Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a Joke

I guess I can't leave comments over at Adatudes anymore. For the record, if anyone wants to get a hold of me, you can email me by clicking the contact link to the right. Here is my response to Quixtar's new solution to addressing the problems. Not the real problems, mind you, the problems they have dealing with the people who have identified the problems in the public domain.

Here's another example of you not being able to control information anymore Quixtar. You and the motivational "leaders", who obviously you value more than critics, given your new strategy.

Here's my comment to the post "A CHANGE IN THE ZONE"

I believe that you may have to win the trust of the people before you can start asking people to trust you enough to give you names.

Look at some of the lawsuits that Amway/Alticor/Quixtar has initiated once the web became available.

Further to that, this motivational system issue is about a quarter of a century old! Very little in the way of tangible results has been presented in that regard. Yes, there is apparantly talks going on with those responsible for these problems....


It can't be considered transparent when the stakeholders (ie. the rank & file IBO's) aren't privy to these discussions.

How are they to know Quixtar is doing anything at all?

I personally have my doubts.

You can communicate directly through emails set up by posters, just as you could with an email address containing their real names. C'mon, you had to know that.

This is starting to look suspiciously like a tactic to once again attack the messenger in lieu of addressing the message.

That is what's very disappointing.

FYI, if I am ever contacted by the company, if you state that you wish the email to remain confidential, I will honour that. You now have it on record.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, You're Great.

I tried to post this on Beth Dornan's blog in regards to the FINALLY getting the recognition for donating an Espring Water purifier to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show.

The post and comments are here.

I'm sure the Thomas family is grateful Jeffrey. They were the recipients of the eSpring Water Purifier.

I am sorry to hear about your granddaughter's condition, that is terrible, and I sincerely wish yourself and her well.

My view and your view differ, and that's cool. Understand though, if it was donated or provided as charity in the truest sense, then asking for recognition makes it into something not charity - like. I'm sorry, but I am of the personal opinion that true charity is anonymous. Just the way I was brought up, and anyone is free to disagree with that viewpoint.

I'm having a hard time understanding why this is such an important issue that it is worthy of a corporaion blog entry when there are decidedly bigger fish for Quixtar to fry right now.

Further to that, I know of many, many individuals who are simply employees that have donated more than $609.40 (retail - I'm sure Quixtar is not out of pocket that much). I'm not trying to trivialize Quixtar's gesture, just put it into perspective.

The cost of the eSpring Water Purifier pales in comparison to what many IBO's lose annually to the motivation system that is at the heart of the problems currently faced by Quixtar.

Remember? That's why the corporation decided to start with this open dialogue between themselves, IBO's, and critics. You're on the field now. How many posts are you going to do about how you didn't get recognition with a bunch of other companies?

A donation to a makeover show is a nice gesture, but really doesn't address the reason that the corporation is out here.

Enough already. We all get it. Quixtar did a wonderful thing. Too bad some would think the seeking of recognition overshadows the good it did for the company.

Can we get back to how the real problems are being addressed? Please?

You really need to see what's wrong with your comments, by the way...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Toothless Tiger

I was over at Jim Payne and Beth Dornan's Blogs and the above noted phrase came to mind. That's what I think about the Quixtar accreditation program.

What is the benefit of being accredited? What is the handicap of not being accredited? Nothing, from what I've seen.

As far as them offering their own training, without trying to sound rude, so the hell what? What difference does that make? This will not stifle the Motivational sales within each organization.

In fact, it is likely putting the IBO's at a disadvantage because the upline will likely tell the IBO's that the Corporation is the supplier, but if they want to build a big business, they should continue purchasing the support systems from their upline. I've heard speeches along this similar vein personally at a function.

This would force an IBO to choose, and when your upline has taught you to worship them, it's not too tough to figure out who the IBO will side with.

Quixtar needs to understand that the IBO's will listen to their upline, not Quixtar. That's thats what they've been taught to do if they want to be successful.

Except for a few select IBO's who are not blinded by their upline's tactics, such as my buddy Dave Robison, there is no real benefit to Quixtar's strategy thus far.

IBO's who are not currently on a training system may very well decide to get some instructional stuff from Quixtar, and that's great and all, but here's the problem:


A current IBO names Larry admitted himself in this exchange with me that he drops close to $100.00 a month on system "tools" That's not including travel costs and other expenses associated with that. I personally think he would be spending more. Quixtar, your actions thus far are not benefitting Larry because his upline is still preying on him. Do you get it?

Multiply that by the number of IBO's on system and you get an idea of the problem.

It would be one thing if the "systems" or "tools" produced results. They don't, based on what I've seen.

In order to address this issue effectively, the system "leaders" have to be told something they don't want to hear.

That's exactly what is NOT happening.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Selling What You Already Own

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday. I'm new to working with this guy, and the topic of blogs came up. He asked me if I had a blog, and after some quick mental arithmetic, I decided to let him in on who the rocket is.

Turns out he was an IBO, but quit after achieving the 4000 PV level. His dissatisfaction came about when he attended a function, but was "counselled" on who he should and should not speak to. He did not like the idea of not being able to speak to whoever he wanted.

We got into the dream thing, and he was on the Team Of Destiny, now known as TEAM. He was in the know about dream building, and then told me something that I found quite astute. His quote was

"They're Selling you something you already own".


EVERYBODY has dreams and goals. There is a way to achieve your dreams and goals outside of Amway/Quixtar, and I don't know exactly how it goes from identifying your dreams, to the conclusion that Quixtar is the only path to your dream. That's part of the sour taste people are left with when they decide that this isn't for them. That and the fact that they likely took a financial shellacking so some diamond could buy more stuff to flash at major functions.

He also figured out the motivational profits on his own, and that also was a very significant reason for his deciding to quit. He thought it was really troubling that nobody cared about your PV, but if you were on "the system" you were fast tracking yourself to success, and got to speak to the higher ranking "leaders"

So, I'm going to summarize. He felt the products were good, and the door to door was a good concept, but I think we both concluded that the cost was not really worth it enough to make it a real viable opportunity, due to the higher prices and shipping costs on top of that.

There was NO MENTION of the products being the reason for him resigning. Are you listening Quixtar? He did not want to participate anymore because of what he perceived to be misleading and deceptive practices through "the system".

Now, again, Quixtar is talking a good game right now, but I still am skeptical. I cannot imagine how Quixtar is going to be able to stop the "leaders" from continuing this highly unethical and deceptive practice. We'll see if they walk the walk. Hope they do, just doubt it, that's all.

I believe my co-worker was surprised at the amount of knowledge I had about the business, and it was very refreshing, interesting, and fun to discuss Quixtar/Amway person to person.
I'm sure we'll have more discussions soon.

My renovations are near complete, and my home is getting back to some semblance of order. Posts will be more frequent soon. Keep checking in!