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Selling What You Already Own

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday. I'm new to working with this guy, and the topic of blogs came up. He asked me if I had a blog, and after some quick mental arithmetic, I decided to let him in on who the rocket is.

Turns out he was an IBO, but quit after achieving the 4000 PV level. His dissatisfaction came about when he attended a function, but was "counselled" on who he should and should not speak to. He did not like the idea of not being able to speak to whoever he wanted.

We got into the dream thing, and he was on the Team Of Destiny, now known as TEAM. He was in the know about dream building, and then told me something that I found quite astute. His quote was

"They're Selling you something you already own".


EVERYBODY has dreams and goals. There is a way to achieve your dreams and goals outside of Amway/Quixtar, and I don't know exactly how it goes from identifying your dreams, to the conclusion that Quixtar is the only path to your dream. That's part of the sour taste people are left with when they decide that this isn't for them. That and the fact that they likely took a financial shellacking so some diamond could buy more stuff to flash at major functions.

He also figured out the motivational profits on his own, and that also was a very significant reason for his deciding to quit. He thought it was really troubling that nobody cared about your PV, but if you were on "the system" you were fast tracking yourself to success, and got to speak to the higher ranking "leaders"

So, I'm going to summarize. He felt the products were good, and the door to door was a good concept, but I think we both concluded that the cost was not really worth it enough to make it a real viable opportunity, due to the higher prices and shipping costs on top of that.

There was NO MENTION of the products being the reason for him resigning. Are you listening Quixtar? He did not want to participate anymore because of what he perceived to be misleading and deceptive practices through "the system".

Now, again, Quixtar is talking a good game right now, but I still am skeptical. I cannot imagine how Quixtar is going to be able to stop the "leaders" from continuing this highly unethical and deceptive practice. We'll see if they walk the walk. Hope they do, just doubt it, that's all.

I believe my co-worker was surprised at the amount of knowledge I had about the business, and it was very refreshing, interesting, and fun to discuss Quixtar/Amway person to person.
I'm sure we'll have more discussions soon.

My renovations are near complete, and my home is getting back to some semblance of order. Posts will be more frequent soon. Keep checking in!


Blogger Kazim said...

Hi, just surfed into your blog thanks to the comment you left in my guest book.

I think Am/Quix members would have to be incredibly naive to believe that the mothership will ever crack down on motivational tools. I am more than just "skeptical" about the idea; I flat out don't believe that they can possibly do it.

Why? Because motivation IS the business, plain and simple. The products are just a distraction, or a facade to keep new recruits comfortable and prevent the FTC from investigating them again. I suspect that the products are basically a break-even business across the board, and the only significant money anyone makes, with few exceptions, comes from tools.

Am/Quix may not directly profit from these items, I don't know. But if they were ever to effectively pull this rug out from under their diamonds, those people would look at their actual sales and see that they don't really have a "business" at all.

08 March, 2007 19:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ain't life sweet. Rocket as usual you are bang on, keep up the good work.

Kazim right on. The whole product versus tools thing is a classic "bait and switch" used by con men. Most people might more easily recognize it when it plays out at a car dealership. They put an add in the paper for a really cheap new vehicle. Joe schmuck comes in and enquires and is told sorry it sold yesterday but I have this similair car for a slightly higher price....

What I find really interesting about this is that people will immediately say that car salesmen will do anything for a sale. That car salesmen are crooked and will quickly believe that a salesman or dealership would do this. But they fail to recognize that it is being done to them by thier leaders. Not only fail to see it but jump to the defence of these same people, who if they were car salesmen, they would vilify.

In the end its all a shill game and Quixtar is the house, blind to all the crooked dealers they employ.

Happily blind I might add.

By the way I'm not a car salesman.

Shake n Bake

13 March, 2007 19:57  
Blogger Brad Jordan said...

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11 April, 2007 11:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been out of the business since 1996, but still am an IBO buying products. Took me 7 years to realize what was going on in the system.

My last year, I sat there during a 4000 and above leadership thinking what did I have to show for all my hard work.

Everything was about getting people to functions, seminars, rallies, buying tapes, staying plugged in.

I thought, "Why don't they let everyone participate in the bonus structure of tools?". Everything just struck me as odd and I started to see the true motivation as I sat in higher leadership meetings.

I remember my upline emerald (now a double diamond), Joe Markiewicz saying you will make more money the more people you have in your business not making money, but they have the hope they will be.

Here a man I trusted and looked up to was teaching that philosophy. I have to give it to him, he was telling the truth. I just couldn't be part of something like that any longer no matter what type of income it brought me.

I believe that folks get sucked into this slowly and by the time they realize what they're part of, they've retired from their job, they are dependent on the system and they've convinced themselves that this motivational system is the be all and end all.

Quixtar will not make a dent in the tools business. It will continue to be business as usual.

11 April, 2007 11:58  

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