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Rocket's Challenge


This challenge is open to any IBO who wishes to prove to all the critics the retailability of the Amway/Quixtar products. If you are here, it's because you are either curious, or have been challenged. If you have been challenged, then I hope you take me up on it. If this business is all you and your upline say it is, then it shouldn't be too hard to alleviate the concerns raised by critics. If it doesn't seem that it will strengthen your argument, a wise person would address and correct why it won't put your business in a positive light.

If you can't correct it, then I know what a real business person would do.

Here is my challenge to any IBO out there, and it's an opportunity for you to make me eat crow.

- Provide the Rocket with your current pin level
- Provide the Rocket with your "freedom date"
- Reach your freedom date (obviously by matching your Quix income to your job income for what, 6 months? Does that sound fair?)
- Tool or training income does not count
- Prove it to me
- I will quit slamming Amway/Quixtar, close this website and quit commenting on other sites

That's it. Do what all the IBO's say they are going to do. Prove It.

And I will shut up.


Blogger David Robison said...


Interesting challenge; ecept that it seems you are discounting IBOs that have already achieved their "freedom" date.

Could an already "free" IBO provide you proof as well?

What would you require as proof?

For example, if a 1500PV pin achieved...let's say a Founder's Ruby pin...thats 12 months of volume at twice what a platinum would be achieving...would that be proper proof; or are we back at the "show your Schedule C" argument?


13 January, 2007 19:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do IBO's have to provide a "freedom date"? Is rocket trying force someone to quit their jobs to do this full time?

That would cut out about 95% of IBO's who would be qualified otherwise. Most people do this business part time and have no intention of setting a "freedom date"

With these qualifications you're seeking it pretty much means rocket won't go away anytime soon.


What would rocket require as proof?

I would guess a full password access to your Quixtar backoffice would probably be the requirement. Also a copy of your schedule C where he doesn't know how to read one.

13 January, 2007 22:56  
Blogger rocket said...

First of all, I'll address anon.

"Most people do this business part time and have no intention of setting a "freedom date""

Really? Then why the need for motivation?

How do you know I don't know how to read a schedule C? How do you know I've never seen one? How do you know anything about me? How do you know I don't think you're an idiot?

Hey Dave!

Yeah, unfortunately, it would entail an IBO showing me what none probably would want to show me. I realize that income proof is a sensitive topic, but interestingly enough, that seems to be what would prove that this does work!

After all, the raison d'etre for any business is to create an income. All I'm asking is to show me that someone has generated enough income to completely replace their work income on a consistant basis, without the benefit of tools money...just on the movement of product. 6 months consistant income equivalent to your present job.

As far as an already free IBO, well, that likely won't work simply because there's no way of verifying what their freedom date was, IF it has already been achieved.

The challenge is pretty much as I laid it out.

Anyone who chooses to participate will obviously have to understand that their progress will be blogged.

14 January, 2007 00:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"How do you know I don't know how to read a schedule C? How do you know I've never seen one? How do you know anything about me?"

I've read some of your posts on the Qblog where you admitted that you didn't really know how to read one. I am not going to go into showing you detail but it's there.

No big deal, alot of people don't know how to read one.

That's besides the point.

To answer the question,

"Then why the need for motivation?"

Most people don't need motivation, and I now get the real reasoning behind your post. Clever but subtle.

14 January, 2007 10:47  
Blogger rocket said...

Well anon, that may have been true a couple years ago, but I have since had the opportunity to view a schedule C. I daresay I could muddle through one and make sense of it.

Are you an IBO? I believe you to be, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Are you currently on any system of any kind in the business, and did you sign the BSMAA?

If you're a current IBO, perhaps you'd like to take me up on it.

14 January, 2007 11:55  
Blogger MLMInformer said...


Your challenge is conflicting one.

Current IBO's would be from January 1st 2007 correct?

You require at least 6 months of records for current IBO's only. That would require records through June of 2007 correct? For 6 months of records, you would also have to look at the PAST 6 months in 2006.

As far as requirements for the Freedom Date, just check with their former employer. Easily verified through work records.

This "challenge" leads me to believe that you really don't care what an IBO makes if he were able to proove anything.

Thanks for the laughs!


14 January, 2007 12:51  
Blogger rocket said...

Mikey, you sure can make the simple a tenuous undertaking.

A current IBO is a current IBO. I don't care how long they've been current. You do raise a good point, so the previous 6 months would be a good thing to see to get a yardstick of where they're at.

As for checking with employers, if someone called me when I was co-managing a business requesting income and other personal information about one of my guys, I'd have told him to pound sand. The IBO will have to obtain that for me to view. Do you understand that, or am I talking above you again because I'm assuming you're an adult?

The point of the challenge is to see if someone can get "free" with simply the movement of Quixtar products for a sustainable amount of time. I mean, when the plan gets shown, it is proposing a residual sustaining income that will be all you and your family, and generations of your family to follow need.

I just want to see if someone can do it.

Without the tool money.

14 January, 2007 13:25  
Blogger MLMInformer said...


You can do a simple backround/credit check on the IBO with his permission, of course. A signed affidavit by the IBO would be sufficient for the previous employer. If you were a real manager you would know that. You would also have to know how to check previous employers to verify dates of employment for prospective employees.

Yes I am an adult, but I seriously have to question if you are one too...

Comments like "pound sand" and silly childish insults leads me to believe you really aren't one.

Again thanks for the laughs!

14 January, 2007 14:30  
Blogger rocket said...

We're getting away from the challenge here with you trying to sound like you aren't as incompetant as you really are.

You tell me how a credit check can be used to verify the amount of somebody's income. I'll explain this like you're a 4 year old, since you appear to require that:

Credit bureaus tell you about the past repayment history of a person. They DO NOT tell you their income. Do you really need that explained to you? Did you really run a business? Jesus.

Why woulod I have to check previous employers? I'm interested in the IBO meeting their current income for 6 full months (and beyond, hopefully for their sake).

If you want less silly childish comments, then quit making statements that are deserving of those comments.

Are you just trying to waste my time with your brain dead little comments, or are you really not that bright?

14 January, 2007 15:00  
Blogger MLMInformer said...


You're the one who isn't understanding the challenge.

What I am saying is that to verify an IBO's "freedom Date" -meaning a quit date. Is easily verified with a backround check with the employer. You clearly didn't understand that? You're a manager?

PLease show me where have I ever mentioned anything about an income?

Scroll up and re read the posts.

Income is easy to figure out. Simple basic math here.

Why are you trying to over complicate things?

I really enjoy sparring with you rocket, you're fun!

14 January, 2007 15:42  
Blogger rocket said...

Now I know you're an idiot.

If I need to see if someone is still working somewhere, I'd call and ask for the person in question.

Sorry for misunderstanding what you meant, although I still dopn't know why I'd need to see a credit report, since I would be able to verify with an employer anyways.

In any event, leave the logistics to me, and whomever accepts the challenge.

That is, if anyone is willing to put it all out there.

Sparring, by the way, is an exchange of useful ideas. I would enjoy that.

14 January, 2007 16:41  
Blogger MLMInformer said...

"Sparring, by the way, is an exchange of useful ideas. I would enjoy that."

So would I...

14 January, 2007 21:12  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

Haha, I've called out many IBOs also. I even made friendly $50 and $100 bets that my dreaded J-O-B made far more income than their quixtar businesses and nobody has ever accepted my challenge. I'm sure sooner or later there may appear one brave successful IBO who might show me up. but none so far.

Good job Rocket!

15 January, 2007 19:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeeze Rocket, IBO's won't even discuss thier business crossline, so how do you expect them to give you any information. This was one of the many straws which broke the camels back for me with Quixtar. Okay so I had a moment of weakness, but I'm better now.

Anyway love the BLOG keep up the good work. As for MLMINFORMER he talks a good game but didn't hear anything which sounded like he would take up the challenge.


03 March, 2007 02:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well for your information, my freedom date is just abit more than a month away. I've given my notice at my current company and my last day will be 31 August 2009.
I don't owe you anything, so there is no need to proof anything to you. Besides are deceitful, if have issues with Amway and you'll never stop trashing them.

However for me, I decided to rather follow and believe someone that was succesful in the business than someone that failed at it.
It worked for me!

Thanks to this business I can spend time with my child at home and see her grow! More than most parents can do in this economy!!!

24 July, 2009 08:49  
Blogger rocket said...


You are a prime candidate for the Challenge.

Unless you're full of shit, which admittedly, I believe to be the case.

I await your reply!

24 July, 2009 20:10  

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