Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nice Trailers Amway!

I've been watching with kind of a sick fascination on the goings on with the Amway Mobes.

The trailers were painted along with a tour bus to promote Artistry and Nutrilite. That's cool. Lots of companies do it.

Here's where I'm kinda lost, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a degree in marketing. If some guy or gal sees the Nutrilite trailer or tour bus, they may or may not like it. Fair enough. I doubt that Amway is stupid enough (but I'm not discounting it) to assume that people will automatically research to see where they can buy Artistry or Nutrilite.

So what are they doing? I would have to believe they are promoting awareness for their products, so that when someone is approached by an ABO about the products or the business, they will already have been exposed to the fine trailers and tour buses, AND maybe associate Tina Turner to it as well.

Looks like they're doing some stuff in the trailers, but I would think that realistically they're looking just to have planted a seed about Amway, Nutrilite, and Artistry.

That way, being associated with Tina Turner and having fancy trailers promoting their stuff might prevent people from dismissing the opportunity. I don't hate Tina Turner, but she doesn't really do it for me, you know? But I doubt most males in their early 30's are huge Tina Turner fans. It's Artistry makeup predominantly being promoted on the tour bus, so hey, that's likely for the gals.

Great! I think that's a forward thinking fantastic idea!

Unfortunately, that's where Amway's wisdom seems to end.

Picture someone being prospected for Amway a couple months later. They remember the nice trailers and the Tina Turner thing.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah! I remember them! Oh! You're with that! That's neat! Sure, I'll take a look!"

So the prospect takes a look, and what do they find?

Uh Oh - Lip colour for $17.55 as opposed to Target's price of 11.99.

Uh Oh - Water for almost 48.00 compared to Wal-Mart's almost 5.00 (Gotta pay for those fancy trailers somehow I suppose)

Uh-Oh - 10 Protein bars for 19.50 compared to Target's 9 for 17.99 (actually not too bad but I don't know how much protein is in the Amway one, Target's has 30 g. Doubt Amway's has that much)

Uh-Oh - Religious overtones. Amway had to tell people to tone down the politiucs and a business meeting? They had to make a statement to a bunch of adult business owners not to promote intolerance or a specific religion?

Uh-Oh - Looks like there's a question about the deceit and dishonesty in the business. Look at all these websites about what a crock Amway is!

Uh-Oh - Looks like there's been a bunch of internal strife and "successful" leaders have quit or got canned to join another MLM.

Uh-Oh - The UK government was on the verge of shutting Amway down over there because of deceptive business practices.

Uh-Oh - More people lose money than not!

Uh-Oh - Morons and people with no common sense seem to be defending it.

No Thanks.

Seriously, with all of the crap going on, it's good that Amway is trying to turn things around. They are the makers of their own misfortune which is why it makes me laugh when ABO's express righteous indignation over the rather obvious flaws in the Amway business.

I guess the point I'm trying to make it that in the 80's, this might have worked. Maybe even the early 90's. Not now. Great PR efforts, but the problems that are of concern to the corporation still exist.

Fix the damn problem. Deal with the issues and the people that are the problem.

Do it transparently.

Then it's not a wasted effort.

Special Thanks to Bridgett for having the product pricing online. It is appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the hot sex scene with Amway's artistry chick Sandra Bullock!

See how her Artistry makeup does not run, fade or smear in this to hot to believe sex scene!

Man if Amway needs that to sell makeup, signe me up!!!

Sorry, only for viewers 18 and older.

No wonder Amway wanted her for an endorsement. I have a woody already watching her and her non smear Amway makeup!

05 October, 2008 14:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh don't forget to copy the .flv file from your temporary Internet folder since Amway will no doubt try to get this video of their steamy and sexy spokesperson taken down.

05 October, 2008 15:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow baby...another hot scene with Sandra Bullock. Man I want to join Amway right now if all Amway chicks are like Sandra!

I'll sell artistry or overpirced perfect water any day. Let me at this Sandra Bullock Amway chick!

Wow Amway has changed since the days of Pat Boone promoting Amway.

Amway is now hot and sexy! Its no longer just for squares!

05 October, 2008 15:26  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...

Rocket, I have to ask you a question, doesn't the one picture of the Nutrilite trailer appear to have not two mountains, but two pyramids? Spooky huh? Hey, aren't those the two great pyramids on the side of the Nutrient-deficeint-lite-ripoff paint job rolling scam worthy for a piss in the back corner?

Hear that Maxie; Maxie will sneek in and piss right in the corner if there is any carpet to be found. That would be a rolling maxie piss wagon! Reeking with Maxie odor. Making the puke vitamins taste like dog urine.

Scam Wagon on the loose. Scam coming to your home town. Tina the meana queen on her celbrate Ike be dead tour!

Artistry: Greasey, sub quality face paint, making Amway a bate and switch scam involving substandard products. Not Good. Artistry Sucks, Nutrilite Sucks, Amway Global Sucks, Amway Sucks, Quixtar still Sucks. The Pundits of Deceit suck er, suck.

Amway should of hired the Grateful Dead! Maybe their cult could dig up Gerry Garcia and put him in prop me up beside the Jukebox spin off of Weekend at Bernies.

Maybe Amway would do better just to rent big beer wagons and haul them to the concert? Better than a vitamin shack and a cheap greasy makeup shop on wheels. The pyramids look good if you look at them right. It helps to be somewhat near sited.

Rocket, did you read about the couple that claim they were accousted at Wal Mart to join the Amway Global Cult? Did you read that article? Click here. Gives all new meaning to carrying some mace in case one of these cult member teams tries to accost the unwarry in a public place!

That would be a good time to show the dude a nine black and cold. Say what fellow. Take your scam and get the hell out of my and my families face loser scammer!

10 October, 2008 22:37  
Blogger rocket said...


Were you drunk when you wrote that or something?

Seriously man, you sound like a loon when you write like that.

11 October, 2008 10:52  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...


My bad. I will reign in my ranting. Wouldn't want anyone to think that ranting is acceptable behavior on Rocket's Rants now would I? Just trying to have a little fun.

Seriously, I like your blog or I wouldn't read it or make comment here. I am glad that you've resumed writing on it. A few good critics are always appreciated.

More dudes are always needed!

I noticed that Luymes started accepting comments on the string he claims to have shut down. He doesn't care much for the "p" word. Doesn't like to be called Luymes either. What a weird name for a blog though? Super Du (just wrong somehow).

22 October, 2008 21:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a person to spend all his/her time to find out nonsense information...actually information that doesn't even benefit him/her.

Poor soul...hope you find peace.

02 February, 2009 23:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the whole point of Away was that you did the marketing and advertising and got paid for it. right? Wasn't that the perk of being an IBO? You do the marketing and get paid? Guess not.

08 June, 2009 11:02  

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