Sunday, February 08, 2009

David Steadson - Bad Reputation, or self inflicted slander?

I read with great amusement over at the Amway Talk that our fearless David Steadson is throwing out vague threats regarding suing people for using his name, and giving their opinions of him.

First of all, Michman pointed out exactly what I was thinking....Wouldn't you have to show how you've been damaged? Steadson responds by saying that he would call people whom he has not gotten some work for to see if that was the case. Fair enough, but it's not like they are obliged to tell him anything.

Secondly, maybe Steadson was wanting too much money, wasn't as qualified, etc... I know that may be hard for Mr. Steadson to accept, but I'm quite certain there's people out there who are just as good, if not better at his job than him.

Thirdly, maybe they saw the smarmy know-it-all attitude of David Steadson online, and decided they aren't interested in associating with someone like him. Maybe they thought his style wouldn't benefit the company.

One only need to check a few posts of his while he spoke to others, and the manner in which he did so. Not exactly a glowing endorsement of an open mind or open to discussion.

And lastly, the most obvious of all. Maybe, just maybe, some of the decision makers at the internet firm he applied to get a contract with had a bad experience with Amway! God knows there's enough people out there who have. Would you hire someone who goes to superhuman lengths to defend Amway if you don't like it? Maybe they don't like how he's tried to minimize the problems in Amway. Maybe they don't like the fact that he keeps bringing up Joecool visiting a sex site. Maybe they don't like the fact that he extremely osteperous to people who don't share his views!


Maybe some of the people at the firm hate Amway, and therefore, didn't want someone so obsessed with saving it's online name as part of their company! Maybe they didn't like his constant spinning of the facts. Can you imagine being his supervisor and trying to get a straight answer out of him? Good Luck!

Once again, David Steadson is taking editorial liberties with what is true and what is not.

Fact is, he's said things about me that are completely false, like I was posting under more than one name. I wasn't. I told him to either prove it or shut up about it, and he's done neither. And welcome! He can specualte all he wants. The fact that he won't prove it says more about him than me.

I don't think that David Steadson needs any help with disparaging his name. I do recall him saying that he lives by being accountable for himself and others should do so as well. Now when his own weird little hobby comes back to bite him, he suggests that it's the fault of others? Nice.

On top of all that, has no success whatsoever to speak of in Amway. What the.....?

No, I think it's safe to say that he himself has done a pretty good job of blackening his own eye.

*WHAM!* Quit hitting yourself!

*WHAM!* Quit hitting yourself!

Makes you wonder his motivation, doesn't it?

A message to him. I know he comes here.

Everytime you point one finger at other people, look at your hand. There's three more fingers pointing back at you.

You don't know everything. Accept that.

And have a good week!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

David Steadson To Clear The Air on Amway Tools!

Hooray! It's finally going to happen! David Steadson, the self anointed leader of the charge against Amway Critics, had decided that he's going to explain everything about the tools issue.

To Wit:

"Myths around BSM profit is probably the biggest single unaddressed issue still hanging around the 'net. Ever heard of Tex? :eek:

There's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about it and I think it would be beneficial to clear it up."

Well thank God for that!

Apparently, Steadson hasn't lost his touch when it comes to being a know it all asshole hubris.

Who the hell does this guy think he is? This is coming from a guy who:

1. Hasn't achieved any notable success in Amway.

2. Doesn't qualify for the program which he is trying to explain.

3. His opinions are just that, and don't carry any more weight than those of the critics. Probably less, in fact, given the mystery behind his motives.

Look folks, make absolutely no mistake about it, Amway and the people who profit from the tools are the only entity which should be either explaining the tools profits. Not some failed Amway hack who has this bizarre hobby of trying to save a business that he doesn't even have the ability to demonstrate it works!

Amway has stated that some people make as much and in some cases more money from their tool income than Amway business. Apparently that's not good enough for our hero David. No, the corporation who he defends isn't qualified to clear the air up on that topic. It's up to Steadson.

The tools profiteers? Well, they're not talking unless they quit.

This was such a complete case study in arrogance that I just had to point it out.

Who is this guy anyway? I have never come across a guy in real life that had such a high opinion of himself!

Especially when you consider that he is qualified to teach people pretty much nothing about how to build a successful Amway business. Doesn't stop him though, he's so smart he doesn't need experience! That's our David Steadson!

I'm back from travelling for about a month. I was in the US, as well as British Columbia. Nice to be home, and it's back to the grind again.

Catch you on the next one...