Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back Into The Real World

And....we're back!

It has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that, but not really.

Since my last post, the fam and I relocated to a different area, which is back in the part of the country where people actually live.

We had to negotiate a mortgage, and we found a great house with TONS of room, and a finished basement. The upstairs of the house is fairly dated so we are going to be re-doing the kitchen, bathroom, entryway and flooring throughout. Because we're doing all this, I had to get estimates from a contractor, plumber, electrician, flooring people, etc..

So it's been busy.....BUT I have high speed again.

I have, however, been keeiping an eye on Joecool's blog, which seems to be where most of the action is these days.

Insider/IBOfightback has not changed one iota. He still sounds like an idiot, and it's pretty obvious he would like more discussion on his blog than he gets. Community discussions usually involve more than 2 people there, chief. I don't think your site is what you hoped it would be, just like your "business"

In any event, I am still going to be getting back to the discussion on the useless Amway/Quixtar motivation debate.

I see that a lot of the other gung ho IBO bloggers have taken a back seat to their "I will succeed" in your face approach as of late.

I guess they're too busy succeeding.

Back soon, thanks for checking in, even if you are an IBO. (Except Dave- He be the man)


Blogger insider said...

Thousands of visitors a week is just fine by me, I certainly didn't expect more by mid-December. My site isn't just a forum and the forums isn't even the main part of the site or the main purpose. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to have one or not. QBlog has been running for several years and only has half a dozen or so regular contributors. Get The Facts - The Truth About Amway and Quixtar has much the same. Well down one for bad behaviour at the moment. :-)

08 January, 2007 12:35  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

Haha, I hope Qblog really does expose insider. Latest is that he's "not even close" to diamond.

I hope you're not a 1000 pin posing as someone who knows the business.

BTW, who from Qblog's critics granted you "expert" status that you are claiming on quixtarwiki?

16 January, 2007 00:00  

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