Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Trouble With Tex

After an extremely patient web host had put up with far more than most would have, Tex has been banned again from yet another blog.

Tex is an unsuccessful IBO who is trying to get the message out about the tools deception. He has achieved 1500 PV after well over a dozen years in the biz. Not really successful by anybody's standards.

Some of you may have heard of him, or just gotten bored with him. Porkchopjim slaughtered him on a number of debates at the old Quixtar the Dream or The Scheme? blog simply because Tex would not listen to reason.

Tex's MO (that's modus operandi for the uncool amongst us) was basically to take the discussion thread to the lying cowardly kingpins topic, of which everyone who has any clue about Amway/Quixtar is fully aware of. Then preach from his virtual soapbox about how it needs to stop.

He also got banned from Quixtar Blog and the Quixtar Blog forum. He was made to look like a complete imbecile by just being himself on QBlog radio. Have a listen, it's really quite revealing.

The bitter (And humorous) irony of all this is that Tex's "mission" is to get the word out about the tools profits to the "Lying Cowardly Kingpins" (which he doesn't specifically identify). Since he gets banned, he doesn't get his message (which everyone already knows) out.

Tex doesn't seem to understand that anyone can find the answers to questions they have by doing a simple internet search. Tex doesn't seem to WANT to grasp the fact that his mission is not that vital, simply because anyone researching the Amway opportunity will find out about his message with even a modicum of effort.

It looks like this information that Tex has taken as his own to share was available as far back as 1995. It's almost a given that it wasn't necessarily available to everyone, given the internet's relative newness. Not so today. Everyone in North America can, if they want to, get online with few exceptions.

Why am I writing about Tex? I dunno. I just think it's completely idiotic when he says that what he's trying to do is get the word out, but he does it in such a way that does not allow him to get the word out. He refuses to start a blog because wants immediate attention to his problem and is concerned that a low search engine ranking would be tough to overcome.

Again, if his message is as important as he THINKS it is, then the search engine ranking is irrelevant. The fact that it's such a critical message would immediately increase the traffic because his message is so important. I don't even think I have such a vital role, and I have a blog.

Mind you, if nobody else thinks his message is that critical, then he really isn't a savior to the business, which maybe Tex just isn't prepared to admit to himself yet. Anybody else taste the delicious irony of the situation?

Does anybody else think this guy is a few fries short of a Happy Meal?

Don't fight your medication Tex. Just learn to know your role.

There's nothing more annoying than a fool with a cause.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering that YOU are writing about Tex and his "mission", I think he's getting his word out quite effectively--through you and his critics who've banned him. :)

22 January, 2008 12:27  
Anonymous Joecool said...

My sides are splitting! Great article!

22 January, 2008 12:33  
Blogger Loser said...

Tex is a forum troll. Or totally crazy.

22 January, 2008 14:43  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Maybe he's a forum troll who's totally crazy?

Tex, start your own blog! Less chance of getting banned that way. :D

22 January, 2008 16:09  
Blogger David Robison said...


I know you'll read this, even though you won't be able to reply.

Please start your own blog at blogger.com....you WILL get an audience...your content and your key words such as Quixtar and Kingpins and Tools WILL get googled.

You may not get Qblog's numbers, but you will get decent numbers and voluminous comments.

It's a win solution for you and your message.

I'm serious.


22 January, 2008 19:20  
Anonymous Anna28 said...


A whole thread about Tex? The world is about to end. This is too funny. Tex has had more sucess at getting banned from blogs than building his Q* business!!!!

22 January, 2008 20:45  
Blogger rocket said...

Tex can reply.

He's just going to have to control himself like he would have to on any other blog, and understand that it won't be tolerated if he's going to try and steer the discussion to his favorite topic...

About which he doesn't feel anyone is aware of except for him.

22 January, 2008 22:40  
Blogger rocket said...


Anonymous, the first commenter.

The whole point of the post is Tex has a message anybody can find out.

It's like you standing on the street corner telling every person that walks by that McDonald's sell burgers.

It's mildly amusing at first, but I think everyone involved feels that his little topic has run it's course.

Except for him, obviously.

22 January, 2008 22:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why "mission" is in quotes. What IS Tex's mission? Tex just may need a little attention, a little validation of the importance of his existance in the world.
And you are giving it to him, aren't you? :)

23 January, 2008 00:56  
Blogger rocket said...

He's not important anon.

He's an idiot.

And I'm not giving him attention, I'm ridiculing him.

Sheesh, you want me to draw a picture?

24 January, 2008 01:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ridiculing someone draws attention to them.

May not be postive attention, but it's still attention. :)

24 January, 2008 10:41  

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