Sunday, September 04, 2005

Banjo Bowl!

I have to watch the Banjo Bowl Classic today. It's CFL football at it's finest. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders play each other every Labour Day Weekend. An intense rivalry developed, and a few years ago, the kicker for the Bombers, Troy Westwood, thought it a bright move to advise everyone watching the news that Saskatchewan fans were a bunch of banjo plucking hillbillies. It just stuck. I do enjoy watching both teams as I consider myself a CFL fan, not a fan of any particular team. Take a click on the link to CFL on the right later on to check out the results! Go ahead! I don't mind. Me casa Su casa.

Good to hear Alticor is helping out the flood victims by matching all IBO, and employee donations up to $250,000. That's pretty honorable from a company that is, in my opinion, not so honorable. I do respect the fact that they are helping others (that aren't diamond level). Just don't let any of the "leaders" be in charge of disseminating the money to the cause. I'm not kidding.

I would like to apologize to all of my friends south of the 49th parallell for the typical non-active Canadian response. At least your country's leader will do something, even if its considered wrong by many. Not ours. He's been given the handle of "Mr. Dithers" by the press.

Still working on making this website a bit more fashionable, since it seems to look pretty stark in contrast to many other blogs. I'm going to be adding a few more Crapway/Quixtar sites on the side bar with links. I'm also going to be making word links, or whatever the hell they're called.

I am trying to think of a weekly thingamabob, kinda like QBlog's Farcial Help Desk, which was quite cool this past week. You just know you're in for a treat when you get:

"SA8 With Bioquest is a magnificent value. Consider yourself lucky to even be allowed to use it."

Anyone with any ideas, throw it out. Jeez, it's hard thinking about what you can do to make it a great site without copying an idea or just plain sucking at blogging.

Fret not, my good friend(s?) I will come up with something.

Better go. Wanna watch the kickoff soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger David Robison said...

Howdy Rocket,

Welcome to the blogging community.

Don't worry about format too much, it will evolve.

I know you got the potential to be a great blogger; it's obvious by your comments at other blogs, that you have stuff to say, and no problem with expressing yourself.

Treat your blog, like posting a comment, say what's on your mind, be damned what anyone thinks, and your readers will show up.


05 September, 2005 15:26  

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