Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quixtar Lost My Cents

A blog has come to my attention, and I have added a link to Quixtar lost my Cents.

I find this blog superb in that a single mother of four breaks down what Quixtar products cost in relation to what the rest of the consumer world pays for similar products.

She is honest, forthright, and pulls no punches. I like the cut of her jib, and appreciate that she has the patience to find out true comparisons for people to view.

Here's a great quote by the blogger:

It all comes down to this.....FAIR PRICING. A fair market price for every product. When the products are so overpriced it just takes away from any chance of marketing the products."

Amen. Other than the deceptive tools scam, that's been the main issue since the internet started exposing what Amway/Quixtar is, not just what they want you to think.

Even if the tools scam were to continue, if the products were priced so that they could actually be retailed, it wouldn't be as bad of a deal.

At least then, an IBO just starting out could make SOME money.

As opposed to what's going on now...

So visit Quixtar Lost My Cents, and see for yourself the value that Amway/Quixtar provides the IBO's and customers.


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