Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amway IBO's....Way Smarter than the rest of us!

I made another post over at Sahun the WWDB IBO. He talks about status and paycheck to paycheck and how his association makes him awesomer than the rest of us. Anyway, I know he won't be posting my response, so her is my reply to this post.


Let's talk about what you are saying in this article and use it with Amway in mind instead of society.

Keeping up with the Joneses is quite common in society. In Amway, buying the "tools" and attending seminars could be considered keeping up with the Joneses. If you decide you don't need those CD's, or to travel cross country to go to the next seminar, how well received would that be? Quite frankly, you could expect to be ostracized or gently chided for not following the system. Your WWDB system, by the way is by no means effective nor proven.

There are countless people who maxed out credit cards not for consumer debt, but with the encouragement of their upline. Quite frankly, there are numerous uplines who cause more harm than good. I know, I know, not YOUR upline. You have simply traded societal status for Amway status. Your choice, and I personally choose neither.

It's common knowledge that the "becoming a better person" mantra is there to cloak the fact that nobody is making the kind of money that they are expecting to make. You have numerous posts in the past year declaring your freedom in a couple months. How's that going for you? Your year could turn into 2 then 5, without ever getting any closer to your goal.

I think your financial advice is not without merit, but it's a bit rich coming from people that over promise and under deliver. What is the success rate of WWDB? I hope it's appreciably higher than Amway itself, who declare less than half of 1% ever go platinum. Yeah, those are great odds for the Plan B you are talking about. Are you truly serious? Do you expect people to think you are on to something with those dismal rates?

As far as how other people are doing, you do assume much. It comes across as arrogant and rude, which is no doubt in order to attempt to put people on the defensive rather than having a grown up factual debate on the merits of MLM and Amway in General. A debate which if based on fact and not emotion is quite easily winnable in NOT doing Amway.

You living in Alberta are actually in a populace with numerous millionaires from the oil and gas industry. I have an immediate family member who is a millionaire from the energy sector and didn't graduate from high school. Funny thing! The millionaires I know (and I know about a dozen) do not act in any way like Amway millionaires. I think it's because they don't have to prove anything to anybody but themselves. I would wager $1000 right now there are more millionaires in the energy industry alone than in Amway. Common sense would say the logical course of action is not Amway, but it's your ship! Sail it however you like!

Final thought, debt free without a house is not debt free my friend. Glad you have more disposable income to give to your upline though!

Once you BECOME financially independent you might be worth listening to. Until then.......well, whatever. 'Till then, you are just spouting off whatever is said at a seminar or on a CD. Those things are said, by the way to remind you that there is no other way than Amway. Which is bullshit. In fact, one of the worst ways in my opinion is Amway. Cutting grass and doing snow removal would be far more profitable than the VAST majority of Amway participants. It also would make one a lot less sanctimonious.

I'm glad you think that you are a better person because you have an Amway business. I doubt you started it for that, but good on ya!

I know you won't post this, so I'll just pop it over on my blog. My responses to your diatribe really illicit discussion and page rankings!

Happy weekend!


Blogger quixtarisacult said...

Rocket, looks like you shamed Shaun into posting your comment on his blog. It is so sad that few believers in the Amway Utopia ever enter therein. They end up striving in a carefully designed swindle.

18 September, 2011 06:46  

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