Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Competition for IBO's?

Uh-oh..... Here comes Amazon.

Looks like a company with a good reputation has decided to sell more than 10,000 non-perishable items online.

All this is very preliminary to me, as I have yet to fully investigate the prices yet, but for the most part from what I've seen, they kick the crap out of Quixtar's prices.

I have dial up internet, and therefore, it's quite time consuming to compare Amazon prices to Quixtar's, but I believe I will do it. It would also make for an interesting weekly post, with a more positive look than the Dingbat of the Month I had been contemplating.

The problems I forsee thus far for IBO's is these two key points:

- Amazon is actually selling well known name brands. No need to get knock offs, or change your favorite brand to buy online.

- At first glance, the prices seem better than Quixtar's. I haven't seen shipping costs or anything yet.

Check it out.

How this will affect Quixtar? I dunno. I see it as a negative for their "business" simply because Amazon is a well known name already with none of the negative stigma to the extent Quixtar does.

They have brand names and what appear to be superior prices. If I was going to start buying stuff like this on line, I know what company I'd choose, simply based on the products offered, prices, and reputation. There's also apparantly no need to "sign up". You just order online.

What do you think?

I'm wondering where the motivational CD's and tapes are. How does Amazon expect to move a product if there's no motivation to do so?


Anonymous G A E said...

what a concept! brand name products at superior prices. SIGN ME UP!

26 June, 2006 11:04  
Anonymous rara said...

I'll help you out one.

Quick dissolving Tide Powder Detergent, Mountain Spring Scent, Case Pack, Two - 120 Load Boxes (240 Loads)
$48.70 = 20.3c/load (before possible savings)
Eligible for free shipping. (Free shipping will take 3 to 5 extra days to deliver.) Also, spend over $49 and save $10.

SA8® with BIOQUEST® Concentrated Detergent
Up to 100 washloads
Sugg. Retail: $22.75 = 23c/load
IBO Cost: $18.85 = 19c/load
PV/BV: 6.90/19.25
Regular shipping: about $6.50. May take anywhere from 2-3 days to almost 2 weeks depending on when you order and your scheduled shipping date.

Plus with Amazon, there's no presssure to meet a PV target or harass strangers ;-). Amazon seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

08 July, 2006 02:28  

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