Thursday, April 12, 2007

For the IBO

Over at Beth Dornan's blog there was a post about five ideas that Quixtar needs to stop doing. I enjoy reading the IBO feedback (other than Tex) because I truly believe there are IBO's who are doing this for a number of reasons, but not necessarily to have a mansion and expensive cars.

The two points that struck a chord the most with me are Tex's post and Jeffrey.

Tex said to quit pretending there's no tool profits. I believe Quixtar does need to be reminded of this, and since Tex obviously has nothing else on the go, I think it's great for him to be all over Quixtar's ass to keep them reminded of the problem.

Jeffrey's comment was well thought out, but I especially liked #3. Shipping. There you have it. Someone is openly saying that the shipping is expensive.

Shipping has ALWAYS been a bone of contention for me personally. It is sooo expensive, yet you'd think with all the shipping of products going on, that Quixtar would be able to cut some kind of discount with the shipping companies.

I understand that it costs money to get products to people. Anyone who doesn't think shipping is worked into the price at Wal-Mart is plain stupid. I also understand that Quixtar products are alleged to be a cut above, therefore more costly. I get it.

When you combine the "higher quality" product with the shipping costs, you get a really, really expensive product, which probably cost more than at a local store, plus you pay additional shipping costs, and furthermore, you have to wait for it a week or more, depending on where you live.

IBO's are notorious for saying that Quixtar's power in the marketplace is a force to be reckoned with, due to the massive volume of products moved each year.

How about using that big stick to cut down on shipping for people in order to make their businesses more competitive?

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