Thursday, August 31, 2006

Information Control Part 2

Back on August 14th, I posted a response to good ol' Michael and QuixtarIBO on Javert's blog here.

Unfortunately, I guess my response was too in your face and would have generated too much of an exposure as to how weak the Quixtar business really is.

Again, we seem to be dealing with information control, and while it is disappointing, it shows how IBO's choose to deal with resistance. Either ignore and minimize or refuse to acknowledge it.

Javert has a great blog, and most certainly is welcome to do whatever he wants on it. It's his blog. However, I do feel that if you are out there opening the lines of communication, then you are opening them, period. Not just when it suits you. I feel that if you allow comments, you should allow all of them. Not just a few that you agree with.

With QRush, at least there was no attempt to allow dialogue, it was just a smattering of his thoughts. My personal experience is that you do not see selective comments appearing on any of the critic blogs. If you know of one, I would certainly take that back.

In any event, it was a refreshing lesson in how things work in the Amway/Quixtar world. Thanks very much Javert, for showing how you run things, and how you handle criticism towards your business. It was very revealing.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Blogger AnonIBO said...

I've posted a comment about "information control" at my blog. Comments are unregulated but word verification has been activated for security purposes.

01 September, 2006 09:15  
Blogger rocket said...

Where is your blog, anonibo? I don't seem to have it.

01 September, 2006 22:33  

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