Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amway Changing?

I have been following a blogger who goes by the handle, "Bill" and who is involved in Amway, and has a blog called "Easy Street".

I have been conversing with Bill over an issue which is completely the crux of the problem with the tools business, that being the NON transparency involved with said tools business.

When I was involved in the mid 90's, we were told there is no money made on tools. Lie #1 of many.

Fast forward to 2008, and now the story according to Bill is,

"My sponsor said you need to be platinum to qualify. When you reach that point, you get to have a meeting with the upline diamond and then all of this is explained. Until then it's not that important because I don't qualify."

Really? That's it? But what about the rules?

Doesn't sound like the rules are being followed to me. Especially the part about using professional development compensation plans that are transparent, written, and contractual. Obviously someone upline from Bill is not complying.

What should Amway do?

What do you think Amway would do if they knew who the upline was?

Going into 2009, we see that Amway is still a business who makes up a bunch of bullshit rules to deal with obvious shortcomings, yet doesn't bother enforcing them. When they do decide to enforce them, they give the upline who they are checking up on a heads up to let them know they'll be coming a' calling at the next function.

I wish I was kidding, but you can't make this up!

I have made sure that "Bill" is aware of what I think is a serious chunk of information missing before he decides to build his business.

I have to commend Bill for blogging about his business progress. I'm sure he's been told not to.

People like Bill are why I enter 2009 with more hope for IBO's than I felt for most of 2008.

Enjoy whatever celebration you are attending tonight. I wish you nothing but success and prosperity in 2009.