Saturday, September 05, 2009

IBOFightback aka David Steadson does it again

Well, it's happened again. This post is a feeble attempt by Steadson to suggest Amway is a profitable business venture.

Joecool has written an excellent article debunking this pathetic attempt at making Amway appear acceptable, and he beat me to the punch with the more realistic facts.

David Steadson makes himself look like quite the ass to anyone who knows what's going on in Amway with his closing statement summarizing his post

"Amway IBOs get all their products free plus extra cash!"

If that were true, Amway would be A LOT more popular in North America than being the perpetual running joke that it is. Just think about it for a minute, and let the absurdity sink in.

"Amway IBOs get all their products free plus extra cash!"

Why Amway allows this guy to perpetuate fallacies about their business I'll never know, unless they're in cahoots with him. They deny it, so that can't possibly be the case.

To top it all off, the best information that the critics have right now is that David Steadson is a nothing 100PV IBO. Sure, maybe he did have a platinum business at one point. If that's the case, why not do it again?

I just get a kick out of how Steadson is always saying how easy it is, and how he suggests people who question the high prices and business model are

Funny thing is, I could match Steadson's level in Amway within a week just by buying products! An 100 PV expert on the matter it does not make him.

I do hope Amway allows him to continue, it makes it easier
to see what the business is truly all about.

I've got quite a bit going on in my life right now, and I apologize for the lack of posts. See you soon!


Blogger quixtarisacult said...

Steadson's lying in order to promote a swindle is intent to defraud others into joining the same swindle; significantly a crime in most jurisdictions. What keeps this swindle going forward is that it is always disguised as a business. Hmmmm? Significatly, that is how Bernie Madoff disguised his Ponzi investment scheme.

07 September, 2009 11:49  
Blogger Joecool said...

If IBOFightback only hit 100 PV in 2008 and lost his previous business in a divorce, he must have told some falsehoods (lies) when he was posting on the Quixtar blog and on other websites.

07 September, 2009 13:46  

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