Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is it competitive? Honestly?

I know there's people reading this, and I am curious what type of people read (other than Amway/Quixtar). I got into it a bit with a person who I believe is an IBO HERE in the comment section. I hope I am misunderstanding this, but it would appear that GirlPower truly believes the corporation lowered the prices by reducing the quantity. After Quixtar reduced the portion, it now costs $22.60 for a 90 day supply, as opposed to $41.60 for a 180 day supply. Broken down with even simple Canadian math shows not a decrease, but an increase in price! Not including shipping. I hope I'm wrong, otherwise this person should not be in a business without supervision.

You can comment anonymously, but I just want to know one thing, and you can answer simply yes or no, anonymous or fake name, I don't care, nor will I challenge any opinion. I am simply curious.

Do you really and truly believe that Amway/Quixtar has competitive prices that would allow you to build a retail empire to sustain you and your family?


Anonymous rara said...

Rocket, you got the prices wrong, which is what they were trying to explain to you on adatudes. The 180 day supply is $22.60 and the 90 day supply $11.30 (retail price). These prices are apparently much lower than they were before. Visit to get the latest prices.

I think the multi is a really good price/value, and I would get it if I didn't have to deal with Quixtar's ridiculous shipping prices. And to think that with those high shipping prices, they will still only ship one day a week. Although I may reconsider, who knows?

08 September, 2007 22:01  
Blogger Peter said...


I think there are products that can be effectively retailed, including the daily multivitamins, which cost 12.5 cents per day. The 3 month supply at half the price of the 6 month supply is no less expensive on a per day basis (actually slightly more), but the price point of the package may be more attractive (at least at first it's easier to lay out $11 than $22 for something you are just trying). Sure, there are less expensive alternatives, but surely you don't think no one would consider 12.5 cents per day to be an excessive amount to pay for a good multivitamin?

08 September, 2007 23:34  
Anonymous rara said...

Rocket, perhaps you want to update your post with a correction?

11 September, 2007 20:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocket, I suggest you get a life. Just so you know, I'm not an IBO or associated with Amway or Quixtar in any way. You're so consumed by anger and hatred that you don't even have your facts straight. Check your prices again!

12 September, 2007 12:36  
Anonymous Joecool said...


Why don't you post some facts to back up your claims instead of talking about nothing?

If you're not an IBO, why do you defend a business where deception is used and where the vast majority of those who get involved end up with less money than when they started?

12 September, 2007 12:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The product is crap.

18 September, 2007 12:34  
Anonymous iosonoiosoloio said...

I am more concerened with what I found that people are writting there..."BTW, this Team thing came at the perfect time for Q, didn't it? Now Q can say they have to change because of all the bad things Team IBOs were doing. (Never mind that the change has been in the works for quite some time.)"
"Great stuff, but we need to take another look at the possibility of displaying/retailing products at vendor shows that are used specifically by MLM companies to sell products. If we can move product at these events, we will be able to get our name out in front of more customers. When people fall in love with your exclusive brand products, it’s easier to pitch the business.
I am very excited and fired up about the changes at Quixtar/Amway. As and IBO, I got into business to market the quality products. However, as time went on, I found myself selling tapes, cd's, video tapes, open meetings, team meetings, seminar and rallies, and functions/conferences more that selling products. Quixtar/Amway now provides enough Knowledge for new and old IBO's to build profitable business without having to promote business tools as well."
"The answer is very vague, but I believe I can read between the lines."
These are 3 different IBO's posts, aside from the second one, they are out of context, but here is my point...These were things that stuck out to me while I read every post on Rockets link to his posts about the prices. It seems that not only do IBO's have something to hide, but they are purposely hiding it. Truly that concerns me...but in all fairness maybe I am not seeing this correctly.

10 October, 2007 16:57  

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