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TEAM - Noteworthy or Not Worthy? PART 4

The following is a bit long, but I didn't want to string this out needlessly. The segment after this one should pretty much take care of this series, and then I will have a conclusion post. In the meantime, your feedback would be very much appreciated to take into consideration when I give my final analysis of what TEAM is, where it is going, and how it will do.

The start of this post is my response to the answers I received in Part 3 from IBO Rebellion. After that, I show you the response I got from IBO Rebellion.

As stated before, IBO Rebellion told me on his blog when he banned me ( last posted comment) that he had gone above and beyond in answering any questions I had.

IBO Rebellion contacted me after I had asked for somebody to explain TEAM to me.

IBO Rebellion's comments are in red. Mine are in black, bold just isn't doing it for me.

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 23:04:20 -0400 (EDT)
From:"Rocket Rocket"
Subject: Re: questions
To:"theiborebellion theiborebellion"
Hello Again.

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. What you have provided is much more than I expected, and I sincerely do appreciate it.

I must say that I am surprised that you have so little information on the legal fund. Surprised in that it's not really transparent, yet a whole bunch of OPM (Other People's Money) is involved. Perhaps it would behoove some of TEAM to ask a few questions in this regard? The perception, quite frankly, is very negative when one considers the dollars that are being managed seemingly with very little accountability. I trust you haven't donated to the legal fund?

You said that the more tools your customers use, the more they would be compensated. Do TEAM members have customers? Or are their "downline" (for lack of a better description) considered customers?

You said there is a formula for calculating profits from people attending seminars, but it doesn't sound like you share that with people upon "sponsoring" them. Would that be considered ethical and moral? Are new TEAM members advised that they are paying for products which the "leaders" profit from?

You also said that the motivational profits were not spelled out in any type of document. How would somebody know what they are working towards? Does the profiting from motivation basically depend on the goodwill of the leaders?

You said that you are not telling people about the profits from motivation at this time. I guess the obvious question is, what do you tell them?

I find it very hard to believe that TEAM sells motivation to corporate and church environments for a profit. I have no doubt that TEAM members speak at churches etc., but what corporations have hired TEAM? Is there a website you can look at which promotes TEAM motivational speaking? Who is eligible in TEAM to do these motivational seminars for companies, and is that part of the compensation plan?

What exactly is the difference between leadership and character based leadership? What is the difference between practicing it and teaching it?

You say that TEAM is stable through this obviously tumultuous time. OK. How is it stable? Does that mean people are still making money at it? Are people getting money and freedom by doing TEAM? Do you need to be aligned with a product based company to be legal?, because that is what I get from what you wrote. How many people in TEAM are actually making enough to do this full time?

Fair enough that you say Q always held TEAM back from being transparent, I guess there's no reason for that now that many of the TEAM members, Orrin and Chris included, are free from Q. Would it not be in everyone's best interest to be able to answer the questions about the organization that I've posed?

You said "More customers more money". Again, who exactly are the customers? Is there a wholesale vs. retail motivational business?

You say the profit sharing formula is secret/protected because it gives you an edge in the industry. Pardon me, but what industry? Motivational MLM? Corporate Motivation company of which only a select few can speak to corporate people about motivation (If that even truly happens, I'm not really convinced that it does).

How can you be trying to recruit people who will be paid on a profit sharing formula that cannot be divulged prior to starting? That makes no sense whatsoever. Am I misunderstanding you?

I find this statement from you very interesting:

"You go to work and trust that they pay you after you work your 80 hrs"

See, the difference is, if I don't get paid, I have legal recourse. Not so with TEAM, apparently. Employers can't do that. It's not a question of trust, it's a question of law. I am aware somewhat of how the finances work in my industry, I'd be an idiot if I didn't think about that or try to find out about that. Doesn't sound like TEAM is at all aware of how they are going to be paid, since the profit sharing plan is secret until they get to that level.

Furthermore, I don't know of anyone who would work for anyone without knowing what they are being paid, and on what basis they are being paid. The secrecy makes no sense. How are you recruiting people?

You can take the high road about how TEAM is about bettering people, and how it's about trust and people etc. That sounds familiar, is all.

I hope you don't get the impression that I'm running you into the ground. That is not my intent. I would love to be able to talk to any other TEAM member about this, but they either don't know enough to share any information, or don't want to share information because it may not send the right message.

I do hope you respond again, I am trying to understand.



IBO Rebellion's response to my criticisms of his answers:

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 23:33:32 -0400
From:"theiborebellion theiborebellion"
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To:"Rocket Rocket"
Subject: Re: questions

I am really done talking with you... just no time since I find this
rather boring. I did cut and paste two paragraphs you wrote me for
commnent.(sic) I won't take offense to you calling me a liar concerning
the corporate leadership stuff... guess you will just need to wait and
see. Launching the Leadership Revolution was a shot in the dark
success. As for profits and speaking etc... nothing... NOTHING.. is
left up to the good will of some leader you are working with. TEAM
isn't into the buddy system or politics or who you are related to. It
is based on the size of your customer base period.

The only other thing I will address is your question... what is the
difference between leadership and character based leadership. You
asking me that question tells me a lot. It is really why you have to
ask all these other questions desperately seeking information. It is
why people don't question the legal defense fund. The fund is doing
exactly what it is intended for. Need I remind you of the blogger
suit. Character based leadership is desperately needed around the
world.... the difference.... Gov. Spitzer Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Pres
Bill Clinton... all leaders.... maybe even great leaders of people...
but not Character based leaders.... not even close. I would suggest
you just read the LLR book and you would have a much better
understanding of this topic.

Like I said... I am quite bored with this. I really doesn't matter
what I right. I don't intend to convince you. I will say you don't
understand the TEAM nor will you until you set aside your past
experience in the industry. TEAM exists because it is the exact
opposite of all that has existed. TEAM is no where near what it will
be in the future... operational approach currently underway have yet
to fully materialize given the ongoing litigation. The focus is the
future with MonaVie... for now... tomorrow maybe different.. Whatever
the case or timetable... it will be done with character based
leadership.. period. Hope this helps.. signing off.. good day.



IBO Rebellion then included the two paragraphs at the bottom of his email where I had asked if motivation profits depend on the goodwill of leaders, and the other about me not believing him that TEAM does motivational seminars outside of TEAM meetings.

Has the Rocket's launch date been scrubbed?

Is the Rocket as bored with this as IBO Rebellion?

Will the Rocket discover TEAM is in fact the exact opposite of all that has existed? Where down is up and up is down? Where very little money is actually lots of money? Where nobody succeeding means everybody is succeeding?

Will IBO Rebellion counsel downline to come up with new catch phrases and rhetoric to combat the onslaught of common sense questions?

Will the Rocket accept the theory that TEAM is the ultimate way to become a leader and sign on?

Does the Rocket find out the secret formula that sets TEAM apart from every other motivational MLM that exists, and try to abscond with it to give it to his secret ally to ensure his success?

Find out all of this and more in the next episode!

Same bat time! Same bat channel!


Anonymous Plain Jane said...

See, "character" leadership is suing a corporation with a bogus illegal pyramid lawsuit when you've dug yourself a giant hole with the TEAM approach (stacking people and shifting them around and placing them in your master-mind game board for your benefit) and perverting the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan when you couldn't get past the Platinum level.

And then, when Amway decides to unroll the First Circle Initiative (being consumer focused, therefore making it obvious that there are products to SELL--not just consume and teach others to do the same) you know that you will be exposed for what you really are, so you say that they "changed the deal" when in fact you changed the years ago.

That's TEAM Character Leadership.

Sign me up! Let's get juiced!!!!

31 March, 2008 11:27  
Blogger G-N-G said...

It's no surprise that they will not answer your questions. I was part of TEAM before the whole A/Q TEAM meltdown. From what I have been able to gather, they will probably never make their system transparent to the point that you know what the "profit sharing" will be before you sign-up or until you get to a certain level. And it shows since you couldn't get any real answers. The followers rely completely on faith in Orrin and Chris with the other so called "leaders". I know from seeing it for myself, the Kool-Aid is strong in that group.

One of the reasons the First Night book was revised atleast 14 times is to make sure the IBO's would have to buy new books to up-date their first night packs and it also helped to make it so if you tried to re-coup your tool money you spent, that they didn't have to pay you back because the book was out-dated. Even though the revision was so minor, it didn't matter....... no money back to you.........your screwed.

If Orrin and Chris were so high and mighty with such character, they should have seen through the fog a long time ago and left the A/Q business before last year. I'm convinced they did this only at a time when they were strong enough financially to do so and survive while knowing they would take most if not all of their followers with them.

I'm sure they will have a great time drinking their new juice at the monthly seminars.

31 March, 2008 15:18  

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