of those dozens (that means at least 24 since dozens is plural) of Amway diamonds which have been booted from Amway by the corporation.

Or he can do it on his blog.

Let's see if he can back up his claims.

I can only think of a few. Less than half a dozen that Amway has "kicked out"

This is who people should be listening to?

I guess Amway might as well get used to their poor rep in North America when they are alloweing what I believe to be blatant lies such as this going unchecked.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The "Truth" About Amway

I don't know why I continue to be surprised by the actions of Amway and people like David Steadson aka IBOFB.

I was checking up to see what Bruce Anderson was up to these days. Anyone familiar with Bruce Anderson? I'm not going to get into it here. There's places you can find out about Bruce & Wendy Anderson.

Anyway, I was only doing a half assed attempt and I stumble upon the Amway Wiki.

Do we all know who runs the Amway Wiki? Yeah, the very man who stands for the TRUTH about Amway!

With this dedication to the Truth (oh, speak, soothsayer, speak!) there was a great deal of effort to fully disclose all the truth about this Ex-Diamond in Amway.

I guess there's nothing more to say according to the person who runs the Amway Wiki!

The Truth? I guess in some people's minds it is. Just goes to show the difference between accuracy and honesty.

There's a fine line and Amway's caped crusader doesn't appear to be able to distinguish either.

This is precisely why Amway should be taking control of who is defending it, and what they are saying about it. It certainly shouldn't be IBOFB aka David Steadson. This is EXACTLY what the problem is when people decide to research Amway. They get a half truth like this Wiki entry (or half lie if you like) and then feel deceived when they do find out the truth.

After going to numerous discussions and making sure people have all the "facts" about Amway, you're telling me that even 1 paragraph isn't worth being written about a frocking diamond who isn't in Amway anymore? Nothing?

At least in this Wiki post they say that Mark & Tami Crawford resigned their IBO ship.

But one of the Crawford diamonds, Don Lorencz has nothing written about why he left. Even though there's a great deal of information on why he left available online!

The guy has Google Alerts set up so he can butt in online conversations to ensure people talking about Amway all over the globe are getting the "truth about Amway" but there's not a peep about a diamond leaving? Really?

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it could be considered lying by omission, and this is exactly the type of activity which continues to keep Amway's reputation in a downward spiral across North America. Don't get me wrong, it is deserved.

As always, I'm open to correction, but it seems like a pretty deliberate attempt to not tell the whole story.

So if you're looking for the actual TRUTH about Amway, you likely shouldn't visit a critic's site. That's nothing new, and I would be the very first to tell you I have my opinions about Amway that aren't very complimentary.

However, it's painfully obvious that the last place you should be looking for facts or truth are the places proclaiming far and wide that they possess them.

Just my opinion, and you're welcome to post yours. As always, I leave myself open to correction.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Ode to Orrin Woodward....

Another comment which will undoubtedly go unpublished. Can't be associating with people who don't see him as a deity I suppose....

So, do you still make time for people like Mark & Tami Crawford and all the other people who aren't buying your tools anymore?

Merry Christmas, hope you get everything you deserve in 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Growth.....or Hype?.....

When going through some old posts at Expedition of Truths, I came across this post about Dream Night 2010.

There was allegedly 1100 plus people there a year ago.

This year, they are having multiple Dream nights, but only 850 people.

This makes me wonder a bit. Are the same people going to 3 Dream Nights in Alberta? Are all 3 Dream Nights sold out to 850 people each? If so, why wouldn't they just hold it in a bigger building?

I would be totally speculating (Unlike David Steadson aka IBOFB I don't feel the need to pass my theories off as facts) but I have to wonder what the truth is about Dream Night and WWDB.

Is it mostly the same people going to all 3 and there are 3 being held to generate excitement and appear as though there is immense growth happening?

I wish I knew the truth. I find myself quite often wondering what the truth is about Amway in a lot of instances. Why is that?

I don't wonder what the truth is about Wal-Mart. They sell a massive volume of goods which compensates for their lower markup.

I don't wonder what the truth is about McDonald's. They market crappy food at a cheap price quickly to kids, people in a hurry, and people on the road with not a lot of money to spend for their families to eat.

Why is it that the truth is so hard to determine about Amway?

The fact that North American Growth is no longer reported strengthens my suspicions that there's not much in the way of facts out there about Amway.

Their new blog is of little value as well.

Oh well. Just goes to show that in spite of what the lunatic Amway fringe says, things are pretty much the same as they've always been.

Nothing new there at all.

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Ode to Orrin Woodward...

I've left the odd message over at Orrin Woodward's blog which never seems to get published. From now on whenever I leave a comment, I'll post it here with a link to the original post.

As always, Orrin is welcome to have a discussion here along with any member of TEAM. I reaslly don't understand why Woodward, Brady, and even people in Amway have such difficulty having discussions with non-MLM'ers.

There doesn't seem to be a problem talking tough on a stage where they can be confident of applause and support, but there doesn't seem to be the same bravado out in the real world.

Here's my comment on his latest post:

"In God we trust, all others must have data."

Same goes for you Woodward. How many people (including you and your fellow shyster Chris Brady) are free and financially independent as a result of your (fake) wisdom?

I can't believe your pants don't start on fire every time you start talking.

You have NO DATA to indicate you are successful at building wealth for people.

Because you aren't, presumably. As always, I'm certainly open to correction and free discussion.

You don't appear to be.

I think it's because you are nothing more than a phoney.

Care to discuss? Thought not.

I'm going to start posting on my blog every time I comment on here with a link to your original post.

How many editions of Launching a Leadership Revolution have you released for your loyal leaders to buy now? Last I heard it was 14.

You had to revamp it 14 times? Must've been some pretty important information in those 14 revisions. So important that you forgot to include them to begin with!

Later, huckster.