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TEAM - Noteworthy or Not Worthy? PART 3

Here is the third installment of an email exchange between myself and the author of the IBO Rebellion Blog. I have only included IBO Rebellion's responses to my original question, just because my response to this one is rather lengthy.

IBO Rebellion offered to help me understand TEAM, what it does, and how it works.

I have modified this entry somewhat, in that I have entered my questions asked prior to IBO Rebellion's answers, so that you wouldn't have to scroll from my question to his answers, which are exactly as he typed them.

IBO Rebellion's responses are in red. Mine are in bold.

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 21:47:28 -0400
From:"theiborebellion theiborebellion"
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To:"Rocket Rocket"
Subject: Re: questions

I will answer a few of your questions. I still find it rather strange
that you want any info at all if you use to be an IBO and have "no"
ulterior motive. In the interest of time I will answer what I see

In regards to the legal fund:

(1. Who manages it?
2. Who decides the criteria on which it is utilized?
3. Who has signing authority?
4. Is there a vote or a quorum reached on who utilizes the funds?
5. Does any TEAM member qualify if they contribute?
6. Do the TEAM people who contribute to the fund have a say as to
how it's dispersed?

I don't know the answers to any of those particular questions. The
fund is to defend various IBOs, which are many, who are in litigation
with A/A/Q. AAQ is famous for destroying their enemies by simply
wasting money on lawsuits.

As far as TEAM goes:

(1. Are you compensated based on the amount of motivation that flows
through your group? If so, is that written anywhere when you present the
TEAM concept to people? )

Question #1 The more product (tools) that ones customers use would
positively impact your compensation.

(2. Do you receive profits from people you have gotten to join TEAM
attending meetings/seminars? If so, is there a profit schedule for

#2 Yes.... no there is not a schedule but there is a formula.

(3. Do you have a motivational products compensation plan? If so,
is it in writing?)

#3 Not at this time...

(4. Do you tell others about the motivational compensation plan
when you
recruit them to TEAM? If not why not?)

#4 not currently... explain later

(5. Do you sell TEAM motivation and leadership products to anybody
outside of
TEAM? If so, who?)

#5 Yes, many corporate and church environments.

(6. What is it exactly that TEAM offers, other than leadership
skills you
can obtain at any self help seminar? What is it that
sets TEAM apart?)

#6 TEAM has always sold leadership. There are obviously many ways
to attempt to teach and improve ones leadership.TEAM's approach is
obviously a longer term approach with increased results as opposed to
a two day seminar that would have limited impact. What sets TEAM apart
is the focus on character based leadership. There is a vast difference in
teaching leadership and teaching character based leadership. TEAM not only
teaches this but practices it.

(7. If TEAM is just fine on it's own, why the need to associate with a
company providing an actual end user product?)

#7 TEAM is fine on it own. The stability of its organization thru this
time proves that.

However, due to the current legal issues and environment I think it became
an obvious choice to align with another product based company. I could
elaborate here but legally it just doesn't make sense to do so. The
TEAM obviously has a long term vision of where we will be going. As with
anything....timing is everything.

In closing I just want to address team profit sharing. TEAM has never
been able to be as transparent as we would like due to Q. People
qualify for ps by having two groups of 12 customers. The ps program
is not based on a schedule as you mentioned earlier but instead a ps
fromula.(sic) This means all the money coming in is added, expenses are
paid, the formula is run against each profit sharers numbers and
people are paid accordingly. More customers more money. There are no
special deals for anyone. The formula is something protected by the
TEAM as it is our competitive edge in the industry.

Currently due to legal concerns, the Monavie opportunity and TEAM are
completely separate at the point of opportunity. Over time you will
see greater and greater transparency. Lets face it... that issue has
not taken precedence over moving forward and surviving the attacks of
the evil empire. Orrin has had this fight with Q for years. I take
it you have read much of my blog. The TEAMs first night book was
edited 14 times over the years because Q felt TEAM was telling too

You wrote me saying this:

Avoiding the issues will do nothing but hurt anyone attempting to build a
TEAM business, whatever that may entail. Most people approached to join
TEAM will have the same questions I do. No answers will inevitably lead
to nobody coming into your business.

I find that rather funny. What you don't seem to understand that in
anything you do there is an element of trust. You go to work and
trust that they pay you after you work your 80 hrs. It really isn't
likely that you know all the intricacies of your employers finances.
The difference maker for TEAM is the leadership. So as cordial as you
seem much of your comments appear otherwise. Hopefully this answers
your questions... I would hate to see you relegated to the negative
anon blogger pile....

Will the Rocket be satisfied with the answers provided?

Does he accept the answers at face value and move on with his life, wiser from
IBO Rebellion's influence?

Will the Rocket get to the heart of the matter while still facing an eviction notice from his evil Landlord?

Will the Rocket use new magic, learned from various MLM leaders, similar to the Jedi
Mind Trick to get the answers he wants, or will IBO Rebellion continue his freedom quest unabated?
Find out all of this and more in our next installment!

Same bat time! Same bat Channel!


Blogger Free From Q* said...

Of course, the whole problem is the IBO Rebellion wants to give vague, non-specific answers to Rocket's specific questions.

Isn't it funny that Mr. IBO tries to liken his business compensation to that of an employee ("trusting" you'll get paid for 80 hours work). We sure ditch the "business owner mentality" bent when we're backed in a corner, huh Mr. Rebellion?

Employees have to paid for their work. is called THE LAW! Read those posters at work that the Dept. of Labor requires to be displayed sometime.

True, an employee may not be concerned with the "intricacies" of their employers' finances (but many are!)

- BUT -

A "Business Owner" WOULD be interested in the finances of a TEAM organization, not just "trust" some "formula" and hope to be paid for their efforts!

So, TEAM really doesn't want Business Owner Mentality people, do they???

So little business in "the Bidnez"

30 March, 2008 09:55  
Blogger David Robison said...

Wait a gosh darn minute! Evil Landlord? I give you all that you need...a cot, a couch, and all the Top Ramen you can cook on your little "hot plate".

Evil, indeed.


30 March, 2008 20:28  

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