Saturday, January 27, 2007

Respect and Civility

I was over at Beth Dornan's blog . I attempted to leave the following comment, but for some reason it would not accept it. I tried to enter the anti spam text image about 4 or 5 times and even had my wife check it before I tried to submit it.

No dice, so here is what I had to say about this post

"So am I to assume that Rob Davidson was being respectful and attempting to increase understanding when he talks of people "looking for a freebie", and suggesting that all these people were looking for something for nothing, and then turned critical of the Quixtar business when they found out you had to work?

To me, that translates into people were lazy, then got mad. Maybe in some cases, but not the majority. They felt misled you see. Because most of the leaders were making money from the very training system they were promoting. That's why many people are upset. They're upset because this rather obvious conflict of interest continues.

It's very interesting what "the work" actually is. What Quixtar indicates to be the work ie. retailing products, and what the "leaders" present as doing the work are two very different things. I don't recall any Amway literature advising me that a major part of doing the work is attending seminars and listening to tapes/cds.

If you are looking for less insults and more professional dialogue, then perhaps Quixtar should cease insulting the intelligence of people who do in fact have a valid and legitimate concern with what's going on in this business? Rather then minimizing and spinning it into someone else's fault?

Mr Davidson's comments were anything but respectful, and it made me wonder if he were actually a CORE IBO, rather than a Quixtar employee.

Respect and civility goes 2 ways, even when it does involve a corporation."

So that's what I think about that particular post anyway. And since this little fiasco has been neatly swept under the rug at the expense of many people since 1983, I'm sure Quixtar can appreciate the frustration over the perception that nothing is being done about this.

Yes, the accreditation has happened. What has that produced in the way of results to ensure that the system abuses cease? Are "leaders" being taken to task for continuing the practices that are in question?

No disrespect to you in particular Beth, I just think it's rather humerous that Quixtar demands civility when they send out Mr. Pompous ass to minimize and spin. That's disrespectful to all the people who have a legitimate concern aboout the Quixtar Opportunity.

You may want to check on your anti spam comment filter. It doesn't seem to allow for comments even if you do put in the correct letter/numbers.


Blogger Joecool18 said...

I too, had comments denied. Funny though, insider had comments there.

28 January, 2007 02:42  
Anonymous GAE said...

Things that make you go hmmmmmm!!

28 January, 2007 09:30  

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