Saturday, September 10, 2005

What would it take?

This post is simply a question that I want to pose to ANY Quixtar IBO who may be reading this.

What would you have to hear, see, or experience that would change your mind about being involved in Quixtar?

If you are an ex IBO, what was it that changed your mind about being involved with Quixtar?

I'll be fair. What I would need to see, hear or experience to change my viewpoints about Quixtar:

  • The motivational tools are NOT the primary source of income for the leaders.
  • The products were REASONABLY priced
  • There was no negative stigma attached to MLM in general.
  • The products were not cumbersome to order
  • It was more essential to move product then purchase motivation
  • There was no "holier than thou" attitude about people who don't wish to become involved.

That's just a sample of what it would take for me to change my viewpoint. If there is anyone out there who can show me this is possible, I'd love to hear from you.


Blogger Loser said...

What changed my mind was:

- Missed two US seminars. Border restriction. We were not citizen then. Then we moved our house, was out of touch and decided we won't do it. My upline begging sealed the deal.

- What current IBOs need to hear? I dunno. I enver read any blog online while I was in. In fact, quixtarBlog didn't have as high google ranking as now. There weren't many website. is much readible now. Wasn't so back then. And MLM S is still yucky! So is there forum. Can't follow it.

If an IBO stubmles into quixtarBlog or MLM Blog etc. I think what they'll read is sufficient. If the stumbles.

10 September, 2005 14:17  

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