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Sold Out!


Dino Baskovic from Amway is on the case. I'm curious top see what the Corporation's stance is on this

I was reading over at Expeditions of Truth on a post created on November 6th in which the following claim is made about Dream Night.

"Well Dream Night Tickets went on sale Thursday and within 60 minutes the event which holds I believe 1200 to 1300 people was sold out."

That sounded really suspicious to me (I'm quite certain nobody gets turned away at these events) so I went over to the World Wide Dream Builders website. I also wanted to see if I could determine the ticket prices, but you have to be an IBO to do so. I didn't find the ticket prices, but I did come across a pretty compelling view on the functions being held January 5th, 7th, and 8th. It would appear that you can still buy tickets for these events, all of them. Check out the shot I took on Nov. 9th at the top!

So who is going around saying that these events are sold out? Upline? WWDB themselves? Are they really sold out? I have no answers to any of these questions. If I knew who to ask, I would. Alas, I am not allowed to have my comments published over at Expedition of Truths anymore.

All I know is that Dream Night appears to be happening in Edmonton on Wednesday Jan 5th, then Friday, Jan 7th. Then Saturday Jan. 8th it's being held again in Calgary.

I also have a sneaking suspicion (I could be wrong) that all three events will be attended by primarily the same people since Calgary is only a few short hours from Edmonton.

I wonder if you can get a discount on the ticket prices when you attend all 3 events?

Looks like the trip will be well worth it for whomever is speaking! I wonder if the keynote speakers are the same for all 3?

I hope they are going to change things up a bit for each show. Could get fairly repetitive otherwise.


Blogger Tex said...

I doubt the same people will attend more than one event, I've never heard of that happening before.

Also, they could be selling out the original capacity, then expanding it to include additional area and more people.

However, we both know these are NOT the major issue, the major issue is the Amway Tool Scam. I encourage you to read recent updates at

10 November, 2010 19:56  
Blogger Joecool said...

As I said, I don't think these events can ever sell out. If there are enough suckers to buy tickets, they'll cram them in or schedule another "dream night".

12 November, 2010 11:23  
Anonymous Shaun said...

Rocket, thanks for being deceptive on your blog. If you actually looked in the correct location or actually TRIED to purchase tickets you would have seen they are sold out. Yes I too can produce even to this date the SAME screenshot you have done. However if you actually went into the event and clicked attend you'd see it actually shows SOLD OUT. This only shows proof of how you are always out to try and discredit people when there is no discredit to have happen. And you wonder why your no longer allowed to post comments on my blog. Good show of character...

12 November, 2010 16:42  
Blogger rocket said...

No deception implied nor intended dude.

Did you read it?

"So who is going around saying that these events are sold out? Upline? WWDB themselves? Are they really sold out? I have no answers to any of these questions."

I don't have the answers. You could tell people what function tickets cost, yet tell them to check it out on WWDB website knowing full well you need to be an IBO to get that info. I'm not an IBO, so I can't purchase a ticket. Get it?

I'm not discrediting anyone. I'm simply pointing out things that didn't add up to me. You weren't interesting in discussing it, that much is clear.

Thanks for the comment, I do welcome differing opinions. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. If I wanted to be right all the time I certainly wouldn't allow everyone to post their views like you have just done.

Can you say the same?

12 November, 2010 17:05  
Anonymous Shaun said...

You have no answers and nor should you, your not part of World Wide Dreambuilders so why do you care?

That would be like you asking me if our Christmas Party at my current place of employment is sold out and how much the tickets cost. There is no need for you to know.

I've corrected your discredited post on my own blog.

12 November, 2010 17:12  
Blogger rocket said...

Where would I find the answers Shaun?

Someone asked quite clearly what the price wouldn't say. If that's being hidden what else is?

You are of course aware that function/tool profiting is a rather sensitive point to some critics, no?

I made it clear I had no answers, and I certainly didn't regurgitate anything. My research led me to WWDB website, and since the info there isn't available, I wrote on what was there. I don't think I ever implied it as gospel...wait I'll check again, hang on a sec.......Nope. I didn't.

I see you've corrected the attendance to be around 850 instead of 1200-1300.

No biggie, only about a 33% exaggeration.

Thanks for setting me straight! I certainly am cool with 2 way communication.

You want to know why I care? I have good reasons. Would you like to hear them? You may not like the answers.

Do you really think comparing a "business function" to a Christmas Party is a fair comparison?

Maybe if there wasn't so much secrecy with system costs (including functions like these) then maybe there wouldn't be such suspicion associated with it.

You're in a controversial business. What can I say?

i will be sure to include a second update referring to your blog to clear the air if that's OK with you?

12 November, 2010 17:26  
Blogger rocket said...

Oh, I forgot to ask.

Are you going to more than one dream night Shaun?

12 November, 2010 17:37  
Blogger Tex said...

Shaun is an LCK in training. He is getting good at lying. LOL

12 November, 2010 23:15  
Blogger Tex said...

I met Dino in Prague in 2008. At that time, he was a consultant, he's now an Amway employee, as far as I can tell. Like the rest of Amway, he's a "nice guy," but I don't trust him, he can't/won't answer a straight question with a straight answer.

13 November, 2010 04:15  
Anonymous Steve said...

Hi Rocket,

I can tell you plainly that many of the seats that are purchased for every WWDB event are purchased in advance by IBO's who intend to find people to fill them later.

This is a practice promoted by upline to cause a fear of loss on one end and create a sense of growth and excitement on the other.

IBO's are encouraged to decide how many tables they will fill at Dream Night(typically eight seats), then buy them the minute tickets go on sale and show the rest of the country how different things are on your team and in your city.

Upline from other cities can then point to the "Sold Out" function and charge up the troops with the common chant of, "if they can do it - you can too!"

Like much of what WWDB teaches, it is based on speaking it into existence, priming the pump, and faking it 'til you make it.

Of course, many don't make it, and often these tickets from the "Sold Out" function are then returned or put up for resale at the situation table the day of the event.

In the end, many tickets are ultimately given away or go unused completely.

PS: The cost hasn't changed in years... it is still $66 per person, US Funds.

13 November, 2010 21:04  
Blogger rocket said...

Thanks Steve! Much appreciated.

13 November, 2010 23:02  
Blogger Joecool said...

Wow, based on Steve's comment, it sounds like nothing in WWDB has changed in about 14 years, contrary to the BS spouted by Bridgett Baron. Either she is not very bright or she simply cannot understand the truth? :-)

14 November, 2010 01:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sold out for 1200 or 1500 seats, means nothing! I remember when LOS's had much larger arenas. I think the big item here is the low attendance compare to years ago.


14 November, 2010 03:44  
Blogger rocket said...

Yeah, I remember Rexall Place being used for these functions back in the mid 90's. It was not completely filled, but there were thousands of people.

That was in the Mark Crawford (EDC) Organization which had a diamond (who later quit) and has since left Amway.

That's another strike the Alberta market has, in that Amway has been & gone already. The hype was huge, and they also were building with "integrity".

14 November, 2010 11:44  
Blogger Joecool said...

Prior to my involvement as an IBO, my then sponsor was bragging about an FED function at the Seattle Kingdome, which sat 50,000 people but probably sat many more because they also put chaits down where the football field was.

15 November, 2010 12:18  
Blogger Tex said...

Too bad they didn't demolish the Amway Tool Scam when they demolished the Kingdome:

15 November, 2010 13:15  

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