Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Interesting Statement by Quixtar

"Quixtar provides safeguards to ensure a positive experience for consumers and IBOs, including money-back guarantees"

Found this on the Quixtar website under the Facts about Quixtar heading. It really interested me, simply because it doesn't seem to match up with what all the people who decide to terminate their "business" say.

Firstly, what safeguards are in place? I know there is a money back guarantee on the products, but that's not really what I'm referring to.

Who is responsible for ensuring this positive experience? What would be considered a positive experience in Quixtar? I assume that the motivational rallies can't be considered a positive experience created by Quixtar, since that is not Quixtar. It's a separate motivational business.

Anyone I know who is not in Amway or Quixtar quit doing it because something wasn't right about their involvement, otherwise they'd still be in.

I don't know if the adage "everything ends bad, otherwise it wouldn't end" applies here. It seems like not too many people quit doing this "business" when it's going well.

If it hadn't ended, these people would be worse off if their business had continued, since virtually all of them were losing money doing it. I say virtually because I honestly don't know anybody personally who made any kind of significant financial gain through Amway or Quixtar.

AND......nobody seems to be all that impressed when they find out that the majority of the diamond lifestyle appears to be through the movement of motivational tools. Is that something separate from the corporation?

To me, if somebody is representing Quixtar, then Quixtar would probably not be too happy with them taking actions to give them a bad name. The tools scam is really what seems to bother people, aside from the premium prices.

I wonder what the safeguards are?

They don't seem to be working.


Blogger Loser said...

There money back guarantee is not as reliable as it was!

10 September, 2005 14:20  

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