Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Apologies

Still really busy at work lately. I got the upcoming weekend off, so I'll try to give you something to mull over then.

I still haven't had time to really figure out this blogging business, but I am committed to learn. The dial up is really freaking me out and I can't wait to be back on DSL soon. The year is 2005. You'd think it wouldn't be so scarce.

Still checking out different computers, and am really looking forward to a new one this or next month. We live in kind of an isolated area, so when we do make trips into the city, it's usually an extensive schedule. On a typical trip in we'll:

1. Take in our SUV for servicing
2. Take in our Bichon Frise for grooming
3. Hit Costco
4. Have a great meal at a nice restaurant like Red Lobster (In Canada, Red Lobster is not trashy and dingy like the ones I've been to in the states.)
5. Get photos printed
6. Get any and all hardware we may need soon (lightbulbs, cleaning products, nails, yard care items)
7. Usually end up at home again late at night exausted.

As you can see, we really don't have much that we are able to buy at home. We have one store which hardly EVER has fresh produce. If you have ever seen the show "North Of 60", that pretty much sums it up. Fresh produce is an hour away, but even there is not much more than that. It's a good 2 hour drive to get to a city that you can get everything accomplished in.

But I do suppose there are others out there with heavier crosses to bear.


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