Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tools Tools guessed it....more tools.

The Aus Amway Victims website has a very revealing post about the massive quantities of "tools" for sale.

Of course, the people selling the tools are obviously losers who didn't have what it took to succeed.

There are obviously way more problems with this "business" than many care to admit.

The nerve of some people for calling bullshit on bullshitters.


Anonymous MightyPeace said...

Wow, Rocket. So you're a troll! Uh-huh. Must be so if ibofb and Bridgett say so. Perhaps it's an incurable case of projection? Or maybe it's a new mantra in their AMOs - "when faced with having to defend the indefensible, get rid of the messenger any way you can - give him a warning shot between the eyes, label him with something nasty, attempt to discredit him, do anything you have to in order to avoid dealing with the truth". That way, ibofb, Bridgett, visioneer, et al can stay in denial a wee bit longer. Poor creatures, the only power they have is to "ban" someone. I've heard that's a great BS leadership skill. THAT plus healthy doses of continuing arrogance and inflated egos should get them to at least dimend for sure. Can you picture it - choose to get highly insulted, get your undies in a knot, run around like the tazmanian devil shouting, "shut him up, shut him up, I can't stand it, he's attacking me and our wunnerful bidnez." I wonder if it's a new skill N21 and WWDB are promoting these days. Without much effort or thought, they so skillfully manage to keep perpetuating the dismal reputation A/Q*/AG has enjoyed since the early 80's. And the new initiatives are going to fix everything? Sure they will. Especially with clowns like these in the field.

In your previous post, you said, “If I was involved in a business that I felt needed me to do damage control as IBOFB does, I wouldn't be in it for long.”


07 September, 2008 18:28  
Blogger rocket said...

Yeah, that's pretty much how the Amtards run their business.

Shoot the messenger, and whatever you do, don't change the message!

07 September, 2008 19:35  
Blogger Joecool said...

IBOFB and Bridgett hav sipped some extra streagth kool aid.

08 September, 2008 12:36  

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