Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Independant" Business Owners' Rules

"To: Qualified PlatinumsDear Quixtar Business Leaders,

It has been brought to our attention that some Quixtar Independent Business Owners are actively soliciting prospective IBOs at Barnes & Noble stores, despite clearly stated store policies prohibiting solicitation by store visitors. This practice must be discontinued as it represents a serious threat to the relationships between Quixtar and Barnes&Noble.com as well as to the reputation of the company and the business opportunity."

The fact that the stores have policies discouraging this bothersome practice should speak volumes. For such a Christian valued business, many IBO's certainly lack the ability to respect the wishes of others. These policies or rules are commonly displayed quite prominantly in the store.

"Quixtar's Partner Store agreement with Barnes&Noble.com does not extend to the separate business entity that operates Barnes & Noble stores. Quixtar IBOs are obligated to respect the No Solicitation policies of any establishment they visit, regardless of any e-commerce partnership arrangements that exist between that company's web business and Quixtar."

That's probably because any e-commerce relationships exist only to move more products for the company. Remember IBO's, moving products? That's what the business is, no?

"IBOs are permitted to meet known prospects at the cafes within Barnes & Noble stores, as this does not violate the non-solicitation policy. Actively handing out brochures or approaching others within the store to strike up conversations that lead to a business pitch, however, does violate the policy and this practice needs to be discontinued as it is a rules violation and endangers our relationship with this well-respected national chain."

Name another business you "own" that restricts how you conduct your business. I see Barnes & Noble is considered a well-respected chain. I wonder how B&N feels about Quixtar/Amway?

"A poll conducted by Barnes & Noble of the managers of its more than 700 stores identified Quixtar IBOs as the most frequent violator of this store policy, with no other company-related group in second."

I wonder how many people had to complain that they couldn't shop for books in peace before it had to come to this?

"This does not reflect well on the company nor on IBOs in general, and colors people's attitudes and receptivity to the opportunity we offer.Barnes & Noble stores have been alerted to Quixtar's policies and rules. Store managers have been asked to refer all offenders to Quixtar Business Rules & Conduct. IBOs that break these rules will be disciplined."

Firstly, I'm pretty certain people's attitudes have been shaped by the lies and deception which is prevalent in Quixtar/Amway already. Is it normal for one company to ask another company to keep their people away? Unless they are competitors, I'd say that's pretty unusual.

I'm sure every IBO will be absolutely quaking in their footwear by the Business Rules and Conduct threat. If I was still an IBO, I'd tell the corporation to focus their "discipline" on the people who are truly problematic. Can you guess who that might be? I wonder what the discipline would entail?

"Please ask your groups to respect Barnes and Noble's policies as well as Quixtar's Rules of Conduct. If you have questions on this issue, please contact your Sales Advisor.Our reputation is built on everything all of us do and say, all the time. Acting responsibly helps protect your reputation and businesses and the future for all IBOs. We appreciate your leadership and your efforts to help stop this form of prospecting."

Jim Payne
Managing Director
Quixtar Inc.

Well he's right about one thing, their reputation is built on everything all of them do and say, all the time. Too bad they allow the "leaders" to do whatever they want, and not enforce the rules at the top as it were.

That's a really successful venture going on in Michigan. Large companies are calling to complain about the actions of Amway/Quixtar IBO's.

Remember, these are grown people that are running "their own business". Looks like some people need to consider other people's feelings as well. I don't know too many people who go to bookstores looking to get prospected into their own business. Believe it or not, they may be looking for a book, seeking out a bit of peace and quiet in a hectic day, or indulging in a specialty coffee.

It's called tact, IBO's. Use It. Instead of trying to save everybody, why not start by just showing common courtesy and respect? If you are not one of the offending IBO's, then disregard.

Why does it just seem like Quixtar just left the principal's office?

End of Rant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, I've been watching your Blogpage for some time now...not making too much in the way of comments but rather just making it one of my many stops on the "highway" as it were. Much, if not all, of what you say is very very true. I have been approached by these "circle makers" countless times...always they stay away from the "A" word until you've ingested just about all the shit they can possibly fill you up with in a span of 90 minutes of less...that seems to be the magic "attention span". I've been approached so many times in fact that within 30 seconds of a conversation with one of these people I can smell the pitch coming and stop them in mid-sentence and let them know I'm not interested. I've stopped very close friends that have been hornswoggled by the "legere-de-main", thereby risking their valued friendship so as NOT to sit thru the 'speil. My first such 'speil was from a loans officer in a local Credit Union (he's long since departed Amway's ranks by the way) when I was a young tad of 18. The latest was a mere 6 weeks ago. In the years between (24) I've been approached no less than 10 or 12 times. One could take this as a compliment as I've been told "you'd be just perfect for this opportunity" but in reality it's a big fat pain in the ass.
My point is this....at the outset of your blog page you mention various interests that you may write about...CFL, etc. But all you're writing about (for the most part) is Quixstar....LET IT GO, MAN!!!
You're right, OK? They're not "business owners", OK? You're going to give yourself an upset stomach ranting about this....in fact they are rarely even responding to your rants anymore....who are you ranting to?
Change the friggin' subject .....
Let's talk about the ever-increasing popularity of NASCAR for instance and the millions of avid fans that will be tuning in to view the Daytona 500 tomorrow afternoon to see Dale Jr. bump-draft his way through the field of 43 to a podium finish in Gatorade Victory Lane in the Budweiser #8 Monte Carlo. Let's watch the wiley veteran, Mark Martin, try for the umpteenth time to be a winner at the Super Bowl of NASCAR Nextel Cup racing...
Let's see Jeff Gordon crash his puny-ass DuPont Chevy into the wall on pit lane after an unsuccessful tire changer leaves a lugnut off the stud. Let's watch the rookie sensation of Martin Truex Jr. wind his way to a second place finish behind Dale Jr. Let's discuss the pros and cons of restrictor plate racing and determine whether or not we should look at making the crush zones more evident to prevent "slam-drafting"
What are your thoughts on that?!?!?

By the way, bloggers, on a totally unrelated note...I went to see Great Big Sea a couple of weeks ago...if you've never seen these guys then do yourself a huge favour and attend a concert by them sooner rather than later...it was a blast!!

Live Long and Prosper
"It was a hell of a thing when Spock died"

18 February, 2006 13:22  
Blogger #1 business opportunity said...

hello there. my husband and I are IBO's in the business. we have been in it for about 2 months now. we are already seeing results. it is kind of hard trying to get people to join though. but it has great rewards, people just don't know what they are missing. we already have 2 legs and a few members and clients. hey, it's a start. just wanted to say hello. God bless you in all that you do. and may your DREAMS come true!! leave me a comment on my blog if you like!! lol.

Melinda - CEO Stanley International

19 February, 2006 13:45  
Blogger rocket said...


Thanks for the input. Let it go? (insert fake British accent) My good man, whatever for?

Dude, it's fun! That stuff you wrote about Nascar is cool to you, and just as you get freaked out by a slow pit, or a dirty rub, you still like it, right? Same thing.

I've actually got a few links from this blog to other blogs. If I was smart enough to know how, I would check my traffic and confirm, but alas, I lack the competence (or is it desire?) to do so.

In any event, fret not loyal readers. My somach is far from upset. You had a nice little rant there yourself, anonymous......If that is in fact your name ;0)

#1 Business Opportunity, thanks for stopping by! Why do you think it's hard to get people in?

You'd think if it was all that, the products would sell themselves. I hope you accomplish your dreams as well with one caveat, which is I hope you do not cause harm to others in achieving your goals. If you support and eventually profit from the "tools system", your success will come while others are losing money.

I'm aso curious, what is it that I don't know I'm missing?

19 February, 2006 21:02  
Anonymous somewhere in between said...

to anonymous, too bad Dale didn't land on the podium.

25 February, 2006 20:48  
Anonymous Original Porkchopjim said...

Melinda, a BWW Member? That's the current group I am aware of that names their business (____) International.

To be a CEO, you must have incorporated Stanley International? Have you properly filed your articles of organization for a LLC with your state, or articles of incorporation? Or, not to be a party pooper, have you just named your 'business', declared yourselves incorporated on your business cards and named yourselves the officers? That's not very above the board - in anyone's book. Your upline may tell you it's all good - but they'll do that. Check for yourself - don't let your dreams get in the way of reality (or losing a lot of money).

Rocket -

Now that the number one location for finding fledgling talent for the number one business opportunity has been shut out, what are poor IBOs to do? Back to the malls? Maybe we can market a CD of the week under the title of 'Who needs Barnes and Nobles'? Followed by 'Who needs proper articles of incorporation' with the bonus package of 'Who cares about profit when it's really about helping people'?

I think I'm on to something.

- Porkchopjim, Prime Minister of Porkchops International, MPC (Maximum Profit Corporation)

28 February, 2006 09:28  

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