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David Steadson To Clear The Air on Amway Tools!

Hooray! It's finally going to happen! David Steadson, the self anointed leader of the charge against Amway Critics, had decided that he's going to explain everything about the tools issue.

To Wit:

"Myths around BSM profit is probably the biggest single unaddressed issue still hanging around the 'net. Ever heard of Tex? :eek:

There's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about it and I think it would be beneficial to clear it up."

Well thank God for that!

Apparently, Steadson hasn't lost his touch when it comes to being a know it all asshole hubris.

Who the hell does this guy think he is? This is coming from a guy who:

1. Hasn't achieved any notable success in Amway.

2. Doesn't qualify for the program which he is trying to explain.

3. His opinions are just that, and don't carry any more weight than those of the critics. Probably less, in fact, given the mystery behind his motives.

Look folks, make absolutely no mistake about it, Amway and the people who profit from the tools are the only entity which should be either explaining the tools profits. Not some failed Amway hack who has this bizarre hobby of trying to save a business that he doesn't even have the ability to demonstrate it works!

Amway has stated that some people make as much and in some cases more money from their tool income than Amway business. Apparently that's not good enough for our hero David. No, the corporation who he defends isn't qualified to clear the air up on that topic. It's up to Steadson.

The tools profiteers? Well, they're not talking unless they quit.

This was such a complete case study in arrogance that I just had to point it out.

Who is this guy anyway? I have never come across a guy in real life that had such a high opinion of himself!

Especially when you consider that he is qualified to teach people pretty much nothing about how to build a successful Amway business. Doesn't stop him though, he's so smart he doesn't need experience! That's our David Steadson!

I'm back from travelling for about a month. I was in the US, as well as British Columbia. Nice to be home, and it's back to the grind again.

Catch you on the next one...


Blogger Free From Q* said...

Good old David..... the wheel is spinning but the hamster's dead.

Maybe he should take a ride past the mythical InterNet facilities in NC where Dexter made his mythical fortune - even read those mythical court transcripts where Dexter had to admit under oath that over 85% of his earnings was NOT from the big A - but his tools biz and real estate (even though he siad on stage ALL his money was from Amway).

Then again, maybe Dexter's estate in North Carolina probably pales against a "Founder's 3%" estate.

Ironic that individual critics usually have had bigger businesses than all the staunchist defenders' combined!

01 February, 2009 14:35  
Blogger Joecool said...

One has to wonder where IBOfightback is going to get information on the tools systems. It has been a secretive business with apparently, no written agreeement. Makes you wonder who he works for?

02 February, 2009 11:52  
Anonymous MichMan said...

We do know three things:

Court documents in the Hart/Gooch/Stewart lawsuits court cases state that many of the Diamonds earn up to 90 percent of their income from tools.

TEAM leader Orrin Woodward after leaving Amway said that the Diamond's typical tool income was 4-5 times higher from tools than it was from Amway. (for those bad at math, that means that over 80 percent of a TEAM diamond's income was from tools)

A Diamond from IBOFB's own group admitted to pro-Amway blogger Chuck Lia that Network 21 Diamonds earn 2-3 times more from tools than from Amway. (67-75% of their income from tools)

IBOFB claims to have the written compensation plan for many of the tool companies.

Thusfar, he has refused to release that information.

02 February, 2009 15:06  
Blogger Joecool said...

denuckeAnd former diamonds have also stated that they made the lion's share of their income from tools.

The tools business has been secretive all these yaers. How does IBOFB have a copy of tools agreement from LOS's?

Something smells fishy here.

02 February, 2009 16:29  
Anonymous MichMan said...

Good question Joe.

I was simply happy to hear that some of the tool companies actually put the agreement in writing.

I remember Bill Childers saying from stage that this business was unique in that business dealings between Diamonds "were done the old fashioned way, with a simple hand shake."

Little did I know that at that time he was in the middle of a lawsuit with Brig Hart, Tim Foley, Hal Gooch and Dexter Yager over tool money.

From what I understand, a written BSM contract is now required for an AMO to be "accredited."

Unfortunately, we still do not know that the entire "accredidation criteria" consists of.

02 February, 2009 19:21  
Blogger Joecool said...

Yes, I am fairly certain that written contracts must exist, but I do not believe these agreements are shared with IBOs and prospects.

There must be some restrictions and limitations though, because if by chance you have a new influx of higher pins, I'm sure the tenured diamonds wouldn't want a big hit to their income.

What I am wondering is how IBOfightback can get copies of these documents, including his claim of knowing the person income of a higher pin such as Dornan.

It does reek of him being some kind of hack for either Amway or the tools comapnies.

02 February, 2009 19:39  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...



03 February, 2009 10:40  
Anonymous Gina said...

Hilarious!!! Classic failed IBO...IBOFB is going to clear the air about the tools!!!! I almost laughed so hard I peed my pants!!! He says that many of us critics can not make statements about Amway because things have changed or that because they didn't get to certain levels or because, in my case, were never IBO's, but yet he, who has had no remote success with Amway nor has come even close to sharing in the tools profit but he somehow will clear the air and is an expert??? Comical and hypocritical.

04 February, 2009 11:16  
Blogger Joecool said...

Well, as of now, he is talkong about clearing up the tools myths. Talk is cheap?

He did mention that perhaps it is illegal to even discuss the tools profits with IBOs. But Amway seems to disregard rules anyway.

BTW, "Tex" went of the deep end (again) on his own blog. He now has a thread advertising the sale of products right on his blog.

05 February, 2009 10:46  
Blogger rlaurens said...

Apparently Joecool beats him to the punch.

06 February, 2009 14:54  

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