Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why He's been coined "Spinsider"

I was reading a post by David Steadson over at his "Get the facts" site. Please note the quotations around get the facts.

I came across this gem of a statement:

"It was a losing battle however. Virtually by definition, as active Amway distributors also holding down jobs and running other businesses we had less time on our hands than the critics. Furthermore, at least on the 'net, it seemed there were more critics than supporters. Why was this?"

C'mon David. I actually had high hopes for this post you were doing. I thought you would actually same something about the facts, rather than what you perceive as facts.

First of all, IBO's have always been a part of the debate. Look in the archives of Quixtar Blog. Furthermore, David Robison, who IBO's are lucky as hell to have going to Prague to represent them, has been open and honest about his views. He also wasn't anonymous.

QBlog also did March of Perceptions. That also allowed representation by IBO's, and the corporation didn't seem to want to stop it.

You are quite frankly, avoiding the true issues, and the facts. I'm not surprised, but do consider it quite ironic that you purport in your title to have the facts.

The fact of the matter is Amway and their "leaders" can no longer control information. Their gunboat tactics and legal threats got old awfully quick. Remember the Amway Lawyer phone call at Quixtar Blog? That was a case study in Amway information control.

The lawyer did not have the authority to ask for what he was asking, but tried to stifle the distribution of the Blakey Report with unnecessary saber rattling.

Furthermore, despite what Amway says, their compensation plan is not worth sticking around for, obviously. Think of all the diamonds and above that have quit, essentially leaving untold wealth in the form of residual income behind. Can you explain that?

I've asked the corporation, and have not gotten a response that I believe puts the issue to bed.

Steadson, I suggest that you consider the following:

It would appear that you have put as much work into your site as Scott Larsen has. Since then, an unprecedented number of high level leaders have left. You've had a voice on line, but it is not working. That's a fact.

Perhaps the critics successfully have slain arguments in the past and present because the business needs to make a lot more changes to make it more marketable and desirable.

Just consider it for a second. It would make you look less foolish.

And for God sake, if you have "facts" in your title, you should at the very least TRY to honor that label, because right now a lot of people would think you have very little honest to goodness facts.

At least I can support my site's name.


Blogger quixtarisacult said...


There is an old saying that goes: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullsh@t.

An argument can be made for or against anything. While the debate goes on, IBOs continue to be fleeced like the non-business consumers they are. Imagine paying 3 times what an item normally sells for in a brick and mortar outlet?

The only thing that can be said for the arguments of this IBO Frightback is that everyone obviously has the right in these United States to be fleeced as a sucker if they want to be.

PR hacks aren't really trying to win over the critics, just provide comfort to those desperately buying into a mostly non-existent dream while they offer up green cheese offerings to their godz.

15 March, 2008 22:21  
Anonymous Anna28 said...

Steadson wouldn't know what the truth was if it bit him in the arse!!! He has lied so much and for so long he has no idea what reality is. His problem and other IBO's problem is, they can't deny all the critics and what we have to say. First..why are there so many of us? Some of us critics haven't even been IBO's...what does THAT tell you? Second...we all say the same thing. Our experiences may differ slightly but at its core they are exactly the same. Finaly what do we critics have to gain by voicing our distaste for Amquix? Nothing...but IBO's do. Steadson asks for money on his site. For what? Can't be that expensive to run that site with the whopping 5 visitors a day he gets.

They can pretend to be crusaders and pretend to tout the truth...but you can't bury the truth for very long. Besides karma is a real bi*ch!!!!

17 March, 2008 15:07  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Yep, he does a lot of bobbing and weaving - and lying.

Even subtle things he has lied about. For example, he said on Quixtar blog that he doesn't drink.

Yet, after receiving an invite to Prague, he offers to meet Tex at the bar for a drink.

Who knows what other tales he is spinning.

20 March, 2008 14:52  

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