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Hello Again.......

Hello and welcome back! I've been pretty busy lately except for the past couple of weeks when I've been enjoying some much needed time off and took the opportunity to do a few things around the house, hang with some good friends, and got one of my eyes lasered again, since it had regressed from my surgery waaaay back when! Just so the IBO's know, I paid cash for my surgery, even though having any sort of financial acumen is impossible if you aren't listening to Amway motivational CD's.

I have a number of topics to write about, however, my first post back is a rather critical comment I posted at the blog of a current WWDB IBO who basically generalized that anyone who doesn't think Amway absolutely rules is uninformed. This also comes from someone who criticizes having a mortgage. Here's the interesting thing about having a mortgage. We bought our house 5 years ago, and had it appraised this week. Guess what? My home value has more than doubled in that time. I was likely more surprised than anyone, but there I was standing there beside myself!

I will ask you, dear and faithful Reader what you can do to get a better than 100% return on investment in the Amway world that doesn't involve the unproven motivational system? I'll let you guess at the answer. To be fair, we have done a lot of renovations and improvements to our house, but always in cash. WOW! I know not to go into debt if I don't have to and I don't even listen to motivational CD's and read the recommended books! Nor do I travel and pay money to listen to the soothsayers speak. How can that be?

To top it all off, I'm also pretty good looking with a hot wife and a great bunch of kids. Try to contain your jealousy.

I posted this comment over at Expeditions of Truth when he wrote a post about Amway & the Detroit Red Wings and since I doubted at the time it would be published, I've copy & pasted it here. Anyone is free to comment, unlike other websites.

Jesus Guthrie, you come across as a pretty pompous ass on this one

1. People not liking Amway doesn't make them ignorant. You are the first to bristle if someone challenges your opinion on liking it. Hypocrite much?

2. Just being around since 1959 doesn't mean it's good. The present Cuban government has been around since the revolution in 1959. Does that make it the best government in the world?

3. Please show just one little link from the BBB(***EDIT - I meant to write FTC....I think my point is still valid****)which states that Amway is the preferred model to follow when it comes to MLM. You can't because the BBB has never stated that. They have stated that as longas there is product selling it isn't a pyramid, which is why Amway had the 10 customer rule which in my experience was NEVER followed, and I suspect today it is seldom followed due to poor value in the products. (ie. they cost a shitload of money for no apparent reason. Don't forget the shipping too!

4. It's not old school to call Amway names and consider it a pyramid. I do both and I've been around it a lot longer than you have. I consider being gung ho about Amway brainwashed, but I don't go around like Foghorn Leghorn about it like you are in this post.

5. So the only negative is from people who are uneducated? Rather sweeping statement, yes? If it's OK, then I will just call everyone in Amway a brainwashed fool since sweeping statements are OK by your example. And Amway's image still is in the toilet. Any significant growth is NOT in North America.

6. So if you are in Amway you automatically have integrity? You really believe that? How would one know someone with integrity for certain? Are we to assume that all WWDB folks have integrity? 'Cause I know that ain't true, Chief. You should know better too, you just have lost all critical thinking skills and have over invested in this rinky dink business thinking it's your only chance at success. Bad move.

7. By your logic, I should ask someone with a financial stake in a company if it's a good company. So if my banker says I should invest in certain investments because they are good (and he makes commission by selling it to me) does that make it a good idea? It does not. The same logic can be applied to Amway man. You need to think about it. You really do.

8. What types of "benefits" can we expect to see because the Detroit Red Wings are "using" the Nutrilite vitamins? Faster? Stronger? These are elite athletes man. Don't you think if the vitamins were all they were hyped to be they would be using them already? Ironically, those millionaire hockey players will likely get a better deal on those shitty vitamins than you!

I'll let you in on a little secret and give you some excellent advice. Go off system for 3 months and see if you still feel the same way. See if your upline still loves you and tells you you are the best and on fire!

I doubt you'll post this, and that's OK I'll just post it on my blog. This one really struck a nerve with me, and I'm sure your friends have noticed a solid difference in you, not necessarily for the better either. You are progressing as most IBO's do.

You didn't post my last comment when I told you that I didn't need to be on some motivational system to spend less than you earn. Nice! Your blog, so you can do what you like! In my experience, not being open to disagreement and controlling information is a hallmark MLM trait! Check out the Amthrax blog and you'll see a case study in a person that I'm sure WWDB had speaking on their stages!

Enjoy the long weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great remarks, Rocket. I expect "crickets" in response!


P.S. No longer in WWDB and happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser for it.

P.P.S. No, WWDB did not "make me a better person" (it made we worse...but I'm thankfully recovering).

03 September, 2011 12:49  
Blogger rocket said...

Thanks for the comment Daniel. How long were you in and did you go "all in" to the system?

In what way did WWDB make you worse? That intrigues me because most people I've known who get into a motivational system change......seldom for the better.

03 September, 2011 16:51  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Shaun almost blew a gasket when I pointed out that double x vitamins have some synthetic ingredients in it, per the double x label.

03 September, 2011 19:40  
Anonymous Joecool said...

What the Amway IBO rules of conduct
says about IBOs referring to the BBB:

Better Business Bureau Membership The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not permit the use of its name in connection with advertising for products or services. The BBB name and symbol are federally registered service marks and, hence, using its name or symbol without permission may violate federal law.

You should not use the name or seal of the BBB in any printed materials that go to the general public or in advertisements, nor should you represent or imply to the public, either orally or in writing, that Amway or its products or services are endorsed by the BBB.

This includes asking a prospective IBO or registered customer, or other customer to call the BBB as a reference. Such a request is viewed by the BBB as an implied endorsement, which is impermissible.

IBOs who are members of a local BBB may display membership plaques,certificates, or decals in their offices that are issued by the BBB for this purpose. They may also notify their downline IBOs, through a bulletin or letter that goes only to IBOs, of the fact that they are a member of a BBB.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (CBBB), of which Amway is a member, has provided a fact sheet about Amway to more than 140local BBBs. Thus, local BBBs that are members of the CBBB are prepared to answer questions from the membership or the general public about Amway.

Local BBBs that are not members of the CBBB can secure such data from the West Michigan BBB, which maintains current information on Amway.

03 September, 2011 19:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocket asked: "How long were you in and did you go "all in" to the system?" And: "In what way did WWDB make you worse? That intrigues me because most people I've known who get into a motivational system change......seldom for the better."

I got in circa 1993, and really "bought in" to the system for about 10 years - was never able to sponsor many people who weren't friends or family, but did spent a small fortune on "tools" and functions - I was one of the old school WWDBers beleiving that WWDB was a non-profit organization, that no one made a dime off the sale of "tools" and functions, and that I would become "wealthy" first through the osmosis of "positive" - from "mind power" and "speaking" success into existence vis a vis tapes, books, and functions, all which would materialize one day into a Crown Ambassadorship. "Think and Grow Rich", right?

You can't serve both God and Mammon - and what WWDB does, without irony or self-consciousness, is dress up the worship of Mammon with the trappings of God. And that is what makes it (and other AMOs) IMHO, that neatly sums up how WWDB makes you a worse person. It comes offering you a "secret" to success that will help you rule over the hoi polloi - exactly why it attracts sociopaths like Greg Duncan and Dean Kosage.

The Devil usually comes disguised as an angel of light, right? Amway is very slick stuff that appeals to the worst in human nature.


03 September, 2011 23:20  
Blogger rocket said...

Daniel, thank you so much for sharing your perspectives and experience. I really appreciate your comments, and wish you well on your road to recovery if you already aren't well on your way. You will be an excellent resource for any WWDB topics that arise.

All the best!

03 September, 2011 23:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocket, thank you - I've never been better. I am now make lots of money as a self-employed person (go figure, learned how to do it that without books, tapes, functions, overpriced products, and Brad Wolgammott), and like you, have a hot wife and a bunch of great kids!


04 September, 2011 00:00  
Blogger Joecool said...

It would seem that despite what amway supporters claim, WWDN has not changed at all. Shaun is being systematically brainwashed with the same stuff they taught in the 1990's. Buy homes in cash, debt free (even though you rent), FTC endorses Amway, etc.

Funny how Shaun censors honest comments on his blog like other zealots.

He likes to talk about being debt free but doesn't mention that he sold his home and cashed in his 401retirement fund to do that. It sure doesn't appear that his Amway income is responsible for the things he is advocating.

I don't criticise him for trying to make things better for his family but I fear he os sold out on Amway and may end up like my former sponsor. My former sponsor has been active since 1993. He went gold/platinum way back in 1995 or so but has since fallen out and is around 2500 PV last I heard. He ha lost many friends in the process and mostly has his superficial Amway friends now.

It's sad and a waste of life, which if why Joecool keeps blogging, to prevent this from happening.

04 September, 2011 01:19  

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