Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"The Dream"

I got to thinking today (I occasionally do) about how people can be exploited by AMO's who promise them the world, as long as they buy into their system.

Then I started thinking about how ineffective the systems are in terms of making money. I mean really, don't you think you would know somebody if this Amway (+ insert WWDB, Yager, BRITT etc) thing really worked? Would you not hear about more of them? For goodness sake, I know a group of people who won about $50,000 each in a lottery but I have never met a "free" Amway dude. And I have met and spoken to a few diamonds, and in retrospect I don't think they were free.

Think about it. You see and hear about millionaires all the time in the media. How many of them are Amway millionaires? How many of the millionaires in Amway are actually millionaires with a net worth of over a million bucks? I would respectfully suggest that there are some who profess to be millionaires that are not, simply because telling or insinuating to people that you are a millionaire is not a tendency of a real millionaire.

How do I know? My dad is one. Several of his associates are as well. Other people who I knew growing up who were business owners are also millionaires with considerable assets. This is not up for debate, it is fact.
These wealthy people I speak of do not feel the need to lecture, have big meetings, and tell other people how to live. They also are completely free to do whatever they want, most of them simply choose to keep doing what they have been doing because they like it.

They don't have a corporation telling them how to conduct their business, they decide. They decide about every single aspect of their business and are beholden to absolutely nobody. I don't see that as true for the self professed millionaires that you find in Amway and other MLM's.

The leaders are forced to comply with rules they don't want to because the corporation imposes them upon the leader. They also have to tell prospects things they would rather not because the corporation says so. They have to deal with high priced merchandise and ridiculous shipping fees because the corporation says so.

So how's that dream sound? No thanks.

As for me & my jay-oh-bee, my wife and I are off to a tropical 5 star resort in the Caribbean next month with some great friends. I will be chucking a football, drinking, and re-connecting with my wife for a week. We are going first class white glove all the way. Get some snorkelling in, have some nice quiet evening meals, hang on the beach and just enjoy life. I don't believe that doing that all day every day is neither achievable nor good for a person. I also highly doubt people with the financial wherewithal would ever do nothing but vacation for the rest of their lives.

There seems to be a built in code with people who have a lot of money that won't allow them to do nothing but lounge. The only people you see doing that are the people who didn't earn it and they will do that until they get cut off or else blow through the money they didn't earn.

I don't believe The Dream as the Amway leaders advertise exists. Nobody in Amway right now has stepped away to enjoy the beach forever, nor do I believe they could because they must continually push their motivation on people and hold out the carrot. Frankly, the people who step away generally end up quitting later on, and you find out they stepped away because they didn't want to do this anymore.

Think about it. You invested EVERYTHING to become a diamond in Amway, and once you get there, you realize that you can't just walk away or else it will all fall apart, so you continue doing night owls, weekend seminars, and the like just to make a living. You can't walk away, because this is how you make money now, and you need to keep doing it to support your lifestyle! I don't buy into the cock and bull story that they diamonds keep returning to seminars because they care about and love the people in Amway. Not for a minute. i believe they have to, or else you would see more foreclosures on these Amway dream homes.

And they say jobs are like prisons.

No thanks Amway. No thanks WWDB. No thanks to all the people who perpetuate this (in my opinion) fallacy.

I'll live on planet earth. In the Caribbean sometimes.

And I won't have to meet some fake level to earn the right to do so. I'll just pay my own way.


Blogger Joecool said...

Spot on Rocket!

It is why it seems that young people get hooked on Amway. They think that working a job for 30-40 years is like the plague and they start to "dream" that Amway is a shortcut to wealth. The diamonds flash around their toys to display a lifestyle that seems desirable.

But you're right. Millionaires typically do not walk around proclaiming they are wealthy and they typically do not need to show off cars and boats to prove their worth. It is for that reason that I believe many diamonds are actually in debt, trying to keep up with the Joneses and portraying a lifestyle that will attract unsuspecting recruits.

Where are the Amway retirees walking the beaches of the world? If they exist, why can't anyone name a few?

13 December, 2011 15:26  
Blogger Joecool said...

P.S. Enjoy your vacation with the family!

13 December, 2011 15:27  
Blogger mlmpunisher said...

One of the best posts you've ever written! Every first night prospect should read this post and compare it to what they heard at their local "open meeting"! BOOM goes the dynamite! Have a good trip with your family indeed!

15 December, 2011 06:49  
Blogger ConnieF said...

Just ask any self proclaimed millionaire "Are you an accredited investor"? The definition is someone whose net worth exceeds $1M outside of their residence.

Anyone who doesn't know what this means isn't one. Period, end of story.

As my mother used to say about ostentatious displays of wealth "All flash and no cash".

People with real wealth don't need to impress others, much less impress others in order to steal from them. Cause that's all the Amway business model is: The upline stealing from downline IBO's.

16 December, 2011 14:07  

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