Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rocket On The Road

No, not On The Road With Dave, but almost as good.

I am away in my Nation's Capital for the week on business.

Further Bulletins as events warrant.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Respect and Civility

I was over at Beth Dornan's blog . I attempted to leave the following comment, but for some reason it would not accept it. I tried to enter the anti spam text image about 4 or 5 times and even had my wife check it before I tried to submit it.

No dice, so here is what I had to say about this post

"So am I to assume that Rob Davidson was being respectful and attempting to increase understanding when he talks of people "looking for a freebie", and suggesting that all these people were looking for something for nothing, and then turned critical of the Quixtar business when they found out you had to work?

To me, that translates into people were lazy, then got mad. Maybe in some cases, but not the majority. They felt misled you see. Because most of the leaders were making money from the very training system they were promoting. That's why many people are upset. They're upset because this rather obvious conflict of interest continues.

It's very interesting what "the work" actually is. What Quixtar indicates to be the work ie. retailing products, and what the "leaders" present as doing the work are two very different things. I don't recall any Amway literature advising me that a major part of doing the work is attending seminars and listening to tapes/cds.

If you are looking for less insults and more professional dialogue, then perhaps Quixtar should cease insulting the intelligence of people who do in fact have a valid and legitimate concern with what's going on in this business? Rather then minimizing and spinning it into someone else's fault?

Mr Davidson's comments were anything but respectful, and it made me wonder if he were actually a CORE IBO, rather than a Quixtar employee.

Respect and civility goes 2 ways, even when it does involve a corporation."

So that's what I think about that particular post anyway. And since this little fiasco has been neatly swept under the rug at the expense of many people since 1983, I'm sure Quixtar can appreciate the frustration over the perception that nothing is being done about this.

Yes, the accreditation has happened. What has that produced in the way of results to ensure that the system abuses cease? Are "leaders" being taken to task for continuing the practices that are in question?

No disrespect to you in particular Beth, I just think it's rather humerous that Quixtar demands civility when they send out Mr. Pompous ass to minimize and spin. That's disrespectful to all the people who have a legitimate concern aboout the Quixtar Opportunity.

You may want to check on your anti spam comment filter. It doesn't seem to allow for comments even if you do put in the correct letter/numbers.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Function Walk Through...Hilarious!!!!

This is a great Sunday Afternoon read.

Funny Funny Funny

Yet, sad at the same time.

I'm sure it still goes on...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doing The Work...With an Update

I have read this countless times when hearing about how IBO's can be profitable.

"Just Do The Work"

Can someone tell me what that means? Any IBO out there. Any critic at all...

Does it mean:

- sponsor a bunch of people?
- retail a bunch of (overpriced) products?
- attend another function?
- buy another CD?
- buy a bunch of stuff to earn PV?
- listen to another tape?

I would like to know what it means specifically when it is said that so-and-so didn't do the work.

Because I don't know.

If "Doing the Work" was so defineable then you would think nobody would have a problem doing it.

Anyone who wanted the riches and freedom Quixtar has to offer would simply have to "Do the Work"

Whatever that is.


I have a little bit of a fan out there who seems to have the answers to the above questions, but was unable to follow them himself as he just recently announced he quit Quixtar.

He did not seem to be able succeed by following his own advice, and once again provided very little in the way of solid and tangible answers to the questions posed, but I guess he's trying.

I have found the reason he is the way he is, so I would ask that you try to be nice to him, despite his rather obvious social challenges.

You can also watch the failure of his next little venture unfold here. Even though it consists of just pasted copies of someone else's work, as usual with this guy.

Thanks for your patience.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Rocket's Challenge


This challenge is open to any IBO who wishes to prove to all the critics the retailability of the Amway/Quixtar products. If you are here, it's because you are either curious, or have been challenged. If you have been challenged, then I hope you take me up on it. If this business is all you and your upline say it is, then it shouldn't be too hard to alleviate the concerns raised by critics. If it doesn't seem that it will strengthen your argument, a wise person would address and correct why it won't put your business in a positive light.

If you can't correct it, then I know what a real business person would do.

Here is my challenge to any IBO out there, and it's an opportunity for you to make me eat crow.

- Provide the Rocket with your current pin level
- Provide the Rocket with your "freedom date"
- Reach your freedom date (obviously by matching your Quix income to your job income for what, 6 months? Does that sound fair?)
- Tool or training income does not count
- Prove it to me
- I will quit slamming Amway/Quixtar, close this website and quit commenting on other sites

That's it. Do what all the IBO's say they are going to do. Prove It.

And I will shut up.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Justice ?

I was going through the comments in this post the other day and a thought occurred to me that I had heard some time ago.

"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be
seen to be done." - Gordon Hewart

When Amway/Quixtar speaks of reporting abuses to them, and they will investigate it, it always makes me think of the above quote. It is a fairly simple concept.

I wonder if Amway/Quixtar would ever apply that concept to their discipline policies.

I'm quite certain they don't right now.

That is, if there even is a discipline policy.