Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dingbat of the Month - April

Here is the first installment of the Dingbat of the Month. The Dingbat of the Month award goes to a person, who in my opinion, said or did something that I personally feel is the actions or words of a dingbat.

The award can be presented for any number of reasons, past and present. To nominate someone for the Dingbat of the Month award, check out my profile page and send me an email, with an explanation as to why your candidate is deserving of this cherished honour.

This month's winner is Larry Winters. Larry sent a voice mail to his leaders in his organization about the Dateline story.

You can hear the message here.

In the message, Larry says that the report is the same old junk , negative stuff, but it's harmless stuff and tells the downline to not discuss the Dateline story with their downline.

He then goes on to say that it's Dateline's job to get TV ratings , and "our job is to fill seats for our Lord and Saviour and that's why they're after us". He also advises that it's a "Satanic Attack"

Well Larry, if it's harmless stuff, then how can it also be Satanic? Harmless and Satanic really doesn't go together.

Join me in congratulating Larry for his well earned reward.

PS Once I learn how to add pictures, I'll add the Dingbat picture to the monthly award.


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