Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can't Stop Success in Amway!

I was over reading at the MLM Survivor's Club about a fellow named Daniel who spoke about a futile 4 year effort in Amway.

According to Daniel, he was core, and was the ideal IBO. However, it didn't work for him. Whether or not Daniel did or didn't do everything right (which has never been defined, BTW) is irrelevant.

What really caught my eye was when he started referring to a guy named Dr. Jim Wright who was apparently an Emerald ABO. I had heard that name before, and for the life of me, couldn't think of where it was. I finally found it over at an often overlooked site.

Looks like our good friend Dr. Wright was still an Emerald 10 years ago.

I'd like to talk to Dr. Wright to find out just how well things are going...

I've got some things going on right now and I haven't been blogging regularly. You can count on a post or 2 a week, but outside that, don't expect much.

Fret not, I'll be better than others.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Amway Crown in the Making....2 years later

I wonder if he made it?

Let's hear some yeas or nays.

I say Nay.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Amway Critics - Better than David Steadson at communication?

I have been getting a great deal of joy lately from watching the work of Amway critics begin to bear fruit.

Anyone who hears the name Amway is on the internet investigating the opportunity and inevitably stumbling across the bumbling Pro Amway zealot David Steadson IBO Fightback.

I received a phone call about a couple months or so ago from a buddy of mine from my home town about Amway. He and a group of friends had been prospected. I directed him to all the websites I knew of both pro and con.

So he and his friends read through the reams of info in the stuff, and made a decision not to join based on -

Bwahahahaha, this is funny:

IBOFB's blog. Specifically, the post where he lies tries to put a positive spin on the dismal success rate in Amway.

My buddy is the one posting as me neither. He told me about this a few days later. As usual, IBOFB tries to explain away his failure to defend Amway by trying to insinuate that the people posting were me. I'm here to say that's factually incorrect. I know one of them. That person lives over 2 hours away from me.

You are free to believe whomever you like. I couldn't care less if people stay in Amway and lose money, make fun of people trying to prospect them, or go diamond. Does Steadson care?

You bet he does. And you can bet if enough of those little conversations get out there, his benefactors may decide to switch tactics. I would if I was them.

You can draw your own conclusion about who Steadson's benefactors are.

To further illustrate my point, I noted with some amusement that a fellow Canadian doesn't seem to like David Steadson too much.

It appears we have yet another "dude" as coined by yours truly and promoted extensively by Quixtar Is A Cult.

I followed a link to Youtube from Scott Larsen's site, which took me to a Youtube video.

HNICFAN indicates he's a Canadian as well. I have to think that HNIC is referring to Hockey Night In Canada.

He looks like he'd like to drop the gloves with IBOFB right in the middle of centre ice.

Look, it's pretty obvious that yet another strategy to control and tweak information out there about Amway is yet again, an abysmal failure.

Furthermore, it is taking sceptics less and less time to realize what it took people years, then months, then days to realize. There is more bullshit than substance, and people like Bridgett and IBOFB. aren't helping the cause.

*** Please Note*** Bridgett seems to shoot off her mouth on other people's blogs most of the time. I don't know why, but I guess she doesn't want anyone in her "group" to see her participating in the defense of Amway for some reason. Yet again, another would be information controller.

Maybe fix the goddamn problems, and the information control won't be necessary.

Steadson appears to be part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.