Sunday, January 07, 2007

Justice ?

I was going through the comments in this post the other day and a thought occurred to me that I had heard some time ago.

"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be
seen to be done." - Gordon Hewart

When Amway/Quixtar speaks of reporting abuses to them, and they will investigate it, it always makes me think of the above quote. It is a fairly simple concept.

I wonder if Amway/Quixtar would ever apply that concept to their discipline policies.

I'm quite certain they don't right now.

That is, if there even is a discipline policy.


Blogger Loser said...

I complained about my upline. And no idea what happened. OR any thing happened. So yeah, I wanna see justice to be done.

07 January, 2007 21:28  
Blogger insider said...

Diamonds like Joe Land got sacked. Scott Larsen's site claimed nothing was done about Land despite complaints, then after Land got the sack he never mentioned it.

So Loser - did you register a formal complaint or just ring up the support line?

I've said it in enough places, but I'll say it here. REGISTER FORMAL COMPLAINTS.

08 January, 2007 12:03  
Blogger rocket said...

Hey Insider

Is there anywhere on line that I could verify that it was Quixtar that terminated Joe Land's IBO ship and the reasons for it?

I am not saying that I doubt you, but if there is nowhere to verify that, then please see the original post.

That is what the entire post is about.

12 January, 2007 23:47  
Blogger rocket said...

Actually, go here:

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that says they were punted out of Quixtar for being unethical.

They chose to resign because they were running a competing business.

Did Land get "sacked" by Quixtar?

Doesn't sound like it.

Was it due to anything involving system abuses?


Thus confirming that you, Insider, are once again spraying verbal diarrhea all over the internet without knowing fully what it is you are talking about.

Yeah, you're site is REAL credible.

Take off, hoser. Come back when you get yourself a clue.

13 January, 2007 00:18  
Blogger Sandy said...

You need a c-box!

14 January, 2007 12:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the reason why Joe Land is not in Quixtar anymore?

24 January, 2007 18:12  

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