Thursday, January 03, 2008

Question for Amway

I was perusing an old Sydney Schwartz link, and came across this page.

At the bottom of this page is the following statement:

Amway always has and continues to welcome open, honest discussion of any questions or concerns Mr. Schwartz or anyone else has about Amway or the Amway opportunity."

OK Amway. Nobody else (IBO's or employees at Alticor) seems to want to address it, and in any of your websites I get no response. My open, honest question or concern is as follows:

Why are the prices of your products so ridiculously high?

P.S. There sure isn't much in the way of answers to any hard questions put to you by IBO's on this site.

Just an observation.


Anonymous Joecool said...

Because double x at $78 for a month's supply is a better value than Costco's $15.99 for a 3 month supply. Can't you see that?

2 + 2 = 5

03 January, 2008 19:45  
Blogger rocket said...

Oh, but according to IBOFB, it's justifiable.

Here's where he lost that argument, that naif...

03 January, 2008 19:50  
Anonymous notanibo said...

The prices are so high because, despite their claim that they eliminate the middleman, Q* has more middlemen to pay than any other company around! How else would they pay these middlemen than by jacking up the price to something completely ridiculous? No wonder no one buys anything EXCEPT for IBO's.

04 January, 2008 09:35  
Anonymous Joecool said...

I remember hearing about cutting out the middle man when I saw the plan. As you may have observed, quixtar abd amway creates more middle men.

It's also apparent that many IBOs do not realize that their bonuses are coming out of their own pockets in the form of a rebate/bonus after they overpay for a product.

04 January, 2008 11:26  
Anonymous Anna28 said...

I almost lost my luch when I read how Amway speaks of only the truth.

04 January, 2008 13:06  
Anonymous Ben said...

I feel sorry for people who have to tear something down by being negative about something that has helped a lot of people to live better lives.
If you haven't checked lately, the Daily Multivitamin price (which is more comparable to your Costco vitamin than Double X) is $11.30 for a 3 month supply.
Also, Simply Nutrilite's Supplement pack is only $24.99/month. Something comparable at GNC is typically $39.99 to $49.99/month.
I agree that some products are over-priced, but you're tearing down the whole business because of that. You also aren't taking into account that the corp is working on changing those problems and making it better for IBO's and clients.
Finally, why don't you use your time more constructively and try to build something of value versus tear something down? I'm guessing you're justifying your negativity by saying you're trying to "save" some people from this business.
I hope you'll remember that all the great people of this world (Ghandi, Mandela, etc) are remembered either for the things they built, or the value they added to other people, not for being a critic.
No one ever erected a statue to a critic.

09 January, 2008 18:40  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Ben said: I feel sorry for people who have to tear something down by being negative about something that has helped a lot of people to live better lives.

Joe says: If the "business" helped you live a better life, that's cetainly a nice side benefit. Isn't a business's purpose to make money?

Ben said: No one ever erected a statue to a critic.

Joe says: Noone ever erected a statue of an Amway/Quixtar IBO.

09 January, 2008 19:27  
Blogger rocket said...

Abe Lincoln was a critic to slavery.

Ever heard of the Lincoln Memorial?

Did you include shipping in your prices?


I would assume that the prices you quoted are the retail prices, and not a price after receiving a discount?

09 January, 2008 20:59  
Anonymous Ben said...

I made over $15,000 net last year working part-time at my business. And yes, that is the retail price. Shipping is free if you order over $75. If you don't order over $75 I still deliver if you live locally.
Do you pay taxes if you buy from any other store? Do you pay shipping if you order from
I agree Abe lincoln was a critic to slavery, but he is remembered for keeping our nation together.

Once again, I believe your time would be better spent building something up rather than tearing something down. I feel sorry for you guys.

10 January, 2008 01:34  
Anonymous Ben said...

BTW, that building something up I mentioned doesn't have to be this business. It can be anything you believe in, Big Brothers, Easter Seals, your local church... whatever, just please use your time constructively and positively.

10 January, 2008 01:41  
Anonymous Ben said...


I am a Christian before I'm an IBO so I hope these comments help you.
Jesus said to love your enemies... so I prayed for you tonight on these points:
1. That if you don't know God's love for you that you would find it.
2. That God's best for you is in building other people up. It's in the service to others that we get our highest fulfillment. Its in encouraging others, adding value to them, sometimes believing in them more than they believe in themselves, sometimes loving them more than they love themselves.
3. That you would find some worthy cause that you can put your considerable talent and energy into. Anything that helps other people, anything that builds people up.
So here is a friendly handshake across the internet... I guess it's possible someone will see something negative out of this post. But I hope you will see that I'm just trying to open your mind to the incredible, positive things that you can do!

10 January, 2008 04:53  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Ben, do you consider people your
"enemies" just because they don't believe that quixtar is good business opportunity?

10 January, 2008 13:06  
Anonymous Ben said...

No, I don't consider people my "enemy" just because they don't agree with me.
Like I said earlier, I guess it's possible that someone would find something negative in my previous post.

10 January, 2008 14:37  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Ben: Jesus said to love your enemies... so I prayed for you tonight on these points:

Joe says: It seems as if you are implying that someone here is your enemy.

10 January, 2008 15:29  
Anonymous Anna28 said...

Ben says says..."Like I said earlier, I guess it's possible that someone would find something negative in my previous post."

That is an excuse. And I don't see how what JC said was negative. Since you are a Christian...isn't it also part of being a good Christian to accept people for their differences? I am unclear as to why you are under the impression that Rocket doesn't do anything constructive in his life or build anyone up. Do you say this because he is a critic of Q*/Amway or because you know him on a personal level? From your examples of things that Rocket could do with his time,( Easter Seals, Big Brothers, Church,) it would seem that doing anything other than some kind of charity work is wasting ones time. Have you considered that maybe Rocket does do charity work? Are you trying to imply that by being an IBO it is comparible to participating in said activities?
I assume since you are a Christian that you know the basic of the Bible, such as that there is not good without evil and there is no Heaven without Hell. Wouldn't that also apply to positivity and negativity? You assume that Rocket is negative in every aspect of his life. It is wrong to assume that because one has differing opinions, that they are negative, do nothing substantial with their lives, do not build others up and need your help.

Just a friendly handshake over the internet from me to you, so that you can remember that not everyone needs or wants your prayers, help or pity.

10 January, 2008 17:16  
Blogger rocket said...

Hey Ben

Respectfully, save it for church my friend.

You make the mistake of automatically assuming that I believe in the bible, or God, for that matter.

Incidentally, I do, but have very little use for organized religion. That doesn't change how I feel, and you quoting scripture simply adds nothing to the discussion.

You must understand that while you may very well have made $15,000 last year(*), the vast majority do not.

You would be very surprised if you knew me, and automatically assuming that I do not contribute in a positive way to society is a typical Ambot response to a differing point of view. It's a kindly worded statement which is meant to attack.

I didn't read your scripture because I have known many, many Christians who were absolute hypocrites when it comes to the word of God, and using scripture to support YOUR viewpoint is tacky, offensive to many, and an insult to what you say you believe in.

Many of the Amway "leaders" such as Dexter Yager professed that they live their lives by the word of the bible, yet lied for many many years about how much they made off of the motivational business. If you are not aware of this, then you simply have not investigated your business online, and are unaware of the well earned deceptive reputation that it carries with it.

I have done many good things for a great deal of people in my life and it didn't involve Amway.

Incidentally, there is sooo much negative on the internet because most people had the same experience I did.

I don't think you are aware of the completely detrimental affect your so called business has had on the many, many more people it has hurt than helped.

(*) I do not believe this as a profit after all expenses are taken into account.

10 January, 2008 17:48  
Anonymous Ben said...

Anna28, I didn't say that Rocket doesn't do anything positive with his time, just that I believe it would be better spent if he used it for something more constructive and positive.
I am not assuming that because he differs in my opinions that he is a person who does nothing constructive. Please read the post again.

Rocket, maybe the business has been detrimental to others, but I can point out to you many people that I know of personally who have benefitted and become better financially, phsically, and emotionally because of it. My personal experience has been a good and positive one.
Even people I know who quit the business still have only good things to say about it.

I know I can't change your mind about this or your readers who love to jump in and defend your position so this is my last post.

Thanks for letting me post my opinions, I wish you the best.

10 January, 2008 20:31  
Blogger rocket said...

I can point out more that were affected adversely than you can demonstrate benefited....Fact.

I think you could better spend your time on a business that creates wealth and not at the expense of others. I think your time could be better spent than buying overpriced products, and others to do the same.

Your response about how great this has been for you falls into another common IBO defense line - NOT IN MY GROUP, WE'RE THE GOOD ONES.

That's what they all say.

Thanks for leaving your God talk at the door.

Your post STRONGLY insinuated that I do nothing constructive with my time, seemingly because I don't do this rinky dink business, so it's not necessary for anybody to re-read your diatribe. Trust me, we've all heard it before.

I don't require people to jump in and defend my position, but they do it for a couple of reasons.

1. To defend their critical perspective about the business, along with mine.

2. It's fun when you IBO's can't refute the facts. I personally get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when I've shut up yet another know it all IBO who spews canned responses and rehearsed lines.

Thanks for playing...

10 January, 2008 20:41  

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