Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let's Talk About L.I.F.E.

I was reading over at ol' Woody's blog today and read his most recent post about "Taking Life's Leadership Challenge".

Hmmmmm. Take the challenge eh?? I believe that based on what I know of Orrin Woodward that means, "Gimme your money".

In his post he says that L.I.F.E. has changed the rules. By lowering the barriers to entry for hungry leaders (and potential leaders), LIFE has provided an opportunity for people to listen, learn, and lead at an affordable price. Where else can you receive 4 leadership CD’s and a book from best selling authors, bloggers, and leadership gurus for $50?

First of all, I love the word games. He suggests that someone is not hungry if they don't want to participate in L.I.F.E. and if you are already in L.I.F.E. you are defacto hungry. So.....if I buy his CD's and books that makes me a leader? Interesting.

As far as being best selling authors I think that has been debunked over at the Amthrax Blog where a few former TEAM folks have made suggestion that being a best selling author was manipulated.

With nearly 1200 bonafide customers, along with thousands of satisfied members, LIFE is giving average people the opportunity to achieve un-average results. In fact, with little downside risk (the worst thing that can happen is you receive world-class training at a world-class price), and major upside rewards, LIFE is drawing thousands of former networkers back into the fold.

OK, so now we have BONA FIDE customers as opposed to just plain old customers. Strange you would have to point out the difference. So 1200 people are buying the motivation but aren't on the L/I.F.E. program? That seems awfully low when you consider that BONA FIDE motivational speakers have that many people attend a single seminar. You'd think there would be more.***EDIT added after originally posted...Whether or not Woody's "training" is world class is very much up for debater as well. Where are the results that prove this?*****

These former networkers loved the community building and pay for performance aspects of networking, but struggled with the $300 to $500 of product purchases needed monthly. LIFE offers a way to start making income without stretching already stretched budgets. Indeed, a person can utilize the Three for Free program and literally receive his leadership materials for FREE.

Ah, so Orrin is as much as admitting there is no need for products in his MLM business. Wonder what the Federal Trade Commission would think of that? This also makes it crystal clear that the money directed to the products could be interpreted as a hindrance and getting in the way of Woody's profits.

This next part is what is so weird.....

Have you taken the LIFE Leadership Challenge yet? Anyone can sign up for the LIFE orLaunching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) series materials at no risk. Listen to the materials for yourself and see the LIFE difference. If you are not satisfied with the materials, LIFE offers a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy.

There's then a hyperlink that leads you to this weird TEAM Orrin Woodward site. This is absolutely ridiculous and a shameless self promotion. One gets a real glimpse into Woody's opinion of himself here as he goes into he sees what others don't see and how that is the burden of every leader. I guess that means him, Baby, and Clod Hamilton along with Mr. Strategic Default.

He then goes on to quote a person smarter than him (again) regarding the alleged process which resulted in the development of L.I.F.E.

First, it is ridiculed. - In this case deservedly so.

Second, it is violently opposed. - Not really opposed, just EXPOSED. Nothing violent either as far as I know except for some weird TEAM L.I.F.E. guy inviting people opposed to L.I.F.E. to Chicago to fight.

Finally, it is accepted as self-evident. - That it's a loser as far as making money for everyone but a few.

Then ol' Woody goes on to compare himself to Winston Churchill(!)

Nowhere on this page that I could see is there a place to sign up and get on the L.I.F.E. system.

So how in the hell do you take the L.I.F.E. Leadership Challenge? What is the L.I.F.E. Leadership Challenge? Is it just buying Woody's amateur motivation? WTF?

So what do I take from all this? Desperation. I truly believe that ol' Woody has no idea how to overcome objections to people who aren't in a brainwashed state of admiration. I mean, look at all his frocking blogs and how there is no opposing views published! Woody doesn't know how to proceed and I give it less than 24 months before he's off to adopt another generic name change to cover himself within search engine rankings again. Having to change who you are every few years certainly doesn't give an air of confidence to who you are and what you are doing.

My father's business (remember, he is a success) has had the same name for over 30 years! He didn't change it! I was talking to him over Christmas and had this post in mind. I asked him if he ever wanted to change his business's name.

He looked at me like I had grown a set of testicles out of my earlobe and asked, "Why the hell would I want to have to start all over after I worked so hard at establishing a good name for me & my company"?

Exactly. Thanks Dad. My dad is smarter than Orrin Woodward the Guru.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to everyone out there in the internet universe to wish you a Merry Christmas. Whether you are a die hard, true blue Amway believer or a critic I wish you happiness and fulfillment.

I hope you all find time to see your families and friends and take the time to appreciate all the things and people you have in your life and to be grateful for them.

I for one am grateful for my family, my friends, and all the people I work with. Even though the in-laws are coming for a few days. Operation madhouse is about to commence, and this year's goal is to put the "fun" back into dysFUNctional.

All the best, people.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"The Dream"

I got to thinking today (I occasionally do) about how people can be exploited by AMO's who promise them the world, as long as they buy into their system.

Then I started thinking about how ineffective the systems are in terms of making money. I mean really, don't you think you would know somebody if this Amway (+ insert WWDB, Yager, BRITT etc) thing really worked? Would you not hear about more of them? For goodness sake, I know a group of people who won about $50,000 each in a lottery but I have never met a "free" Amway dude. And I have met and spoken to a few diamonds, and in retrospect I don't think they were free.

Think about it. You see and hear about millionaires all the time in the media. How many of them are Amway millionaires? How many of the millionaires in Amway are actually millionaires with a net worth of over a million bucks? I would respectfully suggest that there are some who profess to be millionaires that are not, simply because telling or insinuating to people that you are a millionaire is not a tendency of a real millionaire.

How do I know? My dad is one. Several of his associates are as well. Other people who I knew growing up who were business owners are also millionaires with considerable assets. This is not up for debate, it is fact.
These wealthy people I speak of do not feel the need to lecture, have big meetings, and tell other people how to live. They also are completely free to do whatever they want, most of them simply choose to keep doing what they have been doing because they like it.

They don't have a corporation telling them how to conduct their business, they decide. They decide about every single aspect of their business and are beholden to absolutely nobody. I don't see that as true for the self professed millionaires that you find in Amway and other MLM's.

The leaders are forced to comply with rules they don't want to because the corporation imposes them upon the leader. They also have to tell prospects things they would rather not because the corporation says so. They have to deal with high priced merchandise and ridiculous shipping fees because the corporation says so.

So how's that dream sound? No thanks.

As for me & my jay-oh-bee, my wife and I are off to a tropical 5 star resort in the Caribbean next month with some great friends. I will be chucking a football, drinking, and re-connecting with my wife for a week. We are going first class white glove all the way. Get some snorkelling in, have some nice quiet evening meals, hang on the beach and just enjoy life. I don't believe that doing that all day every day is neither achievable nor good for a person. I also highly doubt people with the financial wherewithal would ever do nothing but vacation for the rest of their lives.

There seems to be a built in code with people who have a lot of money that won't allow them to do nothing but lounge. The only people you see doing that are the people who didn't earn it and they will do that until they get cut off or else blow through the money they didn't earn.

I don't believe The Dream as the Amway leaders advertise exists. Nobody in Amway right now has stepped away to enjoy the beach forever, nor do I believe they could because they must continually push their motivation on people and hold out the carrot. Frankly, the people who step away generally end up quitting later on, and you find out they stepped away because they didn't want to do this anymore.

Think about it. You invested EVERYTHING to become a diamond in Amway, and once you get there, you realize that you can't just walk away or else it will all fall apart, so you continue doing night owls, weekend seminars, and the like just to make a living. You can't walk away, because this is how you make money now, and you need to keep doing it to support your lifestyle! I don't buy into the cock and bull story that they diamonds keep returning to seminars because they care about and love the people in Amway. Not for a minute. i believe they have to, or else you would see more foreclosures on these Amway dream homes.

And they say jobs are like prisons.

No thanks Amway. No thanks WWDB. No thanks to all the people who perpetuate this (in my opinion) fallacy.

I'll live on planet earth. In the Caribbean sometimes.

And I won't have to meet some fake level to earn the right to do so. I'll just pay my own way.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soooo Much Integrity it Drips!

I sent the following message to Shaun GUTHRIE over at Expedition Of Truths for a post where he claims people in WWDB are laden with integrity for seemingly no other reason than agreeing to be a part of Amway and/or WWDB. No response, no surprise......Enjoy!

Hey, I noticed your comments are off so I thought I'd email you. Hope all is going well with you

The only point I wanted to make is you absolutely do not know who you are getting into business with. In a true business partnership, the books would be open and you would know exactly how much is made, how it is made, and what the expenses & effort exerted for the profit was. You suggest Brad Duncan is practically dripping with integrity, yet you have people like Wolgamott & Kosage leaving. They are obviously more in the know than you, as they are both at very high levels. Why would they do that? You know nothing about Brad Duncan or any other person in his position any better than you know Wayne Gretzky. Sure, you may have had a few words with them and met them in person, but do you know them? No, you don't. If they don't want you to know something about them, you simply don't know it. Deal with it and remember it. Movie stars have a public and a private persona, I personally believe the same to be true with Amway "leaders".

Constantly you talk about how you are associated with people who have integrity. I have no doubt that your upline is nice to you. I have no doubt you believe what you are saying, but to suggest someone has integrity simply because they are in Amway and specifically WWDB is disingenuous at best and quite frankly it's laughable and sounds like a canned response you hear at meetings. So if someone who is a drug dealer joins Amway they automatically have integrity? What about a guy who beats his wife? He's an asshole one day, but because he decides to join Amway after you show him the plan he automatically has integrity? That's how you come across dude, and it makes you look foolish and naive.

You claim to educate people about the costs, yet those costs are not available to anyone who may be researching the business. Why is that? You may be quick to say it's none of your business and you may be right, but how can someone truly get all the answers that you say you always provide? If you say that you will provide those costs to your prospects, then you are simply controlling information. Why? I think you know the answer to that.

Lastly, and this is the most obvious point. You like to talk about how you develop trust and friendships with people before they get into the business. I would respectfully suggest that you ask yourself why that is necessary? Does the business not sell itself on it's own merit? In my opinion, the answer is no, it doesn't. This is why you must create relationships and develop a bond with people in order for them to join your business. Otherwise, they'll see that the prices are out of whack, it's an inefficient method of distribution, and the costs associated with participating make it even more uncompetitive.
Why? Does a franchise owner in the real business world have to do that? Did he have to develop a relationship with the corporation? No! He asked to see the numbers, saw the numbers, and decided it was a viable business. NOBODY would ever determine that after seeing a diamond's numbers I don't believe.

I would be very curious to see how you increased your product volume by going to 3 Dream Nights in a 4 day span. You & I both know you didn't. All you did was drop about $500 bucks in gas & time & admission fees to feel good about yourself and eat a meal with a bunch of other people in the same boat.

If you TRULY believe in the Amway business (powered by WWDB....whatever) then I would challenge you to show it to an already successful person who is not in Amway. I mean a person who is already a millionaire ie a net worth of a million bucks, cash flow is irrelevent. That's a make believe Amway response because a millionaire by definition will have a million at their disposal. Genuinely ask the opinion of a millionaire. I already know the answer you'll get but you obviously don't think I could be right. Don't forget that just because someone is not in Amway does not mean they don't have integrity. There are far more millionaires out of Amway than in it. Don't you ever forget that.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I wish you & yours a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012!