Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Have a Friend....

I would consider him one of my best friends. He was involved in Amway for 5 years, then in Monavie for 1 year.

He's not in either one anymore, but he isn't angry and doesn't consider himself a failure. He reached a significant level in Amway (when I say significant level, I refer to Q-12 Platinum and above, not a low level pin like David Steadson aka IBOFB).

While he was active in the business, he was committed as could be. He went to the meetings, was on system, and did whatever it took. If anyone could build the business in North America, I truly believe it would have been him. He's a great man, and a fantastic human being in general. I like him.

Since he discovered who the Rocket is, he's asked a number of questions about my experience, and I in turn have asked him questions about his experience with Amway and being a part of Monavie, as well as TEAM.

There will be more about this in future posts to come, but the one thing that will stay with me is when he told me how he felt when he threw out his TEAM CD's. He looked at the huge pile and mentally added up the value, and did a mental head shake.

He also spoke of how utterly devastating the Dateline NBC report on Quixtar & Amway was. It was nice to hear a very frank commentary from someone. It was the first time I heard from anyone involved just how much that hurt the business.

I've told him my views (I think he already knew them) and he understands why I feel the way I do. In fact, I think he agrees with my opinions to a point.

He is my friend and I've always liked him despite the fact that he was involved in something I have a personal problem with.

I look forward to sharing what he wants me to share about his experience. If you have any questions for a former higher pin Amway IBO who left with TEAM, and then left TEAM and Monavie, drop a comment. I'm sure he won't mind.

I'll create posts answering any questions you have about Amway and TEAM from his perspective.

I think that would be nice, don't you?


Anonymous Amthrax said...

Very interested in hearing your friend's opinion. I've been very negative towards TEAM and MonaVie in general because I see the organization and leadership preying on people's hopes and dreams with a financial vehicle that stats show isn't very good.

You said that your friend isn't angry yet he did a mental headshake when throwing out his tools.

1) How does he feel toward the leadership, esp. Orrin Woodward?

2) What are his regrets and what positives does he take away from the experience?

3) If he had to do it over again, would he have spent 6 years in Amway, MonaVie and TEAM?

03 April, 2010 16:31  
Blogger Tex said...

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03 April, 2010 19:34  
Anonymous Amthrax said...

Also, what's the line at which his opinions differ from yours?

04 April, 2010 15:04  
Anonymous Shaun said...

Why wouldn't your friend create his own blog or make his own postings? Why does he have to go through you? Just curious.

I'm curious why at Q-12 Platinum he would quit. Did he have a bad LOS? I find a lot of why people stop building this business is because of LOS issues and not really with Amway or training systems.

I think that`s a shame as there are a lot of great people out there, however there are a lot of idiots out there as well that give what we do a bad name because of their lack of integrity.

05 April, 2010 01:01  
Blogger Joecool said...

This is possibly a significant event. Yet another significant pin drops out. I believe it's been shown quite clearly that Q12 is not that lucrative if you are sold out on the "system". I lok forward to future posts about this.

05 April, 2010 12:07  
Blogger rocket said...

Shaun, in response to your questions, there's a few reasons.

1. I have an established readership here. I'm linked from other websites. Therefore, if he has a message that IBO's want to hear, then it will get more exposure through this site as opposed to him creating his own and developing it.

That will be interesting to hear why he quit at Q-12 won't it!

In response to his LOS, NOBODY believes they have a bad LOS. Yager LOS will criticize BRITT, who criticize WWDB etc... Every IBO thinks their line is the most ethical and best.

Yes, there are idiots out there accused of lacking integrity. There's reasons for this, but the predominant ones are tools pushing, doing the mysterioius meeting invites, and stretch weeks to reach a pin, not to mention the extreme peer pressure to be CORE.

This is not a new occurrence by any means. It's happened LOTS.

New posts to follow soon! Stay tuned!

05 April, 2010 12:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading this as well since this sounds like my story. I was also with TEAM/Quixtar for about 5 yrs, achieved Q12 Platinum, left when TEAM left, and then also did Monavie for 1 year with TEAM before stepping down from my leadership position. Interested to see if your "friends" reasons were some of the same as mine

08 April, 2010 22:30  
Blogger Tex said...

Here's the BIG news:

21 April, 2010 14:22  
Anonymous Amthrax said...

Any updates from your friend?

27 June, 2010 21:39  

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