Tuesday, September 06, 2005

J-O-B Stealing My Dream

Didn't post yesterday. Things have been ridiculous at work. My dream of having a cool blog is being stolen in order to provide sustenance to my family. Overtime rocks when you get it. Before anyone even thinks "Oh, yeah, but you get it all taxed more" be quiet. You still get more money, even if you get into a higher tax brackett. That's Stinkin' Thinkin'!

I did, however, make a couple drafts on some things I think are interesting. Doesn't help anyone right now, and my drafts + a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee.

If anyone knows how to delete comments (Imran?) could you let me know? I turned on word verification to not get spam from my good friend the auto insurance provider again. Seriously, I don't know that guy :0(

My mom's birthday is coming up as well, and my sister who lives in Iowa and I are planning a big get together with family members up here in Canada. That also takes time. With winter coming, things will ease up at work, so hopefully this won't be a common thing.

I encourage you all to have a bit of an early thanksgiving this week. I know you crazy Americans have Thanksgiving in November (!) but let's al be thankful for what we have, and hope that everything that can be done happens for those who've been affected by the hurricane. If you're into praying, I think they'd appreciate a word to the man upstairs on their behalf.

By The Way, Saskatchewan Roughriders humiliated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the football game. Ahh Saskatchewan......Hard to spell, easy to draw.


Blogger Loser said...

Oh lol, sorry bud, looks like you got it figured out :)

There is a 'trash' icon to delete comments.

10 September, 2005 14:19  

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