Friday, April 06, 2007

Quixtar University

Ty Tribble pointed this out to me about Quixtar U.

I wonder what the people making money from the system expenses are saying about the new Quixtar University?

I really do.

It appears that Quixtar is attempting to offer substance instead of hype, although admittedly I have no way of knowing what exactly is going on behind the login at Quixtar U.

I am still awaiting a reply from Javert as far as how much of a cut the Platinums get from the tools their group consumes. I asked him about that HERE.

Anyhoo, if you have any theories as to how well received Quixtar U will be, drop a comment. I'm really not sure.

I wonder if this will even make a dent in the current tools being consumed? Javert, you're a leader, do you encourage your group to take Quixtar training?

Any other IBO's out there, feel free to put in your thoughts about the new Quixtar U....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that this is going to be good for all NEW IBO's that enter the Quixtar business. I believe that the tool flow will slow down, but it will never die. I personally welcome Quixtar University. If this thing works out, there will be alot of old groups(the good old boys) gone and alot new groups doing right with the new teaching the Quixtar University bring to the table.

17 May, 2007 23:04  

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