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TEAM Leaders ? C'mon...

Mark & Tami Crawford As a Journeyman Instrument Technician, Mark had been employed and did private consulting in the oilfields. Tami, a Registered Social Worker for the Alberta government, had held varying positions including Career Counselor, Income Security Administrator, Child Welfare Officer, and Provincial Apprehension Trainer. They thought they were doing pretty well compared to others in similar occupations until they were asked, Where will you be in five years if you keep doing what you are doing? When they compared themselves to that group, they realized something had to change and change dramatically. Someone that was on the Team contacted them, showed them the system and convinced them to attend a conference. They were inspired to see successful people from all walks becoming leaders of their respective professions. Upon returning home, they made a decision to do something every day for two years. Over those next two years through the CDs, books and association they have watched their relationship grow stronger than it has ever been before. They appreciate everything that the system has done for them and are now committed to sharing the system with others.

Boy, by the sounds of that, you'd think they'd reached their success through TEAM! No mention whatsoever of being involved in Amway and later Quixtar, which is what is being referred to with the statement, "
Someone that was on the Team contacted them, showed them the system and convinced them to attend a conference."


How do I know?

I've heard it straight from the horse's mouth. I've heard it from Crawford in Edmonton, Calgary, as well as Thunder Bay.

The last couple of lines are obviously supporting the use of the system, and encouraging the continued purchase of leadership products.

No mention of being involved in Monavie either.

The lies continue.

BTW, the years have not been good to Mark & Tami Crawford. I thought people with money could buy good health! Another Crawford line.


Blogger MightyPeace said...

Their story from stage differed from what this article says. Many, many times both said they became involved with Amway by first buying the cookware set from her mother in New Brunswick and that they did not know there was a business opportunity attached. Her mother contacted someone in her upline who spoke with Tim Tower and Tim began flying to Alberta once a month to help them build their Amway group. Contacted by someone on the Team? Nice spin on words. Subtle difference – it’s not capitalized to mean TEAM. LOL. Columbo & Karen Disalvatore’s bio is similar – no mention of the years & years involved with Amway/Quixtar that they all promoted from stage as the “best business opportunity on the planet, bar none”. So when are all of these “leaders” lying and when are they telling the truth? They are experts at stretching, obfuscating, spinning the truth to the point where it is no longer recognizable. People of integrity don’t do that. Integrity & trust go hand in hand. How could one ever be sure that what is coming out of their mouths is simple truth? One can’t. They will all stand on their heads defending their version of the truth but in the end they are really only lying to themselves. Could someone get us a mirror quick – I want to see if we look as stupid as they think we do. Rocket, now that they are in the Monavie bidnez, their health is bound to improve. I hear it cures all sorts of things. Maybe it cures integrity ailments too. Gee.

27 April, 2008 12:19  
Blogger rocket said...

Team is still capitalized, thus making it a proper name. It is just a spin on words.

These people are so full of themselves it makes me sick.

Worse yet, there never seems to be a shortage of idiots to fall into he pack.

27 April, 2008 12:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if they lie? The lies are for the wholesome purpose of leading them to the true truth. After all, TEAM isn't about Quixtar, or MonAvie - its' about Orrin. As long as Orrin is happy, the world is a better place.
Up is down, and black is white. Thin is fat and TEAM is reputable.

JimZ (but of course Jeffrey already KNEW who wrote this).

28 April, 2008 19:39  
Blogger Jacked On Juice said...

MonaVie's Newest Hawaiian Blue Diamonds—Mark and Tami Crawford

Congratulations to Mark and Tami Crawford from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on achieving the rank of Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"We are very appreciative of MonaVie. Through this opportunity, we hope to become healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Yep, they're in MonaVie.
RJ Acai Chico

29 April, 2008 00:30  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Anonymous wrote: So what if they lie? The lies are for the wholesome purpose of leading them to the true truth.

Joe says: That's a bunch of bull

29 April, 2008 12:09  
Blogger MightyPeace said...

Congratulations Mark & Tami on this prestigious achievement. Credibility is now restored. It’s magically instilled in greater amounts at each level of achievement. It’s contained in the pin. Who knew? The spins will continue as this achievement is held up to others to prove they are leaders. And that’s all most will need to determine true leadership qualities & abilities – if it LOOKS good, it MUST be good.

With this great fruit juice, all of them are sure to live at least as long as Moses and we will be blessed beyond measure just by uttering their names.

JimZ, LOL. Orrin must be ecstatic because I can feel the change already – the world is indeed a better place. Before long we will have palm trees growing in the Arctic if it is so willed by the great OW.

29 April, 2008 19:42  
Anonymous Plain Jane said...

Jim Z signed it at the bottom. It's call sarcasm. It helps to read the entire comment rather than skimming.

29 April, 2008 21:02  
Anonymous Plain Jane said...


Where did your post come from? Where online did it come from? I'd like to look at the entire site.


29 April, 2008 21:03  
Blogger rocket said...

plain jane...

Not a secret or anything, it was in a public domain.

Are you in TEAM? Are you in Amway?

30 April, 2008 17:24  
Anonymous plain jane said...



Is there a reason why you don't provide a link or at these give the web address?

Not that I don't trust you. ;) Just want to go straight to the source and check it out myself.

No worries. Probably doing me a favor so I don't waste more time on the Internet.

30 April, 2008 22:55  
Anonymous plain jane said...

Wow, Blue Diamond after only being distributors for less than a year? I'm sure their MonaVie LOS looks mighty similar to that other biz's LOS they were in. It's so friggin' obvious, it's pathetic.

Are these the same people? That juice doesn't do them well at all!

30 April, 2008 23:05  
Blogger rocket said...

No big deal.

Click on their names here:

01 May, 2008 17:41  
Anonymous Anna28 said...

Did I seriously just read "so what if they lie?" You are kidding right? Make no mind to the simple fact that if someone is willing to lie about the little details and so easily then they most certainly have no problem lying about the important things either. You see, that is what is known in the business world as ethics...those who lack them don't get very far and if by some miracle they have been able to hide their wrong doings long enough to experience success, it still comes crashing down on them. Pay no mind to the fact that even a little lie can hurt many people... can anyone remember Enron? The fact that anyone would be willing to accept lies speaks volumes about the kind of perople they are. Pathetic

05 May, 2008 12:45  
Anonymous plain jane said...

Jim Z,

Will you please hit the Name/URL radial and insert your name, instead of using the "anonymous" radial?

When you use "anonymous", the critics go a little nuts and filter everything you write through their "this person is an idiot" filter.

(now Anna28 thinks your comment was to be taken seriously.)

If you have your own name come up, they'll see that it's you, Jim Z, and they'll start to know that you are a former IBO, against the "tool scam", and that you are writing tongue-in-cheek when you say things like lying is ok.

05 May, 2008 23:20  
Anonymous JimZ said...

Plain Jane,

Sorry to have "raised such a ruckus". Thanks for the tip - I didn't realize the Anonymous handle can be a lighting rod (but after you explained it, it does make sense).

And Anna, in your post you hit on the hidden secret of the secret tool business --

"Make no mind to the simple fact that if someone is willing to lie about the little details and so easily then they most certainly have no problem lying about the important things either. You see, that is what is known in the business world as ethics..."

One of the most effective, and destructive, practices of the AMO "motivational subculutures" is they create an environment where VERY ETHICAL people are seduced into accepting the "little white lies". It starts with the "6-4-2- plan. I have had lengthy exchanges with people that SWEAR that the example is actually CONSERVATIVE. Then, when you carefully dissemble it, after about the THIRD time people FINALLY realize that going Diamond in 2-5 years working 8-15 hrs per week is virtually impossible. People (myself included when I was in BWW) were desensitized to the fact that the only way you could do it was working 2-3 TIMES the number of hours presented.

A testimony to how effective their "anti-ethics" training is.

It takes about THREE months off the tapes before you begin to realize that it's NOT OK to lie to motivate people.

06 May, 2008 20:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well jim Z, it sounds like BWW told you a lot of garbage. I have never be told half the stuff you say from anyone from TEAM. so I guess they are different, 6-4-2 never mentioned either, 2-5years = 2-3k per month, Not 2-5yr equal Diamond. So I am sorry that BWW told you some crazy things. So from what I cant tell is that when someone starts to mix the truths with the lies in their teachings it makes it very hard for most people to weed out wich is truth and wich is lie, and since it is even easier to just flush the whole mess than sort it out. For most people that is what they do. I own a "S" business before all this and I have benifitted greatly from a lot of the Books and CD's about finances and books. So for most of those who dont understand any of it, most likely never had to pay them selves before from their own payroll. Oh and the business I own has ben so 15yrs and I have just recently taken it over for the last 2 and 1/2 years wich majors improvement as far as overhead, cost, shrinkage, service, productivity and profit. So say what you want but why DOES IT work for some and not others then?


07 May, 2008 11:29  
Anonymous Joecool said...

It doesn't really matter if someone told you 2-5 years to diamond or 2-5 years to make 2-3K per month. You end up with basically the same result if they told you that tapes and seminars are important or vital to your success.

07 May, 2008 12:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah but it does joecool. When those who did follow the system, guess what they were very close to those figures, and of course they also put a numbers structure of what you need to reach that 2-5yr plan to boot. So it wasnt like anyone said this; size group = this amount of income and not get that size income for that size group. It seems like you guys want to take ALL the groups and put them into the same bucket(results), you might as well put all of the presidents of the U.S. into the one bucket of results, or all generals, or all doctors, mechanics, plumbers, etc........... you get the point. I got results from the TEAM system. So I guess your BWW experiance doesnt seem to be the same as my TEAM experiance, I give you an example, two burger joints open up,McDonalds vs Burger Chief. Both sell shakes,hamburgers, and fries. Both are a franchise. Both have a "system". One is still around, one is not. I would say that they are NOT the same, many folks seem to think so.



If Amways new move truly only hurts the "kingpins" and made it WAY better for the new guy( even though prices for products continue to climb),than why did those (kingpins) that stayed, stay?

07 May, 2008 15:16  
Anonymous Joecool said...

I was in WWDB. I built my business pretty muchthe way I was taught. I had a 4000 PV business with eagle structure.

While I "grossed" what seemed like a decent side income, my net was zero because of the cost of the system.

What I meant about the 2-5 year plan making you $100K or $2-3K a month doesn't make a difference, is because so few people ever reach that level, and the ones who make it, at times end up quitting like the rest of the "quitters".

07 May, 2008 17:20  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Jeremay said: If Amways new move truly only hurts the "kingpins" and made it WAY better for the new guy( even though prices for products continue to climb),than why did those (kingpins) that stayed, stay?

Joecool says: Just my guess. The real kingpins are the few that are actually making a nice income from Amway itself. The rest were not making much or not even currently qualified, thus walking away wasn't a hard decision.

07 May, 2008 17:47  
Anonymous JimZ said...

First of all, good to hear from you again, I haven't seen your name in weeks.

Regarding how TEAM was, versus BWW or WWDB, etc. I think one of the great frustrations related to the tool business is the secrecy currounding it. I can't comment on TEAM, but I know that a number of other LOS' tell you as little as possible.

So...while there may be Burger King's versus McDonalds out there - it sure is hard to tell when the buildings all look the same and nobody has a sign on their business.

People do make money in the Amway business. I think the main issue I have with how that money is made is the precent of people who make good money is shockingly small. While it's true that many people simply don't "have the heart" to build the business, it is ALSO true that the business model creates a huge amount of effort and churns through staggering numbers of people to produce those few high earners. I simply am not comfortable with sponsoring a lot of people who are looking for something to believe in knowing that more than 95% of them will end up leaving with less money in their pockets when they started.
In addition, since a large percentage of the high income earners money is from the secretive tool system - which is run by a set of rules that few know - anyone who invests the effort to hit a big pin is also placing their future in the hands of their upline, who can pull the rug out from under them for any reason.
I was in the business for a long time and love the people, but there are too many ethical question marks for me to stay in it.

07 May, 2008 19:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your falling behind in all the stuff happening with TEAM. I enjoy reading your blog, but you haven't posted anything new in a month.

Maybe you've been too busy with your life which is completely understandable. If so, please let us know.


27 May, 2008 10:06  
Blogger reg said...

i cant believe i am commenting..BUT i was in true north and when i quit a few years ahead of the crawfords. man did they have no use for us as we were quiters. quiters on all the people who were depending on us, questioning our integrity and character and stuff like that. i cant believe how many people they are sucking into joining them at the bottom of thier pyramid. i know people who are still following them and i am embarrased for them as they still are not making any $$. we were platinums with platinums below us (we acually are still in for the product use) and our upline sapphire was NICE enough to strip our entire downline from underneath us and move them directly under them in monavie only to invite us in at the bottom after they were all set up. i had to ask this upline sapphire if they were f@#$ing serious. they didnt get it....what was wrong with the picture that is. i wonder how much product they have in thier basement now? maybe they should finally ebay all thier cookware and thier 200 water systems to make room. lol

22 May, 2009 02:15  
Blogger rocket said...

Reg if you come back, can you drop me an email?

I followed your link but you have an inaccessible email address.

23 May, 2009 12:48  

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