Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

My job takes me to many places, and yesterday was no exception. There's sometimes not enough hours in a day to get stuff done because of a very wide range of territory. So yesterday I went out on a long drive to get some things done. I left at 8 in the morning and got home at 8 at night.

Fret not, faithful concerned reader, I was on overtime, so it was worth it, and the last 4 hours was putting out a small fire that popped up during the day.

What yesterday entailed for me was driving, smiling, greeting and promoting, which I don't mind, but what I had to do was drive collectively for about 5 hours to do maybe 3 hours of work in between. I don't mind the radio, but sometimes I get a little tired of hearing Mika, Something Corporate, and the news. What to do?

Here's the answer: QBlog Radio. I had to be a Luddite and burn some episodes to a CD because my work vehicle doesn't have the capabilities to listen with anything more advanced, and I haven't a FM transponder for my MP3 player, but no biggie.

No, QBlog has not been doing much podcasting lately, and from conversations with my good friend David Robison (you know, that whacked out ventriloquist?) QBlog has just been too busy to host many podcasts lately.

I listened to QBlog and his wife talk about market saturation after reading a post on the now defunct Instant Franchise Blog. I also listened to a comment from the afore mentioned ventriloquist, a geeky tech conversation with QBlog's buddy "Brown", Orrin Woodward responding to Scott Larsen, the little joke QBlog played on Ty Tribble, some talk of QRush, and last but not least, various audio and written comments. It made the trip more interesting, I didn't feel the need to speed, and felt "plugged in" if you can dig that?

"But Rocket, who gives a crap", you may say?

Nobody, I imagine, but I had to write about something. The Alticor spin machine has already been commented on by a number of different blogs, Scott Larsen easily dispatched the Morrison Lawsuit, and other blogs seem to be writing about the same stuff. I wanted to be different. Sue me.

Here's the thing, and I don't know if many people are aware of this, but I truly believe (and the dummy man agrees with me) that the many changes that have happened in the past few years are directly as a result of QBlog, and a number of the conversations that he facilitated have made a significant impact. I know that after the phone calls from an Amway lawyer, he still continued on with facilitating conversation about Quixtar and Amway, without ever stepping in a courtroom to my knowledge (because of his blogging anyway).

So, the topic of the post is Lazy Sunday. Got nothing to do? Download some podcasts. Many of them are still applicable today, despite being a few years old, which speaks to the quality. Much like The Twilight Zone episodes made nearly 50 years ago, there are still many lessons to learn which are timeless. QBlog is a modern day Rod Serling!

IBO's, maybe for a change of pace, you would want to listen to some of these on your way to the next plan showing or seminar/rally? Won't cost you a dime and you might learn something.

I do have another IBO interview in the works, and if you have any questions you'd like to ask a recent IBO, leave a comment or send me an email. I'll make it happen.

Have a great Sunday.


Blogger David Robison said...

Damn! 3 links to my blog in one post AND you endured listening to a fast talking and nervous phone comment I made at Qblog Radio???

Your drive must equal some of the long boring drives I have to endure.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to make use of

Maybe you should do an intro Gabcast for your loyal readers?

10 February, 2008 14:26  

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