Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Results Speak For Themselves

Well hello again.  It's been a while since my last post and I was going through some old files on my computer.  All's well with me and Mrs. Rocket and life is carrying on much as we anticipated it would and our plans for our future continue in the right direction.

Speaking of future plans, I've sporadically made attempts to say hello to everyone's favourite Amway IBO from Edmonton Alberta, Shaun Guthrie.  Remember him?  He had some rather grandiose future plans yet his fired up blogging has since grown cold and dissolved into the nether regions of the internet.

Unfortunately he either isn't getting my emails asking how things are going, or chooses to ignore them.  I suspect it's the latter.

We'd made a wager about 5 years ago that if he got free, he'd be the recipient of a steak dinner with all the trimmings courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood rocket.  He knew I threw this out there as is evidenced by this screen capture:

I emailed him recently as I may be in the Edmonton area and was assuming a steak dinner would be waiting for me since I think I won.  Crickets.  I guess I kinda understand.  He kinda came to live what he stated many times was the wrong lifestyle.  The dreaded Jay-Oh-Bee.  Giving your first best to someone else at a job.  Having kids in daycare instead of being there for them all the time.  Skiing on weekdays instead of on the weekend when it's packed.  

He was going to be free, period.  They were going all in and nothing was going to stop them.  

They listened to the motivation, attended the rallies, and proudly displayed their dreams and goals for all to see.

So what happened?  I dunno.  He has since moved on to a different job in Edmonton and seems to spend his free time woodworking.

I point this out not to be an asshole to Shaun, nor to make him out to be a failure because I don't believe that to be true.  Au Contraire, he seems to be living a decent life with his family and working hard at it.  He's managed to get himself an I.T. Director Job and is working for a living like the rest of us.  My only point here is that I doubt he would be considered a failure by anyone.  Yet that's how Amway IBO's characterize people who don't make it, or aren't free.

So what was gained by his experience?  I don't know.  I wish I did.  Anyway, just seeing how it all turned out for him reminds me of all the people who come and go in Amway.  good people with good intentions that get caught up in this nonsense that instills the belief that what he has now is somehow wrong because it isn't Amway.  

It doesn't make me mad anymore, it makes me sad for people who aren't necessarily being led by people with their best interest at heart.

I guess it just reminds me of myself a long time ago when I was less worldly and more trusting than I am now.  When I would believe nonsense like this:


Anyway.  That's it.  Thanks for popping by.  This isn't really my thing anymore.  Got my career and family to focus on and I am looking forward to retirement relatively soon and then moving on to my other interests.  I might say hey from time to time, but I'm not really feeling this anymore.

Partly because what this type of thing does to good people isn't why they joined, and I think it's easier to know now before getting involved thanks to the internet.  The results are predictable and incredibly discouraging, especially when you already know the outcome for these good people that want to believe.

I'll see ya when I see ya.  

Be Excellent.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Is This Going To Be A Thing Now?

I was over at Amthrax's Blog and read with much interest  Dean Kosage decided to change his name to Dean Grey.

Apparently he got involved with a company called Allysian which appears to be some other MLM type deal.

Then I did a double take when I was checking out the Facebook page and saw a guy named Casey James is doing a webinar.  

Take a good look at Casey James above and on the Allysian page.  Does he ring a bell?

I think that's Casey Combden, who was in Amway many years back, and who got himself into a bit of hot water doing cold readings at Amway functions....kinda funny in a sad way.  He also had trouble with one of his promotions while he was in Amway, apparently.  He also seemed to have great plans involving the motivational tools business that must not have panned out.

Anyway, I do a simple Google on Casey Combden and get his Facebook page with the following image:

So clearly it's the same guy, unless I've got too much peppermint in my gum.  I guess he's just using his middle name as his last name for some reason.

Anyway, I just thought that was really interesting.  I wonder if we won't see more of these ex Amway /MLM leader type folks changing their names, or using their names in a different order seemingly in an attempt to distance themselves from...themselves when getting Googled.

Just something I came across and it sorta surprised me.  Kinda.  Why do you suppose they would do that?

I concede it could be taken as a bit hypocritical coming from an anonymous blogger criticizing someone for distancing themselves from their past, but you also aren't investigating me trying to sell you a business, an opportunity, or trusting me with your money.  You're free to read this or not and I gain nothing from you whether you like me or not.  

But if I was going into business with you, wouldn't that matter?  My history?  My character?  My reputation?  

Food for thought.  Take care!

P.S.  If you get a chance, go see my buddy Dave Robison who has risen from the ashes in the blogosphere.  On The Road With Dave is always a good, genuine read from a good, genuine guy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Interesting Video....The Verdict

Well, I received word back from Amway BCR (Business Conduct & Rules) about the previously mentioned video.

Their response was as I suspected, and I'll quote Cindy Thompson:

"This video is not approve for use and we will be addressing this with the indivdual"(sic)

I personally feel Amway has the right idea in that videos promoting the business have to be approved by the company.  I can't help but note the corporation didn't say it was unacceptable, they just indicated it wasn't approved.

Clearly in the video there is somewhat of a declaration being made here about how wealthy one can become by investing in books and meetings with high level Amway folks, yet virtually nothing about the products you are supposedly selling to people as an independent business owner.

Unfortunately Amway won't make any sanctions public which I've always disagreed with, but that's just my opinion. I do believe there's value in making a transparent consequence for this type of behaviour, but I'm acutely aware there could be other issues at play.

So...There you have it.  Amway promotional videos need to be approved, and this clearly doesn't fall under the guidelines the corporation has set in place.

Curious as to the method Amway contacts freedomfighterltd to request the removal of the non approved video.

Also curious as to what specifically in the video would not be accepted by Amway, and although I believe they're making the right call about this how do you suppose they can prevent this from continuing?

You don't have to look too hard to find videos about Amway that are similar in nature.  Amway can't control the internet, but can they control videos such as this which may or may not paint a realistic picture about the business?  

How could that be done?  Does it need to be done?

I have no answer, I simply pose the question.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Interesting Video

Have a look see!

I've contacted Amway's BCR to see if this is an acceptable business practice or not.  I think it's neat to try and build excitement but this is clearly not the norm for most IBO's.

I'll let you know what Amway thinks if they choose to respond, but what do you think?  

I can see why IBO's want this type of exposure, but do you think it's ok to "sell" it this way?

Some people may find it misleading, others might see it as the true potential of what people are able to achieve with their Amway business.    

I can't help but notice there's more said about the right CD's and books and association, but not a great deal about the selling of Amway products.

I'm curious about what this guy's tool checks (if he's participating in system profits by selling books, CD's and gets a percentage of the major functions) amount to!

Monday, January 09, 2012


True Growth has nothing to do with doubling anything other than your business volume and profits......

Sorry. My bad. Thinking in real business like terms.

I have no doubt that Brad Duncan has grown his profits because there are people buying his unproven motivation. The real question would be what about YOUR business?

Yeah. Stupid reality.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Passion & Warriors

I get a real kick out of all the Amway system leaders, as well as the L.I.F.E (self anointed) Gurus. I love how they pretend to be some kind of superhero who are engaged in battling a made up goliath of mediocrity.

I wrote a post about the idiocy of some of Orrin Woodward's faithful and I think it was clear what I thought.

You all want motivation? Look around. You don't need to pay these idiots your hard earned cash to inspire you. Their inspiration is tainted by dollar signs and they depend on it to pay the bills. Besides, have they really taught you how to make money? That's what they claimed they could do when you decided to sign up.

I found something that kicks the hell out of anything Woody or WWDB has to offer. Woodward is always talking about being a warrior? That's pretty much an insult compared to this guy. Anyone who calls themselves a warrior is obviously trying to compensate for something. You figure it out.

Enjoy, and pay attention. You might learn something that could actually help you instead of just paying for more of the same.

I'm going to go and destroy something now. I suggest you do the same.