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Who Is Brian Herosian?


Scott Larsen has posted a portion of the video on YouTube!


Update #2 Here is the original video

Well, based on my last post, I guess what needs to be established is who Brian Herosian is. It isn't very obvious based on the video, but Mr. Herosian is an EDC in the Amway business. I found it interesting how he never spoke of Amway or Quixtar, just Herosian Enterprises Limited.

First of all, he was a defensive back in the Canadian Football League. Nothing wrong with that at all, that's for sure. Personally, I admire all the athletes in the CFL, because for the most part, they are blue collar athletes who play for the love of the game. There are no multi million dollar contracts in the CFL, and if you are one of the elite, you are making a quarter million a year or a bit more. He was playing in the CFL before I was born, but he obviously was a professional athlete. I respect that tremendously.

It would appear that Brian Herosian is still serious about being an athlete, as he is shown on Pro-Fitness Training's website.

I first learned about Brian Herosian back in July of 2005 when a commenter on Quixtar Blog's Backbone Project named Gary spoke of Brian Herosian. His comment is near the bottom of the page, about a year after the post.

According to Gary, Brian Herosian once told him that "this business is just tough enough to keep the wimps out"

I did a bit of digging back then, and I found another commenter who gave this address for Herosian's website, along with the user name of BBH and password of EAGLE. Go ahead and check it out. Lots of interesting stuff there, although, I must admit, it isn't very current.

His new website is much nicer, but password protected. If anyone would care to share the password, feel free to drop me a line. Email address is to the right.

According to Amway Wiki, Mr. Herosian is an EDC who lives in Headingly, Manitoba. It's a community just outside of Winnipeg.

So really, what was the point of all this? I dunno, I suppose it was just to demonstrate how many of the same one liners are spoken about. It was also interesting how some principles of persuasion are used. He used uncertainty to instill fear in people about losing their job when he talks about loding his job. He also attempted to take it away near the end by not being able to promise them anything, and insinuating that some people don't get through the interview after the process.

I'm not sure where the 1 out of every 100 graduates retires wealthy tidbit comes from. I would LOVE to see the study which supports that claim.

Again with the dreams though. 7-10 hours a week for the next 2-5 years to make a 6 figure income. Doesn't take skill or talent, just a dream. You have to change your thinking though.

This is all sounding very familiar though. Paradigm, networking, distribution, Robert Kiyosaki, change the way you think, system in place, direct fulfillment, auto replenishment, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The difference here is that Amway rules knows about this. I'm sure the video and website will soon be gone, but what happened?

What would other EDC's who are doing this learning if the outcome for breaking the rules about income claims is not known?

How can Amway stop this? Anyone? Anyone?

Does Amway want to stop this? You'd think they would, since this is a case study of why their reputation is where it is.

What can Amway do, if this would in fact be considered a rules violation? In my opinion, the income claim of 6 figures in 2-5 years with 7 - 10 hours a week of effort is misleading, and not typical. The fact that Amway isn't even mentioned also bothers me.

So. That's Brian Herosian.


Blogger quixtarisacult said...

Brian P.T. Barnum Herosian? Hmmmm?

27 March, 2009 12:16  
Blogger Loser said...

Check this out, if you haven't already

28 March, 2009 12:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can you send me the .flv file? The youtube one is down. I saw your post too late.

Scott Larsen

29 March, 2009 03:03  
Blogger Imanewme said...

Hi Rocket. Long time no see.

05 April, 2009 20:31  
Blogger David Robison said...

Hi Rocket, this is non-related to your post, but help a brother out, will ya?

06 April, 2009 22:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video

03 May, 2009 08:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new link

03 May, 2009 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You remind me of all the spectators that conveniently sit on the stands. Never do they get in the game, because they don't have what it takes. Instead of leaving it like that, they hide behind pseudo intelligent statements about the game in order to mask their inability to play, never willing to accept or take responsibility for their own shortcomings.
Some even go as far (like you) to question the integrity or character of the individuals involved from a distance, in order to raise their own position or status. Unfortunately, they accomplish this goal within their own mind or to others that are just like them.
Look man, excuse me "Rocket", stop hiding in the bushes, educate yourself. Check the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, IR 500,... By the way, Quixtar/Amway Global was up 15% FY2008, from 7.1 Billion to 8.2 Billion; and Herosion is still a multimillionaire, and you'll still be sitting at a computer trying to figure out what's going on. Get in the game ROCKET.
I just happened to come across this blog. This is the first and last time I will ever blog about anything. Get a life people. I don't want to be anonymous, my name is Mike.

05 May, 2009 18:40  
Blogger rocket said...

Good for you Mike!

Are you in Mr. Herosian's Amway business?

You insinuate I'm less of a person because I'm not in the game. So What!

I don't want to play the lose money paying for motivation game! Do you like it?

You are assuming a lot of things about me, I guess your leader pretty much looked like an idiot in that video.

I'm afraid it's not me who needs to be educated about Amway.

Drop me an email. We'll talk.

I have no doubt Mr. Herosian is wealthy. There's also wealthy people who aren't in Amway, such as real business owners, investors, drug dealers, teachers and the like

As for the BBB etc....I'm sure your little statement there is on almost every motivational speech out there.

Why don't you accept responsibility for YOURSELF by getting into a real business?

Amway isn't really your own business you know.

And their prices on their substandard products suck.

Nice chatting with you! Feel free to drop in again! You all sound so much alike it's refreshing to know things don't change!


07 May, 2009 20:26  
Blogger Joecool said...

The better business bureau and the FTC don't say anything about Amway except that they handle complaints satisfactorily and that they are not an illegal pyramid.

It doesn't say that Amway is a good opportunity for anyone. Amway did 8 billion? Who care, Amway can do 800 billion and it doesn mean that "Mike Enterprises" made a cent.

Nice tapespeak though.

11 May, 2009 15:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who makes RR an authorty on anything? What are your credentials to judge're just a jealous jerk!

01 September, 2009 12:51  
Blogger rocket said...

Hello Anonymous?

By RR I'm assuming you mean me.

Point #1 - I'm not jealous, but I may be a jerk according to you. Now who's judging?

Point #2 - Never said I was an authority, I was just pointing out disingenuous claims by Mr. Herosian.

Obviously Amway agreed with me because he removed it, so I guess i was right.

There's my credentials.

And yours?

Thanks for stopping by!

01 September, 2009 16:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know who Brian Herosian is? Have you ever met him personally? Have you ever been mentored by him? I am just wondering because I want to see if you are talking from hear say or have had a personal experience.

Also, there's tons of negative stuff about Jesus Christ, however, he still has changed my life for the good, but I have friends who doesn't believe he is the son of God either.

20 September, 2009 22:37  
Blogger rocket said...


To answer your questions, I have not met Mr. Herosian personally.

I most certainly do not want to be mentored by someone who I believe is involved in a conflict of interest by selling me the materials I need to succeed, yet he profits from.

My experience with Mr. Herosian is his bullshit claims he made on his video, which must not have been acceptable since it was removed after Amway became aware of it.

Are you honestly comparing Brian Herosian to Jesus Christ?



23 September, 2009 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am NOT and would NEVER compare Brian Herosian to Jesus Christ. JC stands alone, because He is the only one who ever died for our Sins. 1st. I am only saying that even though He did that for us, people still post negative about Him.

2nd. You have the right to your opinion. I was only wondering because you seem to have such strong opinions about him, to have never meeting the guy. I am not coming against you, with what you say, becuase you have the right, I honestly was only curious.

I have met Brian and am being mentored by him and he has made such a positive difference in my life, encouraged me, gave me hope, is helping me to succeed and actually he doesn't profit from the tools that I voluntarily purchase. I notice a huge difference in my attitude and how I view life when I am listening to the awesome CD's and when I am not. This is a personal experience. No one forces me to purchase tools and I don't force anyone in my business team to do so. I am a person who has been in the business for at least 5 years and I see how my life has changed for the better. So all's I am saying is, you do have the right to say what you please, but just know, that I am a saved Christian, with the heart of discernment, and Jesus Christ is the one who lead me to my sponsor and to be apart of Brian Herosians team. So when you do speak negative about Brian, you are also coming against other people's dreams and maybe having them lose hope of something better when God lead to them as well.

I wish you the best and I thank you for allowing me to post on your blog and I encourage your positive response.


19 October, 2009 13:55  
Blogger rocket said...

I'm glad you feel that way about life.

Did you know there are much more credible motivational speakers out there?

Tony Robbins, for one.

i would ask you to remember why you got into Amway. Was it to be a better person, or to make money?

If you aren't making money, you aren't succeeding as a business owner.

What level are you at?

How long you been in?

What was your last check?

How much do you voluntarily spend on tools?

If any of those questions make you uncomfortable, I encourage you to re-assess your business.

Don't have to be in Amway to have a positive attitude my friend.

19 October, 2009 17:59  
Anonymous Terry said...

Hi, read some of the Comments and I can definitely agree with Mike that if you have never Met Brian Herosian then it's not fair to judge him if you have never met him and heard him speak.I met Brian this last week and I can say I would definitely gain from being mentored and coached by him. And the Amway business with the way its network and distribution works is very simple but also not easy. It takes hard work and motivation to start and run any business successfully and this business is no different.

22 January, 2016 13:19  
Blogger rocket said...

Hi Terry

I'm sorry if you feel I was judging Herosian, I wasn't. I was simply pointing out the nonsense he was spouting off about how this Amway thing can make you over 10,000 a month by working 2-5 years. Even Amway didn't seem to like that claim and I suspect they were the ones who made him remove it.

I don't need to meet him, nor hear him speak to draw conclusions on what type of person he is. I'm sure he's very nice to you and anyone else who will buy tools from him. Did you know it's quite possible he makes $$$ every time you buy a tool or attend a function? Maybe he'd share with you the criteria for how he makes money from his downline!

How would you gain by being coached & mentored by him? That's a serious question that I hope you answer.

There are pretty significant indications Mr. Herosian isn't as financially savvy as he'd have you believe. If you like, look under a name search at the following link about Brian Herosian

Have a look see there and explain why MBNA had to chase a guy named Brian Herosian from Manitoba for over $30,000 and a decorating company had to chase the same guy for over $18,000. The same Brian Herosian who is affiliated with Pro Fitness.

Maybe there's a perfectly good explanation, but if there is I'd sure be interested in hearing it. From a reasonable person's perspective, it looks as though there's been some financial challenges there.

We have all had situations in our lives where things were tough, I'm not judging him on that (I believe it's the Brian Herosian I'm writing about) but it's a bit rich when someone is coming across as a financially sound individual as a result of being in Amway yet has these types of court cases to deal with.

I welcome discussion on the topic, I'm sure there's more to the story, but I gotta base what I believe based on what I read. After all, it's not me saying he was having legal challenges for not paying his creditors, it's me reading about it on a government website.

I welcome further discussion if you like!

27 January, 2016 18:48  

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