Sunday, July 02, 2006

Can you name one?

I was over at Scott Larsen's site and came across an email from an IBO who was doing the right thing and honourably clearing up an exaggeration she had made to Mr. Larsen. I find her coming clean with the truth about her particular situation speaks volume about her true character.

I think it also shows pretty clearly that people are told things from their upline that make the question go away, but at the same time, does not have much in the way of substance. To wit:

"There ARE groups who are teaching their sponsored people the wrong way. But if Quixtar corporation finds out, and they do eventually, that group is severed from the business, and that's when people get angry...because of all the money they lose."

You can read the entire email here

Can you name a group that has been severed from Quixtar? Not a person, but a group? I couldn't.


Blogger David Robison said...

Since groups are not a part of the legal relationship between Quixtar and IBOs: technically a "group" can't be terminated.

However, I would cut the commenter at Larsen's site some slack since the terminations that did take place did eleminate or render ineffective some groups.

But they usually are swallowed back up by another existing group.

I believe a group called Pro...something dissolved into another LOA. (My memories of these groups are slowly fading with time as I have no current experience in the "group culture".

And of course Team In Focus dissapeared as it was a confederation of several terminated and resigned diamonds.

03 July, 2006 23:41  
Anonymous rara said...

I am sure she truly believes her 2 diamonds are making 500K and 1 mil A MONTH. Her diamonds or other IBOs probably claimed that. That's amazing since Quixtar, on, states that "the average bonus and cash payments earned by a Diamond IBO in 2005 were $146,995" and "the largest annual bonus earned by a Diamond IBO in 2005 was $1,083,421."

She claims her own group is different. It seems they may be liars too, at least the ones who started the bogus income claims. And if the incomes are accurate if system money is taken into account (I doubt even that), that's really sad.

What's even sadder is that she felt the need to lie so blatantly to Scott. (I do give her props for coming clean.) Is that what her "different" group teaches?

Notice that she never told Scott what her income is, which is not surprising but typical for system IBOs.

08 July, 2006 02:10  

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