Friday, July 17, 2009

No Change! No Transformation! No Nothin!

For the past little while, there really hasn't really been much to talk about in Amway. Oh, sure, they've got some soccer star I've never heard of wearing the Amway uniform, but I only know that because I read about it on the Super Du Blog.

If anyone can fill me in on how a local soccer player make the opportunity better for IBO's globally, could you drop me a line? Yeah, yeah, I get the fact that Amway has their name on her jersey, but really, how is this helping IBO's make money?

In Canada, everybody knows about
Tim Hortons. This is a company that believes in supporting local sports, and provides funding for kids to play hockey, baseball, ringette, among many others. They provide jerseys for the kids and sponsor tournaments and prizes. Everyone who's child benefits from Tim Hortons generosity and corporate sposorship programs usually goes to Tim Hortons after the event for coffee, sandwiches, donuts, etc...So it is great for everyone. The kids whose family may not have had the resources to pay for the kid, gets to play.

Compare this to Amway's program. Unless you are already in Amway, you're not going to go and buy a case of LOC because a soccer player has the name on the uniform. Furthermore, if the prices aren't any good, people aren't going to buy the products, unless,..........wait for it..................they're already IN AMWAY!!!

Do you get what I'm saying? Unless people are already in Amway, who really cares? Amway doesn't really benefit because if people do any kind of research about Amway they inevitably run into people that are doing horrific damage to their name. Even if they didn't know what Amway was before, they likely (if they're smart) aren't going to dive into something so controversial.

Speaking of people wrecking Amway's name, I see the
perpetual paladin of Amway has crawled out of the confines of his lair to comment on a website he doesn't run! Unfortunately for him, he got called on his bullshit propaganda once again, and has hastily retreated to the confines of his ilk.

It's funny because he started off posting on everyone else's blog, and then started his own
. (Look for yourself, it's not normal behaviour) numerous blogs defending Amway for no reason other than he feels it's his duty as a, what, 3-400 PV IBO?

The funny thing is, IBOFB is mirroring the problem leaders in Amway.

What do you mean, Rocket?

What do I mean? Are you daft? What were things the problem leaders were (and in my opinion still are) doing? Telling people that they knew best, and that people who disagreed with their mindset were idiots.

To top it all off, he is also copying their standard operating procedure when it comes to the negative about the business. He has all his blogs and website, and he rules the roost in there. And welcome! It's his private domain, he can do whatever he wants! That's not where this thought is headed.

Point is, he's taken a play form the kingpin playbook, which already isn't working. What page is that? Information control.

Eric Janssen had Amway's number years ago, which is simply that information cannot be controlled anymore. IBOFB seems to have overlooked that, in spite of his obviously superior aptitude.

In any event, IBOFB continues to attempt information control, and he will continue to fail. It's not a shot at him personally, it's just an obvious fact. How is he controlling information?

- He doesn't allow dissenting opinions which would lean an observer away from his viewpoint. Sound familiar?

- He doesn't comment very often at places he can't control ie. other blogs. Sound familiar? How many leaders speak for real businesses? Once the bullshit is shoveled away, IBOFB and Amway leaders the
bail conversation. Not being mean, it's just how I see it.

- He attempts clever insults at people who disagree with him, in an attempt to make them appear intellectually inferior. Again, familiar?

So I guess my point is, nothing has changed! Amway's North American reputation is still seriously screwed. It's only a matter of time before it deteriorates further in the rest of the world, I get hits here from India and the Philippines. The world's too small to expect these tactics to be effective.

Hey Amway, you wanna improve your name? Get the jackass off the internet. Be transparent. Do the right thing.

If you want people to think you are a moral and ethical company, then BE a moral and ethical company.

And start putting your failed PR hacks on a leash.

Monday, July 13, 2009

David Steason misleading again?