Thursday, January 06, 2011

Open Question to any IBO...Any IBO at all

My questions to anyone in WWDB, InterNet, LTD etc. etc. .....

Who has built a house in cash recently based on Amway income?

Who has retired for 5 years and received consistent income based on the sale of Amway products through their group?

Show me! Make me a believer!

'Cause there hasn't been anything yet that would make me believe the things IBO's say are both achievable and consistent.


Blogger mlmpunisher said...

And the silence is deafening......

08 January, 2011 10:35  
Blogger rocket said...

I know. It was expected. I'm pretty sure nobody like that exists.

Too bad that it makes a lot of the defenders and current IBO's look dishonest, feeble minded, or both.

One only needs to go and read what gung ho IBO's say when defending Amway to prove my point..

08 January, 2011 11:37  
Blogger Joecool said...

I think Bridgett Baron is creepy. She makes unbased accusations and then disappears when call out on her claims. She claims to be a "prayer warrior" at her church but displays a deal of hatred towards people who don't think WWDB is the greates organization around. She participates on a WWDB blog that exposes the fact that mostly everything she denies is still being taught by the same unethical leaders.

She has been caught trying to pass off fake names to strengthen her point. It's documented on the Qblog forum and she continues to accuse Joecool of doing the same thing but offer not a single shred of evidence. IBOFB/David Steadson has done the same thing and he too has offered no shred of evidence.

These two and their merry band of idiots keep making false accusations about me with no proof. I will state for the record here that the only blogs I manage are Amway the dream or scheme and the facts about the amway global opporunity.

IBOFB/David Steadson and Bridgett Baron should either put up or STFU.

09 January, 2011 00:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are people who have done this. And to know the names please meet any IBO who can answer you face to face.
I particularly dont like Amway and have tried it once, but I have met more than 5-6 guys who have actually left a job for past 9 years.
Forget about diamonds, I know a Saffire who has got a Lexus paid in cash.
You are not getting the reply to this blog by any IBO is because they dont even care to look at these kind of blogs. They are programmed to do so.

04 March, 2011 13:18  

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