Monday, September 12, 2005

I Can See Clearly Now

In June this year I had laser eye surgery. It was a big decision I made, and I ensured that I had lost any apprehensions before I decided to go through with it.

Before the procedure, I had several choices to make. First of all, I had to decide whether I wanted to have a thin flap of tissue cut across my eye for the laser to get easier access to my eyeball. The pro was, it creates very little scar tissue which may hamper your vision after the healing is done. Not common, but not exactly uncommon either.

Flap of tissue it is.

Then I had to decide whether an extremely sharp razor blade was going to do it, or, for an extra $250 an eye, a laser would do it. The pro for the laser was if something wrong did happen, it will shut down the computer program faster than any human could respond, thus preventing any permanent damage. The CON for the razor - A razor is cutting a flap of tissue away from your eye.

The procedure with the laser cutting flap and the instrument the Dr. used was to give me what's called "high definition vision".

My vision problem was I had astigmatism, which means my eyeball was not completely round, and the images projected to my brain from my eye were distorted because of it (ie. fuzzy). My left eye was pretty bad, but the right eye was just a bit off kilter. I needed glasses to drive and watch TV from a distance. It was also no fun playing hockey unless I was wearing contacts, which were about as reliable as the weather.

So in I went and got it done. I could have went to a discount place and had it done for $3000 Canadian. I decided to go with a guy recommended by my company's Dr. and it cost $4500 Canadian. These are my eyes for God's sake. I'm not going to nickel and dime it here.

Bottom line.......20-15 binocular vision.

Best $4500 spent...........ever.

The next morning was absolutely astounding. I could see individual twigs and leaves on trees from my hotel room. I could see everything clearly when I was showering. My first order of business was to go buy an excellent pair of sunglasses, as I always had to get prescription or else the inserts that hook over your normal glasses. I got a pair of Ray Bans for $200. My wife was happy for me, and even now we have little contests to see who can read the sign fastest when we are approaching it.

My point? Next post................


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