Monday, January 09, 2012


True Growth has nothing to do with doubling anything other than your business volume and profits......

Sorry. My bad. Thinking in real business like terms.

I have no doubt that Brad Duncan has grown his profits because there are people buying his unproven motivation. The real question would be what about YOUR business?

Yeah. Stupid reality.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Passion & Warriors

I get a real kick out of all the Amway system leaders, as well as the L.I.F.E (self anointed) Gurus. I love how they pretend to be some kind of superhero who are engaged in battling a made up goliath of mediocrity.

I wrote a post about the idiocy of some of Orrin Woodward's faithful and I think it was clear what I thought.

You all want motivation? Look around. You don't need to pay these idiots your hard earned cash to inspire you. Their inspiration is tainted by dollar signs and they depend on it to pay the bills. Besides, have they really taught you how to make money? That's what they claimed they could do when you decided to sign up.

I found something that kicks the hell out of anything Woody or WWDB has to offer. Woodward is always talking about being a warrior? That's pretty much an insult compared to this guy. Anyone who calls themselves a warrior is obviously trying to compensate for something. You figure it out.

Enjoy, and pay attention. You might learn something that could actually help you instead of just paying for more of the same.

I'm going to go and destroy something now. I suggest you do the same.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Let's Talk About Support Systems

I was over browsing at the online Journal of a Worldwide Dreambuilder (an Amway Motivational Organization) who had a very compelling post about support systems and how the Amway one he is currently involved with compares (financially) to other credible and successful support systems.

First of all, I think it's important to clarify why I am using my own blog to give my thoughts. As is seemingly customary with Amway folk in this here internet age, there are no opposing views allowed on Shaun's blog anymore. Fair enough, his blog, his choice, but it's pretty clear to even the most casual observer why this tac is taken..He made it clear he isn't interested in hearing the cold hard realities about Amway not being a real business (who pays $100 a year to "own" their business?), and how highly unlikely it is that he will be able to walk away from his job any time in the near future.

But I digress.

John Maxwell is of course brought out as the first example. On his website we find that he has a fee of $179 a year to join the maximum impact club. Not a bad deal. Certainly cheaper and more credible that being involved with WWDB! I don't know why an Amway guy wouldn't just go and use Maxwell's stuff! Oh, wait. Yes I do. It's because the upline would get pissed off that they aren't profiting from the motivation purchases. Did you know that in many lawsuits high level leaders stated under oath that the PRIMARY income source of income is not the movement of Amway products, but the motivational sales?

I think that matters.....

In addition, John Maxwell is a pretty pricey guy! But have a look at what his credentials are.

How does that compare to an Amway guy and his motivational system? I know, not really a fair comparison is it?

I could go on about the real people who have made a business out of motivation like Tony Robbins and the like, but it's pretty much going to lead where I've already gone. Professional motivators sink or swim in the free market, and Amway motivational guys will exist as long as they have an Amway downline, whether they are good or not! Why?

Here's fricking why.....You know those Amway videos where the crowd is going ape shit for some dude like Brad Duncan going on stage? It's not really because he's smart you know. It's not because he's made thousands of people free from a job either. It's because the Amway faithful are TAUGHT to react to these people in an over the top fashion. Whether they deserve it or not. They are also TAUGHT to go to 3 different functions in 4 days! Why? Money, maybe? And not for anyone but the Amway leader I don't think. I don't think any Amway diamond is worthy of much praise, but that's my opinion. But I'm at an unfair advantage. I'm ALLOWED to question these folks. Amway "Independent" business owners are not to be questioning their upline.

In closing, I will challenge any Amway dude this, which makes the comparison to Tony Robbins and John Maxwell pretty much a red herring useless piece of crap self serving piece of propaganda. It's just a question, and it's relevant. I'm going to bold it and make it in bigger letters to both make it more aesthetically pleasing and to hammer home the Godamn obvious......

Did you join a self help group, or did you become a business owner to make money?

If you like feeling good, then hey! Keep doing what you're doing! Go on Communikate! Buy monthly books and CD's! Spend thousands on travel to go to functions and hear things that make you feel good but don't produce much in the way of financial rewards! Go ahead!

But don't call yourself a business owner because you simply aren't in control of a whole helluva lot. You are taught to submit to your upline. Doesn't sound very independent to me. You are participating in a support system because you are told to, not because it produces any financial results whether you want to admit it or not.

Plus you have an arsenal of overpriced products from a company with a shitty reputation.

Winning combo, that.

Support System? Of that I have no doubt, but who is it supporting? The Amway dude or the people providing the support system? You decide, but the obvious appears to escape many......

End of rant.