Friday, March 20, 2009

Amway lies...Still Going On?

Are outlandish claims still being made by IBO's, and more specifically, leaders of the front line IBO's?

If so, what should happen if they are caught doing it?

I am going somewhere with this, but not today.

Just wanted to hear what you think.

You don't hear much about what happens to people like Greg Fredericks, and others who have been... let's just say it... lying.

I've stumbled across something that is really disturbing to me, and I am quite frankly surprised that someone would have the audacity to believe that it's acceptable. Especially given this person's tenure and pin level in the business, yet there it was, for all prospects to misinterpret.

Obviously this person has absolutely no fear of repercussions from the Amway Corp. rules dept.

What should Amway do when leaders, no front line ABO's are continuing on with these misleading claims? To wit:

"Would it be worth taking7-10 hours a week for the next 2-5 years to make $10,000 or more a month?...."

Would you believe that people are still saying this? After all the exposure and bad press Amway has gotten, high level leaders are STILL saying this!

I want to give Amway the benefit of the doubt, I really do. I just feel that it's pretty obvious nobody takes Amway's rules very seriously, and have no fear of consequence.

Quite frankly, I think this is going on all the time, it's just going on behind password protected accounts that prospects only can enter.

My opinion? Make the rule breaker punishment known. You won't catch people violating the rules very often, just like criminals. Nobody gets caught every time they break the law. People who do it over and over again eventually do. So you know when you see a person doing it, it's simply not the first time. That is why it is so important to denounce these things when you find it. Otherwise, it's just talk.

I'll be back. Stay tuned. I have a link to this to prove it.


Anonymous Amthrax said...

Looking forward to reading your next post. Be sure to take a screenshot of the page in the event that it's taken down.

20 March, 2009 12:42  
Blogger Joecool said...

Good post. I agree. In fact, all Amway has to do is send a representative to Dream Nite, now known as Winter Conference and I'll bet they would find more.

I can't wait for your next post!

20 March, 2009 13:33  
Blogger Joecool said...

Here's a recent message from someone who tried to prospect me online, which is also against Amway rules I believe:

"The plan that World Wide group puts you on is mapped out to make you earn 80,000 dollars your first year, which means you would become a platinum member, it goes all the way up to diamond members which make in the six figure incomes"

20 March, 2009 14:33  
Anonymous Gina said...

They have no choice but to else are they going to get people to join up in this day and age?

20 March, 2009 17:13  
Blogger Joecool said...

Lying is an important aspect of recruiting IBOs:

20 March, 2009 18:38  
Anonymous mike said...

Show me an honest IBO and I will show you someone that quit the business.

21 March, 2009 06:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg Fredrick was suspended by Amway and eventually lost all of his business. He is no longer a participant. It's fairly common knowlege. Amway is under no responsibility to keep the bolgging community up to speed.

Amway has a representative at every major conference and has for nearly 20+ years. That rep, who is employed by Amway, stays the entire function.

All CD's are reviewed for release by the legal department, before they go out.

Show me an honest guy who quit and devotes his time to blogging and I'll show you a guy who never really achived anything while he was in the business, and still has no understanding of it. I'll show you a guy or girl that sits in a cubicle that posts under the name of Gina and appears to be nothing more than an abandonded girlfriend. Until she shows a 1099 or W2 to prove that she is a business owner, he or she has as much cred as a IBO that claims to be a multi millionare that posts.

22 June, 2009 14:22  
Blogger rocket said...

That's common knowledge about Greg Fredericks is it? Pray tell, where might one find out for sure?

Amway has stated time and time again that it is attempting transparency. No surprise there, likely following the lead of their "leaders".

So, no, there is no obligation. Then quit stating transparency yet doing nothing.

There is no place for an IBO to find out what happened to Fredericks for causing massive PR problems for Amway.

You should stop acting like you know something, because you don't.

Amway has reps staying for every function FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS?

Did you think about that before you typed it? Really? That's what you believe? You should think about stuff before just repeating what your upline tells you.

I'll fill you in on a little something there Chuckles, that is a complete lie. Whoever told you that is lying. They may have people going now, but not every one. Why do you think the internet dogged Amway for so long?

Because religion and politics and business were being mashed together at "business conferences".

Maybe CD's are reviewed now, and maybe they always have been. So what? Doesn't improve anyone's odds for success.

As far as your diatribe about cubicles and feigned toughness regarding people who are too smart to do this business, that says nothing, other than you are insecure about your "business"

In any event, all the things you try to minimize away still happen. Did you see the follow up to this post?

Would you like to see my proof?

No? Then screw. Go hide behind a plastic plant in a mall trying to sell your overpriced vitamins.

22 June, 2009 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you have against AmWay? What has it done to you personally?

20 September, 2009 22:47  

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