Thursday, May 05, 2011

WWDB and High Horses - Debt

Been busy. I'm going to be starting a series on the commonalities shared within Amway Motivational Organizations, and sharing my thoughts and beliefs for the rationale behind what is taught to IBO's. Today's topic is:


First of all, everyone needs shelter. Whether you are renting or have a mortgage, you still pay. If you are renting, you are NOT NOT NOT debt free. A mortgage paid off is debt free, but as long as you are renting, you will be beholden to someone else. They can sell out from under you, then you will be looking and hoping someone lets you rent from them somewhere else. Whether you are paying rent or a mortgage, unless you have a house paid for, you are not debt free. Saying you are doesn't make it so. Frankly, it makes one look silly and blind to facts.

Freedom while renting? Methinks not. What makes all of this particularly rich is that this is coming from leaders who would undoubtedly recommend you sign up and hyper-consume motivation from his upline if you chose to get into Amway today! Get CORE! That's the ticket to freedom!

Amway leaders likely have no problem with you going into debt in order to buy their motivation or be CORE. In fact, they are instrumental in getting you to (falsely) see that one needs to invest in seminars, CD's, meetings, and travel to make more money. This flies in the face of watching your bottom line, except for the upline it makes them a tidy sum.

I have personally heard leaders speaking from stage about how they maxed out credit cards on their trip to Amway success.

What most people would conclude if they knew the circumstances is that these motivational organizations like WWDB and Yager, Britt etc. have one very common denominator. Here it is:

They will preach about you getting out of debt but in my opinion, their reasons are to protect your disposable income so you can purchase their motivation.

Find me a financial advisor who thinks renting is better than owning.

Good advice? I don't think so.

Self serving? Quite Likely.

That's why I believe organizations like WWDB teach to get out of debt. Not 'cause it's good for the IBO necessarily.

It seems to sure pay off for the Motivational Organization.

See you soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, it appears AMOs attract a disproportionate number of people who could least afford to go into debt. I sincerely -- but sadly doubt -- most will wake up before it's too late.

05 May, 2011 21:22  
Blogger mlmpunisher said...

Rocket... Welcome back! Good post, and you couldn't be more right! There is for sure a method to their madness, and why they "teach" what they do from stage. The sad fact of the matter, like Amthrax just stated, is that all too many realize this far to late, and thousands of dollars later!

06 May, 2011 09:41  
Blogger Peter Reilly said...

I just did a comprehensive post in my tax blog on how IBO's have done fighting the IRS in tax court. Not well

15 June, 2011 20:44  

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